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amymaybe  The trailer ruins the movie β€’ Getting comfy in the not knowing β€’ #thisismyyoga

To say I felt embarrassed to be white coming to #paternoster , would probably be a good summation of the experience. Beautiful, yet the divided, baron and aggressive energy left my heart feeling heavy. Important reality to be aware of. Always many lessons of privilege when coming home. I'm also aware that being so close to the vast ocean is a contrast to the nestling embrace of valleys and mountains. With facing the #ocean and it's overwhelming power, comes intense emotion, we have no choice but to completely surrender. The deepest of letting go. Not so easy for a control freak.

this trip to South Africa has been a soft return to a natural state
a surrender to nature and her simplicity.
London has pushed me to expand in ways beyond my comprehension
and so often I am in complex state of push pull with its harsh surroundings and reality of being in a concrete jungle
plugged into a collective unconscious of fear and a fast frenzy-led rat race
this is not London's fault, this is its teaching β€’
immersion in nature's elements here has brought me entirely back to myself.
under the glittered night sky nestled in the Cederberg mountains i came to understand in a deeper way, how we judge ourselves so harshly yet we are no different to nature and her perfection.
we don't look at the ocean, a plant or a mountain and criticise it for not being good enough, too tall, too ugly, too anything
she is perfect
yet i so often get stuck in judgement of myself, of my state of being.
and the irony is, that this contraction and resistance to self, to my or a state of being, just prevents full blossoming β€’
what we resists, persists.
nature expects nothing of itself.
through acceptance of all that is, i can surrender to my natural state and allow, allow allow
without pressure or expectation β€’
truly humbled by this teaching
and by nature's gentle grace

Rock. Husband 🌾 Same, same.


One of the very few traditional elements of our family ceremony was the white dress and a sister to get me into it 😍 There is no love like this β€’ @k8eejean I cherish you

Small humans, simple pleasures. The quickest route to pure joy β€’ 🌺

Tattoos for me are a huge act of vulnerability, as is all of our self expression. So much appreciation for the two woman that have been part of the creation of this lower back piece with me over the past 9 months. A full cycle of healing has taken place as she came into completion this week. The first 7 hour handpoked session in November with Lex at @thebodyarchitects was so raw & powerful, the two of us moving in and out of extreme discomfort. Huge learning for us both. I went back for finishing touches this week and she has come alive in shading, dotwork and in the expansion of the cosmos around her as she sits in stillness, yet alive in her full feminine expression. This weeks' session was total bliss; on the opposite side of the spectrum compared to the first. The needle, taking me to the other side of pain, to complete present moment awareness and bliss in stillness. To surpass pain, we have to go into it. This tattoo was the greatest symbolism of this for me. When we create art like this with intention, when the bond between artists and subject is authentic and in integrity, the work becomes a direct channel from source. From something greater than us both. In this piece I honour my divine feminine, and the souls lost in pregnancy, some of the deepest healing work I've done since I started my journey of self-inquiry 10 years ago and my own path to embodying my stillness within. Something I longed to access for so long outside of me, yet through yoga and conscious relating I find this place lives within me and that my most potent source of personal power, lies in the being, not the doing.
Thank you for living your art with me, @merakilabbe & @weskuswolf

πŸ”₯πŸŒ“fire shades in rooi els β€’ spent some time roaming the ash areas in awe of the power of nature's elements #earth #wind #fire

33 degree feels πŸ˜…πŸ˜

Mama earth's art in abundance 🌺

Been in this routine with these two for just about 10 years now. We're all going grey and I'm down wit dat πŸΆπŸ‘΅πŸ» #growingoldtogether

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