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amy lou hawthorne  a lost soul, saved by humility + grace. mama of girls. lover of family traditions and holidays. proudly serving America. founder @theeverco est. 2017


breakfast with my ladies 💗

the decision to transition, this upcoming summer, as an active duty Army Officer to a reserves Officer was easy. given this season of life (my daddy’s death, our growing business, my desires to be a better wife and disciple, Hadley’s journey to kidney transplant, Everly’s developmental delays + my desire to still serve our nation and answer the calling in some capacity) i know this is where the Lord is pushing me to go. to be more present. to give back to these people that matter most. to love hard. i am so often asked how i made the choice to serve and how i made the choice to step away from active duty- and my answer is this. we are all on our own journeys. as much as i love and adore helping people, a decision like this takes a lot of prayer and a lot of self reflection on your own life. are you giving your all to the priorities in your life that matter most? are you making sacrifices where you need to? if the answer is no then make the change. but only you can answer that, with an honest assessment of your life right this moment. try not to look too far down the road-i know this too well. for us planners, that’s so hard. but make the assessment today. are you balancing your priorities the way you need to? are you giving the things that matter most to you all of the love, attention and care that they deserve? if not, then the answer is easy.

make the choice for yourself. nobody knows you better. 💗

date nights with my littlest bae. ♥
cause these 2 am snuggle sesh’s may not last much longer, so I’m squeezing you extra tight tonight little lady. we’re making these final mama + babe date nights count, and now I’m gonna go cry in the corner cause oh my bejeezus, why don’t babies keep?! 😭

YOU CAN SIT WITH US, FOREVER. ♥ ✨”darkness cannot drive out darkness. only light can do that. hate cannot drive out hate. only love can do that.” ✨ - MLK.
here’s to paving a way for future generations to always make room at their table + to proudly stand and say-you can sit with us, forever.
use code MLK2018 today only for 10% off on these tees! available now, link in profile or over @theeverco! 💕.

as though my grief stricken heart needed more - when the storm comes, tides hit hard. 🌊

last month we heard eight words that have changed our lives as parents forever: “your daughter needs intensive speech and behavioral therapy.” I’ve been reluctant to share this journey, as i want this to be a happy place, where so many of you can come to be uplifted. but then i realized, this journey CAN and WILL be uplifting to so many mamas out there fighting the same battle with child developmental delays.
we meet with E’s autism specialist towards the end of the month and prayers are so appreciated as we navigate an unfamiliar road of therapy and early intervention.
but yesterday, as a military family, our struggle hit even closer to home. yesterday i was faced with the first of many huge impacts of Everly’s cognitive delay-of which she’s at least a year behind her peers.
yesterday i found out our dearest friends and neighbors, the family of Everly’s first best friend, is moving next month to their next duty assignment. something I’m all too familiar with growing up in a military family. but this new challenge is made even more difficult because i can’t explain to my three year old that her best friend is moving away for the Army, not because he wants to leave her. and instead, she’ll always ask, “where’s Elijah?” my heart is crushed and the impacts of the sacrifices that military families make daily has yet again hit even closer to home.
mamas (and papas) - if you’re on a journey of child developmental delay (speech, motor, behavioral or whatever it may be) - I’m traveling the road too. and i won’t ever ever leave you stranded. we are in this together friends. and i pray this space will be a safe haven to share our struggles, fears and prayerfully - a place where we can also share our triumphs.
so much love from our family to you. #eviesbrownbearadventures

friends, help! 🖤 .
with marathon prep officially underway, i need your help!
1. what are your favorite podcasts to listen to?! (ideally about motherhood, entrepreneurship, marketing, comedy, time management (but not dry) and women in faith). also, I’m new to the podcast world-how do you listen to them? download through iTunes then play on an iPod? do people still use iPods? 🖤

2. what are your favorite running shoes?! (please only provide shoes that are designed for long distance running (aka 26 miles)-I’ve run nearly 20 half marathons and a full wayyyyyy back in my prime (aka 13 years ago) so would love to hear what’s out there now! 🖤
3. what are your favorite supportive sports bras for heavy impact? (hashtag nursing boobs got me all 🤷🏻‍♀️) 🖤
thanks!!! + tag your runner friends if they’d have any advice! (cough cough @jessaconnolly @lifewithadashofwhimsy @brookejoneschinetti @nancyray 🏃🏽‍♀️) pc @macselective 🖤

only until you’re 34, per daddy. 🍟 #theeverco #evercovalentines

Monday mantra. 👊🏼 .

one of the most popular questions i received from my polls the other day was, “how do you keep God at the forefront when you have so many things to balance?” first: i love that THAT was the question! second: the answer is just that: balance! .

I’ve learned that in being an active duty service member, raising two (young) children, being a wife, launching a business, riding the waves of grief and training for a marathon all in one season, balance is key. .
and sacrifice. i wake up at 5 every morning and read my Bible. every day. no matter what. i make coffee and read scripture to fill my body with the spiritual fuel needed to survive. then i go for a long run on mondays, wednesdays, fridays and saturdays. on days that i don’t, i spoil myself with something!
time management and our routine schedule are huge. with all we have going on, the girls, Blake and i are on a strict bedtime schedule. the girls go to bed at 8, Blake and i go up around 930 and read books in bed until 10 when the lights go off every night, no matter what. throughout the day i balance the daily duties of being an Army officer and being a new entrepreneur. i have daily tasks lists (ones that are achievable) with tasks that must be accomplished for the day.
and throughout all of it, the chaos + the beauty, i have conversations with daddy and conversations with God to keep my soul ablaze. .

tomorrow night at 9, a blog post will go live that goes into much more detail about this! it’ll have my daily schedule as well as a free printable that you can use to find more balance in your life too. .

here’s the most critical piece: in all that you do, the most imperative is to make decisions and take actions that consciously meets the needs of your priorities every day. you must fill up the buckets for the most critical aspects of your life so they don’t run dry. when buckets have more water than others, balance will be lost. fill your buckets up everyday. however little, however grand. fill them up. 💗 .
if you have any specific questions, ask below so i can answer them here or in the blog! .
canvas is @allgoodthingscollective! i repainted the letters to match my decor!

one day you’ll realize just how special it is to have each other, and I’ll be right here to watch your beautiful sister stories unfold 💕 #everlybrynnandhadleyrae #untilthen #candybribes #tositthiscloseandnotpullhair

our decor comes down the Sunday after New Years. today, these two little babes kissed their ornaments goodbye with a sweet bid farewell, “until next season, dear Christmas friends.” 💕

d a t e n i g h t o r b u s t ✌🏻

we are by no means marriage counselors, and we by no stretch of the imagination have this whole marriage thing figured out. instead, we were a signature away from finalizing a divorce. i remember the manila envelope that sat on our dining table in 2012 as clear as day, and it still haunts me. but if there’s one thing we do know: we started from the bottom and now we here. #sorryhadto
i receive thousands of messages every year with one common theme, “i don’t want it to end. what do i do?” in the spirit of this season of love, and with a new year at our forefront, I’d love to share some of the ways that Blake and i have changed our marriage. how we’ve reignited a flame that was completely burnt out. how we made the choice that “together was better.” I’ll be writing blog posts about this throughout the next couple months, but i wanted to start with this: “the good mood fight” and how it’s changed us drastically. it’s live on the blog. can’t wait for you to read what’s been on my heart for so long. 💗 #blakeandamydofijiwedding #loveallthedays

first snow day ever for Hattie bug! ❄️💕 .
swipe over for the sweetest flip book of her first time in the snow, to include the most precious congratulatory clap for herself for standing back up on her own! oh my heart! #hadleyraehawthorne

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