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amy lou hawthorne  a lost soul, saved by humility and grace. wifey | girl mama | camo wearing creative | adventurer + holiday lover + tradition maker + party planner

just to add a little extra happiness to your hump day bliss! πŸ©πŸ‘‘

I do it too. I read posts about babies sleeping through the night at one month old. I become Doctor google asking tirelessly "how to get my baby to sleep." I cry. I pray. and I ask why me. nights are hard. with Everly, I didn't get a full night of sleep until she was 14 months old. she woke up every two hours for 14 months. It was so hard. with Hadley, I've prepared myself to expect over a year of sleepless nights. but because of her health issues, I feel even more obligated to comfort her every cry. and guys, I wake up every hour to feed her still. she's almost 7 months old and every night for 7 months I've fed her every. single. Hour. so I get it. I get the comparison. I get the jealousy. I get the worry. I do. but I am here to tell you that one day you'll miss it so dang much. I remember the first night Everly slept through the night at over 14 months old I cried. and I thought why am I sad?! Ha! but it's cause as hard as it was, I loved that she needed me. and I loved those quiet moments in the pitch dark room, where all I could hear where sleepy milk gulps. so for any mamas fighting that jealousy game cause it feels like every mama gets more than an hour of sleep, or that every mama has an easy nursing journey or that every mama is losing their baby weight faster than you, just breathe and be still. one day, you may miss these moments. and that one day may be tomorrow. cherish these hard times. you're making that baby so proud to call you mom. πŸ’“

clean kitchen + anniversary flowers still lookin fresh. glass half full vibes strong today! 🌸

when life gives me lemons, I trade them in for coffee. πŸ˜πŸ‹β˜•οΈ β€’
I really don't think there's anything quite like an iced coffee on a hot summer day. anyone else agree?! I do coffee ice cubes, then pour over milk, caramel drizzle and some Coldstone creamer and finish with two shots of espresso! you can see my Stories by tapping my profile pic for a follow along tutorial. I even do decaf espresso for my night cap cup when I'm craving something sweet too!

Hattie bug's over here like "less Monday, more Summer." 🌞

we call her Glam-ma, and it's because she's glamorous! πŸ‘΅πŸΌπŸ’— our beautiful Korean queen stayed with us for a month to help watch our girls while we continued the nanny hunt. even after a full days worth of crazy kiddos, she still managed to cook us Korean food every single night she was here. the laughs shared with you will never be forgotten, Oma! we love you so much and miss you already. can't wait to see you again! #lifeoflegacy

If only I looked that cute in a bath of flowers. πŸ˜…πŸŒΈπŸ› #hadleyraehawthorne

target + pink drinks. our happy place. πŸ’“

the search is on again. looking for a seamstress interested in a paid partnership with me for a secret project I've been dreaming of for two years. if you have a portfolio or know of someone who does, please email me at amy.lou.hawthorne@gmail.com with pictures of your projects! Tag anyone below here who you think may be interested too! I am so excited to share this dream with y'all. it's been a long time in the making. πŸ–€

my favorite thing about yesterday with Blake was our drive. we love being parents, truly we do. but if we don't get quiet time (just the two of us) we lose our minds quickly. because of our work schedules, we don't get the quiet time very often (not nearly enough), but my sweet mama was gracious enough to let us have most of the day together. yesterday we got IHOP, then went to Starbucks and Target, then got donuts and finished it off with buying new gloves at the sports store. but the best part was our hour drive there and back. we talked about our dream home and everything we want in it. anyone else do this too? we talked about a White House, with metal roofing, with black accents, with wood doors, and a detached garage/carriage house. we talked about the girls growing up in it and all the things we want to have. and while this house may be 10 to 15 years away, the daydreaming was absolutely refreshing. this #windsongproject house is exactly what we envision. and I can't wait to one day share a forever home with my forever family. ps I pinned a bunch of ideas for the house in my "dream home" board! same name as here. and while we are at it, what are your dream home must haves?

anniversary donuts perfection. 🍩

6.24.11. six years ago today we walked into a little Alabama courthouse and said 'I do' without anyone in the world knowing except me and you. the following year in December 2012, we were met with divorce papers at our kitchen table. if I knew then what I know now, things may have been a little different. but seeing where we are today and the two little ladies we've brought into this world, I know the Lord had us wrapped in His arms through it all. today, we celebrate us. I love you Blake Robert. with all that I am. happy Anny baby cakes.

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