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amy lou hawthorne  a lost soul, saved by humility and grace. mama of girls. lover of family traditions and holidays. proudly serving America BLOG + SHOP @theeverco

excerpt from my interview in the upcoming Volume One issue of @legacymag 🖤 "Who left a legacy to you and what would you like your legacy to be? My parents provided me with legacies, and they probably don’t even realize it. My sweet Korean mother gives me a legacy of having a giving heart, compassion for others and social acceptance. My handsome Vietnam Vet father leaves me a legacy of integrity, southern charm, a killer softball arm and selfless service. I can only pray that when my daughters are asked one day, “who left a legacy to you?” that they respond with “my parents.” If they do, then we’ve done it right. I pray to leave them a legacy of humility and grace. That in all things, if you remain humble and honest, your character will shine. And I want them to chase after grace. Not perfection, but grace. I want them to try their hardest in all that they do, but to never be afraid of failure. I want them to learn from their mistakes, get back up and teach others what they’ve learned. I want them to laugh without fear. I want them to cry without hestitation. And I want them to love everyone, absolutely everyone, with all of their hearts. Mostly, I want them to love God and to look to Him every step they take. If I can teach my girls these things, my legacy will still live on." 🖤

when one of my dearest local friends and Army wives, @abi.ray , told me about her vision for Legacy Magazine over dinner in Nashville many many months ago, I knew she'd hit a pot of gold. the military community desperately needs this. a publication to honor the unsung heroes of our Armed forces. Abi-I am so so so honored and humbled to be a part of this inaugural issue. you are gonna do big things, babe. I am so proud. 🖤 #lifeoflegacy

grainy picture. same location as last night's post. dim lighting. but memories have no boundaries and no rules. don't let the intimidation of social media keep you from sharing what you love. the only rule is to share what keeps your heart beating and your smile shining bright. don't miss the opportunities to capture what sits before you today, to remind you of your happiness tomorrow. 💙 #hadleyraehawthorne

S M I L E! DONUT ya know tomorrow's hump day? 🍩🤓 #hadleyraehawthorne

H O W T O C R E A T E A B R A N D and establish an online community ✨

I am so pumped to be a guest blogger for this week’s #TheMomBlogCollective ! This week, mamas are blogging about “Brand building + online community” and we all have different opinions on how to balance it with motherhood! join along! ✨

I am SO often asked “How in the world did you get 40,000 followers when you don’t do anything!?” ha! I’ll be answering questions below like “How do you define your brand + how did you make it?" and "In what ways have you created community?” ➡️ If you have any more questions, ask them in the comments below and I will answer!

Point 1: ✨Build your brand around your passions.✨ I'm passionate about motherhood, my Faith, my family, holidays, traditions, creativity and the military. So that's what you see! As long as you're promoting your beliefs and your passions, you'll feel less discouragement by negativity-Because that will come. BE TRUE to yourself. 🖤

Point 2: ✨Choose your audience based on who you want to inspire?✨ I want to inspire young women. I have a very broken past. I’ve been depressed, contemplated suicide, stolen, cheated, been crazy in debt, almost been divorced, been arrested and the list goes on and on. I share not for attention, because Lord only knows I do NOT want to bring attention to my ugly past. I want to bring attention to the fact that your mistakes don’t define you. That you are forgiven. That honesty and transparency are beautiful. I want to inspire women to come undone from the chains of their past. To rip free from that bondage and step out from their curtains of shame. 🖤

Point 3: ✨Engage with like-minded brands✨ who else posts about things you love and markets the same audience? THAT is your community. engage with them. Love them. Encourage them. Support them. And DO NOT compare yourself to them. We MUST build each other up. We are shaping and inspiring future generations. 🖤

Read more below!✨

ain't life grand, indeed. 🖤

E's loving mama's new craft space!

did you hear the big news last night?
the EVER CO shop launches December 31st 🌲 .

The Ever Co scripture is Jeremiah 31.3, inspired by God's EVERlasting love. •
Amy turns 31 on December 31st•
Everly turns 3 and Hadley turns 1 this December too•
my mama bear's birthday is 3.11.•
so the 31st it is. 💚 it was too good to be true. •
follow my journey @theeverco to see what we are up to! #theeverco

this has been SO long in the making.
introducing @theEverCo !!! follow along with our families adventures as we open a shop in December and continue pursuing our dreams of opening a Christmas Tree Farm! I'll be sharing all the details of what The Ever Co means, when the website will be launching and details of the shop over @theeverco over the next few weeks! we are so excited to finally share the great news!! 💚🌲 #foreverfamily #theeverco
photo by @pinehurst_photography for @legacymag at Knatts Creek Nursery-Pinehurst 💚🌲 #lifeoflegacy

thanks for the headshots, hubs. big announcement tonight friends. can't wait to share. 💚🌲

Sunday morning prayers. big things are happening. 💗🖤

day dreamin' mermaids 💗🐳 #hawthornegirlschalkart

S A T U R D A Y 🌻
antipasto platters, vino and binge watching our favorite shows. basically, for once having absolutely nothing planned and boy does it feel so good to just slow down✨

when you wanna be just like your big sis and part of that girl gang. 🎀💗 .
#🥔girlgang #everlybrynnandhadleyrae

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