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Amy Johnson  Food & Interiors Photographer • Seattle based • Always interested in new projects • Email me! 💌

The last day of the @sasquatchbooks book photo shoot was Monday. What will we do now @rachelannbillingsgrunig @sanaeishida?? 😭😆 Today I am doing a second round of edits to send off the selects. Then headed to Phoenix to spend some time in the desert ☀️🌵with my family. 😍 This has been such a great experience, and no better timing to work with such wonderful and talented women! (Outtake of @rachelannbillingsgrunig cute props!) #seattle #dowhatyoulove #bookshoot #setlife #bts

How cute is bar @barvacilando?? From last week’s @gatherseattle’s happy hour. It was so much fun to catch up with other community members and find out what everyone is up to. It is so nice to be a part of such a supportive community! #dowhatyoulove #communityovercompetition #seattle #community #capitolhillseattle

The gorgeous set up from last week’s Cooking Elevated workshop put on by @socialcreativeworkshops at the @notwithoutsaltshop with @ashrod 💗✨ Featuring items from @stcaoceramics & @andersshop #seattle #gatherings #dowhatyoulove

I can’t believe there are just two days left of shooting this book!! It has been so smooth so far we have all laughed about how having such big egos & all the fighting has really gotten in the way. 😆 Joking aside, it has been such a wonderful experience to work with @rachelannbillingsgrunig on styling and author @sanaeishida for over a week. Both are so talented, generous, and kind hearted. It has been such a treat to watch this vision come to life! 💗 I can’t wait to see it in print! @sasquatchbooks Photo Credit @sanaeishida #bookshoot #seattle #deeamteam #dowhatyoulove #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

Thanks to @rachelannbillingsgrunig for helping us celebrate our cover shoot wrap with this delicious and gorgeous cake!! @sanaeishida @sasquatchbooks 🎂😘😍✨ #dreamteam #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #dowhatyoulove #bookshoot

That’s a wrap for day 5 of shooting an upcoming book shoot for @sasquatchbooks written by the lovely @sanaeishida and styled by the incredible @rachelannbillingsgrunig. It has been so inspiring to spend the week working with such hard working, creative, and talented women. 3 days to go!! ✨👏🏼 😍#teamworkmakesthedreamwork #dreamteam #bookshoot #seattle

Sooooo excited to shoot next week’s Cooking Elevated class with @ashrod & @socialcreativeworkshops! I have been social media MIA this week, as I have been shooting a book, eeeek! Def more to come on that! Pictured here @saltblademeats @driftersfish @andersshop @stcaoceramics. Really looking forward to the dinner too, created by @ashrod. Can you say smoked rhubarb mocktail and dandelion shortbread?? This one is all sold out, but try for the next one!! #seattle #cookingelevated #notwithoutsalt

How cute??? So excited to be working with the #dreamteam, @rachelannbillingsgrunig & @sanaeishida on an upcoming book this week. 💗💗💗 #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #bookproject #seattle #bts #thatsetlife #setlife

Today is one of those spring days that can’t seem to make up its mind. Cold? Warm? Blustery? Ramen sounds amazing!! Styling by @rachelannbillingsgrunig who I will be spending the next week with shooting a book!! Eeeek @sanaeishida. Can’t wait!! #ramen #seattle #isitspringyet #healthyeating #sixminuteegg #healthyish

Another beauty styled by @rachelannbillingsgrunig! All the citrus! 🍊🍋 #citrus #seattle #itsspring #orange #lemon #lime #grapefruit

I had so much fun shooting the for @socialcreativeworkshops with @ashrod at @notwithoutsaltshop for the upcoming Cooking Elevated workshop! It is on April 18th. I hope to see you there!#seattle #foodphotographer #wearesocialcreative