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Amy Ippoliti  Yoga teacher, eco activist, author. Yoga w/me @YogaGlo.🔻Founder @90Monkeys. 200 Hr TT, Australia Oct 11th+ Subscribe @ 4 free video!

Another epic shot from my beloved...@taro.smith in Wyoming.

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Interstellar 🌘🌑🌒🌞➕🌞💙❗️ #greatday #magic #lifechanging #eclipse2017 #space photography

And, leave it to my little brother to follow the eclipse to Oregon and snap this!
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The Great American Eclipse of 2017. Experiencing the onset of darkness at 10 am as the temperature drops in a matter of seconds was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.
Huge thanks to the awesome @gary_randall for putting on an amazing eclipse workshop at the one of a kind Dead Ox Ranch in the high desert mountains of Eastern Oregon. #welcomehome
#oregon #or #westcoast #bakercity #pnw #solarcampout #pacificnorthwest #greatamericaneclipse #eclipse #totality #totaleclipse #deadoxranch #garyrandall

Leave it to @taro.smith to find a way to see the total eclipse and then capture it.

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Absolutely speechless 🌘🌑🌒#eclipse #moon #sun #sunandmoon #magic

Hearing what I just heard on TV made me lose my appetite for dinner. 🤢😡
Let's be clear, Trump. You are a disgrace. You are every bit the racist, bigot, friend-of-the-klan we knew you were. .
America has a painful, brutal history of genocide, slavery, and discrimination. We have worked for centuries trying to live up to our idealistic values of freedom and equality and although we are nowhere near those ideals, we can't let this overt outbreak of hate evolve into history repeating itself.
It can be tempting to curl up in a ball, but we need every voice to stand up to this ignorance and violence. If you're American, we're going to need you voting democratic in 2018. ➡️Here is a list of things you can do to take action for ❤️ right now:
1. Write your senators and tell them to remove white supremacists: Bannon, Miller, and Gorka from office and ask for Trump's removal via impeachment and the 25th amendment.
"The end game is on. Trump goes down or we do. He will blow up the world to prove he matters. We must stand up in opposition every day" ~ Tony Schwartz .
2. Donate to the Southern Poverty Law Center(@splcenter) and the @naacp to help eradicate hate in America.
And if you voted for Trump and now regret your choice, the grass is pretty great over here - come unite for a better 🌎!

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love...For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” ~ Nelson Mandela. ❤️
Please find a vigil on Sunday and put your stake in the sand - tell the white supremacist neo-nazis that you stand for LOVE. ❤️LOVE or GO HOME!!! .
Link to find a vigil near you in bio 👆🏽
Check Instagram Stories for more info.

My NEW CLASS is up on @yogaglo called "Bedtime Yoga". 😴 Get yourself ready for a restful sleep through a series of calming and encouraging forward bends, as well as hip opening poses with a little bit of flow in between. .
Let go of the day's weight as you sink in to your breath and body. Do this class in your pajamas and maybe even take savasana in your bed. Have a good night's sleep so you can start tomorrow off with energy and focus. Can you spy @andrew7sealy in the front row? 😉
👉🏽Community! Has yoga helped you with sleep issues? If so, what poses or practices have helped you?

There is no reason you can't thrive and do everything you want as you age. When you eat organic whole foods, sleep well, practice yoga and exercise - radical health into your older years is totally possible. I'm wrapping my head around this magnificent idea! How about you? What do you do to stay young and vibrant?
Photo by @jacksonhousefilms
Dress: @prAna

Though we may practice alone or feel isolated, our community will always have our back! Are you reaching out enough to your community, asking for support, and giving back yourself? Tell us what community means to you in the comments!
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Ahi. It's a kind of tuna 🐟but in Sanskrit it means "anxiety". And we all have it. As humans we have to manage our anxiety every day - after all, we are fragile and temporary and life doesn't always go the way we would like. And the situation in the US government is no doubt causing more toxic stress than is normal right now. Yoga is one of the best tools I know for keeping our own personal (and global!) ahi in check. And then there's....😫....managing other people's anxiety. 😳Especially those closest to us who we want to support. Even when their anxiety is spilling into your own ahi! How to cope? 💪🏽That's where advanced yoga comes into play: Be a love muffin! Let shit go easily. Ratchet up your compassion. Listen. Glide through the tough times with grace. Don't let ahi take you both down!
Ok? LEAVE A COMMENT and let's brainstorm. How do you keep anxiety at bay? How do you manage it? Especially when your supporting a loved one?
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Back in Boulder and leading an Advanced Teacher Training this Thursday. ⚡️
I train yoga teachers beyond just the 200 hour level because I believe the yoga world needs more well educated, skillful teachers who can help students with stiffness & injury and also, through their wisdom, inspire their students to live a kick-ass and meaningful life. 💥TAG A TEACHER who has been that teacher for YOU! 🎉 Let's celebrate them for their years of devotion, study, persistence, and commitment to their students! 🎉
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You may not always get a chance to practice (sadhana). You may not get to practice as long as you'd like. And some days practice will be euphoric and other days it will feel sub par. The important thing is not to lose the plot completely. Any effort you make has value! Practice often and for long periods whenever you can so your spiritual bank account is full. Then on the days you can't get a lot in, you'll still be on target. Life is too short to be hard on yourself! Love your life. ❤️This past weekend we contemplated the ways we made our lives a sadhana vs only practicing when we are on the mat. It was great to hear people's ideas! How do you make your sadhana integrate into your daily life, especially on those days you can't get to the mat? ✏️Tell us how in the comments!
📸Taken at the @tellurideyogafestival by our new friend, @alanifotoyoga 👖#yogapants @prana

This is it! Last chance to register for my next @90monkeys Advanced Teacher Training Module AUGUST 3-6th, in gorgeous Boulder, Co and polish up your yoga teaching in the following areas! 🙏🏽
* Better Sequencing
* Skilled Alignment Instruction
* Heart-felt Genuine Theming
* More articulate Placement Instruction
* Keen Observation and Individualized Attention
* Dynamic, Effective Demonstration
* Teaching to Multiple Levels
* And much, much more!
BOOK IN NOW to Innovative Teaching Methodology! Link in BIO.

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