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Amy Hughes 

have had just these massive cravings for Greek food lately... decided there was no better time to begin to learn

‪Suiting up for some miles before going to sleep and the dog just looked at me from her bed like: “Seriously?”‬

pondering if everyone’s Mammaw had this couch? also just how strong was the flash bulb on a Polaroid?

Make it so.

going through my todos

this image will always stir my heart ... challenge friends, think about Sts. Mary and Joseph loving each other perfectly and as parents caring for and adoring their child; and Jesus as a child full of love towards them and needing his parents the way many children do. That is the image of the Holy Family really

a reminder to slow down from John Muir

How nerd families celebrate #solemnityoftheholyfamily after Mass #starwars #trivialpursuit

apparently I cannot stop showing affection through food, so if you are in possession of a Catholic family or a small legion (same diff!) we have enough appetizers for you ... feel free to come on by

PS this isn’t even the dinner

never say watching copious amounts of British baking shows doesn’t pay dividends! First ever sponge roll for this Yank, not bad, not bad at all!

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. John 1:14. #MerryChristmas

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