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Amy  Can you fix it with coconut oil?

Me: I'll have 5 pineapple cocktails please
🍍man: I'm sorry we do not open until 10am, come back in 30 minutes... #5pmsomewhere #2fruit5veg #balance #illstopnow

Early bird does indeed catch the first worm... we had the blue lagoon to ourselves for an hour and it was magic #nofilter #malta

I'm ok with this #malta

Wombats woo girls... kirst in disbelief πŸ’œ #procrasti-concert #givemeatry #housewivesofcamphill

The ordeal - Erin bought Adele tickets off a lady on gumtree who wanted the money to buy a pug (seemed legit). When we got to the front gate the tickets scanned funny and we were sent to the ticket office #setfiretotherain. They said the tickets had been refunded online and seats resold #hellofromtheoutside. Four other ladies rocked up and it had happened to them too.. One dropped a few $50 notes in front of the gabba supervisor, he told us to come with him and to see if there are people in our seats #letmedowngently He pointed us towards our section and just let us go?! #rollinginthedeep. We sat at some seats at the back before a lady came up to us (oh shit?) and said there are some better seats directly upstairs if we would like to move #waterunderthebridge. All dis before an awesome concert #adeleanxiety #dontbuyoffgumtree

Burgers on a rooftop train is like snakes on a plane. V Melbourne, v you two.. #48hourfoodcoma

Daily Heatwaves and some torrential rain can't stop the Amy sandwiches, lols and mems but I'll need at least 18 months before going again #shamey #lamey #tamy #sos

Xmas parties are fun until the jager train stops you in its tracks πŸš‚

Turns out crazy cat ladies can have friends too #badtaste #housewarming #mailorderbrideMVP

Being silly year round... we've finally hit the right season #brisxmascrawl #enabler

I know there is no sun but I fkn love this hat

Eleven with these 12s πŸ’œ happy birthday tor #peeingpip

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