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Amy Nelson 🌹  ~ flowers and feelings I write songs and I sing them ✨ πŸ¦„ Album release APRIL 12th @ the ironwood β™‘ Watch my music video πŸ’˜--->

My self doubt is higher than the highest hill, longer than the longest road, closer than the nearest garden and louder than the loudest electric violin. I try to always tell you to be brave, to hold on, to keep at it, to believe in what you do and why you do it, but sometimes self doubt is a friendly wasp, a weed with strong roots, and all you can do is keep doing it, whatever it is that you do.🐝

Medicine for the mind πŸŒ™ For the sake of my own curiosity - comment below where you are from! 🍊

Women sing, write, paint, dance, cry, laugh, run, tiptoe, argue, draw baths, don't, howl, hold, rage, comfort, go with, go without, shout, love, hate, flowers, dirt, pants, dresses, not defined by cloth, too sensitive, not enough sensitive, mad, content, sick of it, not sick of it, existing always existing as not only women but human beings 🌻

Turn those hurt feelings, those strange what am I doing's, those do I belong here's into bouquets and poems, painted easels and songs 🌈 write your way out of a bad day and carry on🌻🎨

What is your favorite thing about being alive? 🌱

Medicine for the mind πŸŒ™β˜€οΈ

Please send thoughts of flowers my way. This wintertime has gone on for far too long and I need me some warm air. πŸŒžπŸŒ™

thankful for the rain and tears that grew these flowers and wrote these books 🎨 what mood are you in today?

sometimes my brain forgets to see what is here right now. the early morning sunlight. the steam going upwards from a coffee. the wilting flowers in a jar. worry is an awkward thing. it shows up like an uninvited guest wearing muddy boots on your favorite sofa. you can ask it to leave, you can try to overcome what it tells you, you can tell yourself it won't be forever but worry is a stubborn hill. sometimes my brain forgets when I have done good things, productive things, & kind things. instead I take out my magnifying glass to see only the sleep I didn't get, the lazy I didn't prevent, the emails I didn't tend to and the house plant I forgot to water. 🌱 worry is an awkward thing. if only we could celebrate the tiny victories of a morning. to know we are doing okay and we will be okay but worry is a stubborn hill. *puts on an old time banjo record. remember, remember what is good. πŸŒ™

some days are harder than others. 🐝

Buy yourself flowers because you are number one on the list of things in this world to loveπŸŒΉβ˜€οΈ

Medicine for the mind πŸƒ

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