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Amy Nelson 🌹  flowers and feelings I write songs and I sing them calgary | β™‘ Watch my music video πŸ’˜--->

Turn those hurt feelings, those strange what am I doing's, those do I belong here's into bouquets and poems, painted easels and songs🌻🎨

Medicine for the mind 🌞 if you could describe your year with only one word, mine might be dreaming or anxiety depending on the day or the to-do list, what would your word be?

today I feel grumpy. it always happens when the radio plays bad songs or the to do list grows or the sleep wasn't good. or the news says try harder or the dogs don't say hello or the people have frowns or the coffee is cold or the idea of rest feels like a road going in the other direction. this is how poems are born and worlds better than this one because sitting idle never made sense but I hear you when you say it is hard to dream upon a future sunlight when these dark clouds appear in your sky
don't stop trying. πŸŒ„

What is your favorite thing about being alive? πŸƒ

Today, I'm showing my self doubt to the door and telling it I'm moving into a new neighborhood, one which says "I'm going to keep doing my own thing and of all the things trying to cause chaos, self doubt isn't going to be one of them" 🐝 not today wasps, not today 🐝

If it matters to you, it matters. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. Make your art for arts sake. Make your art for you. The world is full of crooked and broken things, take what is rightfully yours (your brain, your body, your hands, your dreams, your right to speak, your right to be wrong, your right to be different) and make it into something that matters. Be strange. Be misunderstood. But whatever you do and whoever you become, don't ever stop making art for yourself and the world will be a far less broken place because of itπŸŒ™πŸŒΉ

Medicine for the mind is a single flower to look at, a book to read and knowing there are days such as these when I feel happy and well. πŸŒ™ Wishing all of those who are reading this a happy day on earth too.🌹

Medicine for the mind πŸŒ™πŸŒΉ

I am sensitive, often annoyed, bound for bad timing, stranger than I wanted to be, forgetful and my dentist says my teeth are crooked. I don't sing like a bird, can't fly like one either and I'd rather be spooked by a ghost than to engage in any form of small talk. Despite it all, my days are filled with flowers and banjo🌻

Medicine for the mind is a house decorated in flowers and books. 🌹 For the sake of my own curiosity, comment below where you are from! πŸŒ™

We are alive today πŸŒ™πŸŒ»

Sometimes I wish I were born a bird but then I remember I can read books to pass the time and birds cannot. πŸŒ™ What are you dreaming of today?

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