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Am I expressly anti-Zionist? No. I believe that Jewish people do deserve a nation of their own, because historically they are one of the most persecuted and scapegoated groups. Am I anti-Israel? Yes. The Israeli government and the IDF are murderers. I believe that the nation of Israel would be a wonderful thing...if it wasn't for the fact that Palestinian people are raped, murdered, and forced out of their homes to accommodate Israel's growth. And I don't think that just because someone's Israeli they're a murderer. IDF service is mandatory and people should not be blamed for what they are obligated to do.

Y'all are so annoying. Someone tell me when I said I was arguing with Bella Hadid? I was arguing with a fan page that claimed I stole their pics. You can't be that fucking stupid sis. The funny thing is she's one of my followers.

Guac is DISGUSTING. who gone beat my ass about it? Since we're shaking the table SALSA >GUACAMOLE

Bella > the other nepo girls

Raf represented Dior better. Dior under Raf was Dior with that sleek streamlined look that Raf likes. Dior under Galliano was Dior in name only. It was beautiful, but it was basically The House of Galliano.

I love talking in AAVE online cause my gram would smack the shit out of me if I ever spoke like this in real life.

Who da fuck is that?

Why do y'all insist on trying me.

Here's the story from A-Z you wanna get with me you gotta listen carefully


I want to see all of these. I haven't watched any of the nominees. Out of the 9 nominees my local theatre only screened Dunkirk, Get Out, and Lady Bird

Naomi and Kate walking for Louis Vuttion aw18 in honor of Kim Jones last show.

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