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Amy Welborn  Amy Welborn is a freelance writer.

Everything you need to do life, basically. #Birmingham #alabama #catholic #faith #beer

Shots from our 2012 trip to #Padua #Italy - which I LOVED. It's one of my favorite places of all those I've visited. No photos allowed in the Basilica. Sorry! #Catholic #saints  #travel #familytravel #travelwithkids

My 13-year old playing the 3rd movement of Kabalevsky's "Youth" Concerto at the Samford Academy of the Arts music camp. #piano #music #Birmingham #Alabama

Well, Baby RobinWatch 2018 ended on a tragic note, apparently. #nature #notdisneynature #hawks #alabama #foodchain

Corpus Christi procession at Casa Maria convent qnd retreat House in Irondale, Alabama. #catholic #corpuschristi #Christian #Alabama #Birmingham

busy few days that I'm still mulling over. Friday morning, my 13-year old was involved in a Master Class with pianist Fred Karpoff at the state music teacher's convention at Auburn University. We then dashed up to Atlanta where he participated in the National History Bee, making it past the Friday preliminary rounds to the Saturday morning qualifiers - but just missed qualifying for the quarterfinals. It was okay. the whole competition was a huge logistical mess. . . . .  Back home, we rested a bit, then went downtown to check out the set of a movie currently filming here, called "Live" - it stars Aaron Eckhart (they know him as Harvey Dent from Batman - I know him from Neil LaBute movies). Sunday morning was Corpus Christi at the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word convent, including procession, then Sunday evening ended with Jazz in the Park - right over the hill from our house. I'll probably try to write about it all on the blog today. The history thing was such a mess (not surprising - it was sort of a mess last year, but this year was worse), it provoked...thoughts. #Birmingham #Alabama #Catholic #Atlanta #music #summer #Livethemovie

That's my son on keyboard, helping out at a spring guitar recital....@jonathancainmusic let us know if you need a sub when you come to #Birmingham in August! #music #journeyband #journey

A change of scenery from my usual Cathedral-heavy posting. I attend Mass at this parish probably every six weeks or so, but had never really studied the Pentecost window. But today, my son practiced organ there (they've generously allowed us practice space as he begins his organ studies - it's closer to our house and just a bit less of a hassle to get to the organ - plus the Cathedral organ is in a loft and he'd have to practice in the early morning in order to avoid Alabama summer temperatures multiplied by rising heat up there...and he's not having that...) - and I took time to look at it, and was absolutely smitten. For you see - it's indeed Pentecost there in the middle, but on either side, the fires of #Pentecost have spread, depicted in areas meaningful to this particular parish - on the left, St. Francis Xavier in the Far East (the name of the parish) and on the right, St. Paul (our Cathedral and patron of the #Birmingham diocese.) #Catholic #Alabama #christian #saints #churches #stainedglass #Pentecost #Pentecost2018

Weekend in #Charleston. Quick trip - to the Aquarium - fun, I suppose but one of the most overpriced attractions (for the scope of the experience) in the US - for comparison, the @tennesseeaquarium is probably at least three times the size and ticket prices are the same. Anyway, that and the ritual visit to Shem Creek (fiddler crabs scuttling in and out of holes) and passing on the Lego torch..... .
Back in #Birmingham, we missed the Pentecost dropping of rose petals from the ceiling of the Cathedral of St. Paul. For images and videos of that, check out the feed of @hashtagcatholic. #alabama #catholic --

My friend and collaborator Ann Engelhart is on #instagram now! Follow her! . . .

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Do you have someone special receiving their First Holy Communion this weekend?
This sweet book by Amy Welborn is one of the first books that I illustrated. It makes a lovely gift for a child receiving or preparing for the sacrament.
#firstcommuniongift #firstcommunionbook #amywelborn #ignatiuspress #friendshipwithjesus

Last year, @aleteia_en printed an excerpt on St. Catherine of Siena from my book PRAYING WITH THE PIVOTAL PLAYERS, written as a part of the series from @bishopbarron. It's called "St. Catherine of Siena: Drunk on the Blood of Christ," and although the Sunday takes precedence, if you think about it, the Gospel (vine/branches) fits with this imagery from St. Catherine. You can read it - link it profile for today. #catholic #saints #catherineofsiena #italy #vinebranches

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