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Not normal #december weather for #Alabama . #snow #alabamasnow #birmingham

Today: St. Ambrose. These are photos from our 2011 trip to @Milan. Boy, time is flying. The first few are of the Basilica of St. Ambrose, where his relics lay, and the last is of the crypt under the Milan duomo, where today you can find the baptistry where Ambrose baptized Augustine. My favorite part? (Aside from, well..this is where Ambrose baptized Augustine....) is the door that's in the crypt, a door that leads right out to subway passages. You can see out, and if you know what to look for, when you're outside, rushing to your train, you can stop and peak in. #Italy #travel #travelwithkids #familytravel #catholic #saints

One of the great treasures of #Birmingham is its art museum - the @Bhammuseum. There's a core collection that's quite good, but even within that context, what's on display varies. We go every few weeks to, and every time, we find something new. Best of all - there's no entrance fee. -

Today we spent our time in the Asian and American sections, with a dip into Medieval. M has been reading a lot about shogun and samurai and such, so he wanted to revisit Japanese and Chinese holdings. Just a couple of highlights. -

Take a look at the label for the Daikokuton's Mallet.....and then look at the picture of all the rats making the mallet - it's quite charming. -

I'd seen this small painting of St. Bernardino of Siena preaching, but had never really studied it before. I was struck by the various attitudes of the listeners - only some of whom are actually listening - look at the boy holding on to the platform, gazing out at us - and then the friar behind  the preacher - taking a nap!

#art #birmingham #alabama #painting #food

First Sunday of #Advent. Link to a moving sermon of John Henry Newman in my blog post, link in profile. #vintageCatholic #Catholic #christian

Some photos from the last two weeks: A climbing session at @highpointbirmingham on 11/20. Southern celeb chef @hughacheson in the Whole Foods parking lot that same day. One of the regular gorgeous sunsets we've been enjoying. From Thursday, a visit to @redmountainpark - 1500 acres of former mining land, unmined since 1962. Over the past few years, it's been developed into a wonderful park with lots of hiking trails, adventure areas and restored historic mine sites - with much more to come. And then today, the @bhamzoo. #homeschool #birmingham #alabama #history #ladybugs

2006, near the walls of St. John Lateran. This fellow just drove off to school behind the wheel of the real thing. (Today's feast is tje Dedication of St. John Lateran...yes in honor of the dedication of a church! - Go to my blog - link in profile - to see why.) #catholic #rome #italy #travelwithchildren #familytravel #timeflies

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Yesterday, M and I took a quick trip to the @Bhammuseum to see a special exhibit on Asian art. They have an extensive collection anyway, but they have pulled and highlighted a few pieces to highlight the theme of "Afterlife." Some really interesting pieces, and worth your time if you're local - especially since our wonderful museum has no admission charge! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I also noticed a statue of St. Margaret of Cortona they've just put on display - I go to the museum fairly frequently, and had not noticed this one before. It's about two feet tall at most, wood polychrome, from the Spanish Baroque. My photo doesn't do it justice, but you can see clearer images if you go to the museum's website, I believe - or go in person! The detail is astonishing and it's just a lovely, lovely piece.  #birmingham  #alabama #art #catholic #AsianArt #saints #instagrambhm

That was...quick!

There are more photos at the blog (link in profile), but just know that we left Thursday late afternoon, returned 72 hours later and in between saw:
Benedictine College
Thor RaWhatever
Country Club Plaza in Kansas City
*The Liberty Memorial and Union Station in KC
*The Truman Presidential Library
*Fabulous Burnt Ends
The City Museum in St. Louis
*The Old Cathedral in St. Louis (Mass)
*Cahokia Mounds

Some images from the past weekend, beginning with a Friday jaunt to Moss Rock Preserve. M likes to go climb the rocks and explore a little. It's not far - just across town.
* *
Saturday, someone took the ACT in the morning. In the evening, we went to a local celebration of Dios de las Muertes - there are two here in town. The one next weekend is more artist-driven, and this one is rooted in the local Hispanic community. It wasn't huge - a few food trucks, some vendors (including the glassblower in the photos) and some altars. *

Sunday morning Mass at Casa Maria, the local retreat house of the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word. My older son had to work, so M served by himself, with a bit of an assist from the deacon and then a man from the congregation at Communion time. Fr. Kevin Peek from the Archdiocese of Atlanta had led a retreat for men during the weekend.
One of the reasons I have the boys serve at Casa Maria is that they serve Masses celebrated by a variety of priests, all of whom are experienced retreat masters and good, substantive, focused preachers. It's an superb opportunity for a deeper level of spiritual formation. (The music in the clip is not what's on the paper - it's just where I could discretely focus the camera to record....
Also added...a clip from Thursday night's filming of a movie scene a block from our house. More details at the blog.

#birmingham #alabama #instagrambhm #catholic #christian #diosdelasmuertes #weekend

From Rach to Rocks.
My older son is on a scout jaunt to Mammoth Cave, so the 12-year old and I began the day with his "Masquerade" Recital - they were to come in costume, and he chose to plaster his shirt with nametags on which he'd written the names of random people and characters from Darth Vader to Spiro Agnew to Billy Jo Shaver (yes!). He played the Rachmaninoff Prelude in C# minor - the famous one. A snippet is in this set, but there's a previous post with a longer excerpt.
After a stop at the library, we headed to a fossil hunt sponsored by a local group called Fresh Air Family. We'd done it before - maybe three years ago - but have never had a chance since because of conflicts (probably piano....). But we made it this time and had a good two hours at the site. The material is all plant material (although the coordinator always tells a story of someone finding a big slab with footprints...which I wish she wouldn't do...it sets expectations too high...) and it takes a few minutes to figure out how to look and what to look for, but once you do, you can find some nice specimens. I wouldn't want to do it for a living, but it's a good way to spend two hours on a lovely Saturday afternoon.
As we drove away, we encountered these cows. The nose on the brown one fascinated me - it looked gold, almost as if it had been painted. And then after a convenience store stop, a hitchhiker revealed itself.
#music #piano #alabama #birmingham #fossils

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