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Wild Woman Rising  🧘🏻‍♀️RYT-200 📿 Empowerment Mentor & Spiritual Life Coach 🔮Intuitive Reiki Master 🔥Lightworker 🎨Creative ✨Badass

To be. To be in stillness. To be in awareness. To be in magic. To be light. To be love. To be me. To be one.

It’s official...I am a certified Yoga Teacher! (Also ‘most likely to swear in class’ as voted by my Yoga Sisters.🤣) I don’t think any words exist to describe my experience. I am forever changed and feel the magnitude of love and gratitude pulsing within every cell of my being this morning.

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When you’re looking for a sign from the Universe and this is what she delivers. Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly!

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Tears hit this morning when I woke up. My last baby graduates from high school tonight. Being a mother for the last 27 years I’ve been looking forward to this day for a really. long. time (mostly on those days when I was exhausted, frustrated, and ready to just run away!) So I sit with the tears. Just let them come...just feel all the feels. Let go of what was...embrace what is. “In shavasana, there is nothing for us to do. We are asked to just lie there, releasing any tension in our bodies, letting go of effort, and trusting that the breath will breathe us and the body will renew itself...This practice of shavasana is one of the most important practices we can do, for it is here that we begin to learn the meaning of letting go of all the ways we physically and mentally fight with life.” Deborah Adele - The Yamas and Niyamas So for now the tears come...feeling all the feels. Let go of what was. Embrace what is. 💖 #wildwomanrising #mywild2018 #wildrootsyoga #allthefeels #graduationday #mybabysallgrownup #nowwhat #tearsandfeels #mamaandbaby #itsawaterproofmascarakindaday

...I will be able to go a little deeper, be able to surrender a little longer. 💖Today, in this moment, I feel strong and confident and proud.💖 Maybe tomorrow I will have more courage to allow my truest Self to be seen. Today, in this moment, I will shine my ✨light✨ as brightly as I know how. “Rise for you. And rise for me. For when you rise first you make the path brighter for She.” - @rebeccathoughts Light Is The New Black
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✨Release the fear and get out of your own way - the Universe will provide when you show up to your passion every. single. day.✨ #wildwomanrising #mywild2018 #wildrootsyoga #wildwomanyogi #yogainmysoul #yogaeveryday #curvyyogi #fireburninginmysoul #passionforhealing #healing

After yoga yesterday my friend asked if I was going to change into shorts before walking to lunch. “Noooo. I don’t wear shorts.” “Ever?!” 😳 “Not in public!” That conversation haunted me this morning as I drank my shorts.
I’ve been on my journey for a little over a year now and I’ve experienced crazy changes - spiritual, emotional, mental, AND physical. But I still have stretch-marked, saggy, lumpy, thick thighs and I still don’t have eyebrows. Ahimsa - nonviolence. Deborah Adele says, “If you are light hearted and forgiving with yourself, others will feel the ease and joy of being with you. If you find laughter and delight in yourself, others will be healed in your presence.” HEALED in your PRESENCE. HEALED! “Love lies at the core of nonviolence and begins with our love of self. Not a love that is ego-centric but a love that is forgiving and lenient; a love that sees the humor in the imperfections and accepts the fullness of the human expression. Only when we find this love for all the parts of ourselves, can we begin to express fully the love that wells up inside of us for others.” - The Yamas and Niyamas. How can I be a healer and a curvy girl advocate if I can’t love and rock my own body?! So here’s the thing - I’m wearing shorts fuck-ing pub-lic! And I’m going to love and rock my body - the stretch marks, the lumps, the sagginess, and the curves!!! (I’m still drawing my eyebrows on - one thing at a time people, one. thing. at a time! 🤣) Because this is the body that allowed me to grow and birth 3 amazing humans, this is the body that allows me to feel connected to this earth and all things in the Universe, and this is the body that provides me the strength to come to my mat to practice yoga where I’m able to connect to the deepest parts of myself and the Divine, and where the two of those things become one. This is huge for And this is just one piece of what yoga has done for me. 💖#wildwomanrising #mywild2018 #wildlydeliciousyoga #yogaeveryday #spiritualaf #curvyyogi #thickgirlyoga #curvygirlsrock #bodypositivity #thecurvygirlstruggleisreal #thickthighsandgoodvibes #gottahavemyeyebrowson

Gave the gift of life for my birthday today!💉 And that birthday spread - 2 cards from 2 different decks telling me the same thing. Thank you Universe...I’m listening! 💙

BTW - 46 feels pretty fucking magical! 💖

TRICKSTER: Things are not as they seem. Something that seems bad may in fact be good and vice versa.
5 OF EARTH: All is not as it seems, so this is a time to look again.
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💕Falling into that place in my heart...beneath the thoughts...beneath the remember who I really that I may step in fully and completely. 💕
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