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Acynthia Villery  Insurance Agent; Benefits Coordinator; Marketing, Promotions, Isagenix; Bill Pickett Trail Riders - Founder/President; Owner VP Productions

This morning I received the rest of my goodies from 2016-2017 BPIR season and my perfume. Thank Mom aka Valeria Howard-Cunningham for my precious gifts. And thanks to Stephanie Haynes for once again being my transporter.
When I opened my rodeo cross body bag I pulled out my Versace Bright Crystal and sprayed me down. Those that know me know that is my favorite. Thanks goodness for the annual shopping spree in The Alley. Thanks Valeria.
Then I saw my baby on the cover of the 2016-2017 souvenir program. The only young African American Stock Contractor I know aka Ronald Jennings III. Pretty sharp picture. One of my favorites of you.
Then I rush to Starbucks for my white chocolate raspberry latte with whip cream - don't judge me. Lol to read the program.
The first page I read had me in tears with Valeria's gratitude for the love and support she receives from everyone.
Then the second page I read brought the tears down. Seeing dad's aka Lu Vason book in a hard copy knowing it will come out soon really did it -"This Ain't My First Rodeo: The Life, Times and Legacy of an Entertainer, Promoter and Presenter. I sent mom ( Valeria) a message "I know I may not be in the first line but for sure in the second line to receive a copy (family joke). And the book autographed by her.
Then I get to work I flip through it quickly to find the poem my son aka Sean Villery-Samuel wrote in 2006 featured again 10 years later. "I Want To Be A Cowboy", now the tears are really flowing.
I can't wait to get home with a glass of wine and read the rest of #BPIRMakingBlackHistory. And reminiscing on the many years of fun, tears, laughter, accomplishments and defeats. Yes, it takes all of that to create history.
I am looking forward to getting and reading the new 2017-2018 edition. Until our roads cross again there will always be Black Cowboys and Cowgirls.
Let's Rodeo!! Acynthia
#BPIR2017 #BPIRMakingBlackHistory #rodeo #blackrodeo #blackcowboys #blackcowgirls

This is a real COWGIRL!! ReNeisha Hardin competing in the Ladies Steer Undecoratin' event riding about 30*mph on horse back while reaching for a ribbon on a steer's back. The event has a 30 second time limit. The fastest known time I know is 1.23 seconds. If Stephanie Haynes or Carolyn Carter Emmett know of a faster time please share.
#RealBlackCowgirls #BPIR #Rodeo #CowgirlsEvent

Sometimes you only need a little color to brighten your day. Call and schedule your style appointment with me today.
Stay tune for my upcoming blog on fashion, style, health and beauty. Topics all women are interested in knowing more about. This will be an interactive blog WOMEN HELPING WOMEN!!

I was headed to church. Thanking God for blessing me.

Working on that tan

Hanging out

I can't begin my day without acknowledging My Lord Jesus Christ for blessing yet with another birthday- 55 years of life.
My good days out weigh my bad. Without the tests, trials and tribulations I wouldn't know what blessings are. It isn't about material things it is about love, life, happiness, joy, growth and blessing and touching others' lives.
Thank you for the love of family and friends.

Don't miss the Greatest Show On Dirt in the City of Industry July 15-16. The only African American Touring Rodeo - The Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo #rodeo #blackrodeo #BPIR2017 #BPIRMakingBlackHistory

I saw this and had to post #wine #pinot #pinotgrigio #pinotspalette #pinotnoir

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