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Sometimes we need to take the high road and focus only on what’s ahead.

This year I’m hitting a 20 year mark in graffiti. The time one takes to dedicate them selves to something this intense takes a very specific type of person. But with how expansive the list of players have become, there is no way it is a specific type you can pinpoint that chooses to commit to such a lifestyle. With that it is clear to me what an individual journey this really is. Self discovery would be an understatement.
I have found myself in some amazing moments that are irreplaceable and other times I have just put my hands into my head and wanted to give up. But that’s not something we do when we’ve committed our all to this art.

My whole point is that we have highs and lows. Ups and downs. Knowing when to just stop, reflect, and prioritize what’s best for myself, and all those who are affected by the personal choices I make. This past Art Basel I personally crossed a major line. I made a foolish choice and the result caused extreme reaction that has not at all reflected well on my initial intensions. Although this is an issue with a large group involved, this is my own personal choice to say this. I am sorry. My lack of thought to not reach out to people I could easily communicate with, was overlooked in the moment and I chose to not make such a responsible gesture. I let people I consider friends down, writers I have admired and respected, and my own crew down.
My heart felt honest and genuine apology is here for all members of 4s - WH - and anyone who found themselves on the side of feeling wronged by my choices and involvement in the matter. I am sorry and I would hope, in time, this can move forward with growth and better sight on what’s proper in a very loosely rule based game.
Sorry to have such come between us and I stand behind my words and understand all of your feelings of disappointment in this situation. 💯❤️‼️

Random stack from 2011-2012

Las Vegas wit a gang of cool cats. 🎲
Big thanks @yfloser

Sprays were sprayed in Las Vegas with my homie @yfloser at the graffiti action adventure theme park.

Blue on 2 🔷

Special little collaboration with me and @fqart all thanks to @galerief

Saturday morning cartoons 🚛

Rockin wit @fqart

🔳⚙️⏱💎⏱⚙️🔳 What a time to be alive.
@baselworldofficial x @patekphilippe

Guess what....yep, another blue one.

This ones for you LOST 🍀
•Painted this piece for the ultimate homie. Sadly he’s been a bit overwhelmed with some health issues, making it hard to go spray, he’s doing all he can to push past this though time. For now, he’s got friends like me to keep the name in yo face and active. ❤️ Mad love my dude. Hope this puts a smile on your face and fire under your ass to heal up and get back outchea.
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Micron. 2015

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