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amundsen x breguet // short & lightweight comforter for crispy fall days 🍁🍂 #woolinside #breguet #amundsensports

amundsen x higlands // field tester T blending inn with the colours of the fall in the highlands between Eggedal and Norefjell • 📷; @joakimdokka #coloursoffall #higlands

amundsen x alaska // field tester JC in the small bush plane en route Little Switzerland, Denali National Park 🛩🗻 • @talkeetnaair #talkeetna #denali #alaska

amundsen x chest pocket // what do you store in your anorak chest pocket? #amundsensports #anorak #beefjerky @versatilith

amundsen x @pernilleskipperud // female field testing member, @pernilleskipperud, captured close to Folgefinna. Sporting our new Two Hummock anorak #amundsensports #inikkers #rollyoursocksdown #norwegianwool

Montebelluna-Oslo #tb // @jclovenskiold got milk. vagabond shirt, travelers companion, back in stock #mucks #amundsensports @ronning_ski

amundsen x norwegian wool inside 🐑 // proud to present the all new Two Hummock Vest filled with norwegian wool inside 🐑

amundsen x rønning skis // dryland training 🍂 #amundsensports #holmenkollen #woodenskis

«more speed, more ladies» // we tagged along with @benjaminforthun & @erik_of_the_year_vol.2 in their pursuit to ski the biggest hill in Midstubakken. however, things didn’t go as planned. #woodenskis #mucks #amundsensports #holmenkollen

amundsen x norwegian wool inside 🐑 // sporting the all NEW Two Hummock Anorak with norwegian wool insulation 🐑 • #lavalan #norskull #amundsensports

amundsen giveaway // 🍂 winner: @outdoormachine • where are you going this weekend?🍂 (most creative answer wins. humour appreciated) • type your answer in the comment section below • tag 2 friends • follow @amundsensports • price; amundsen cap for you and your friends #giveaway

skauen overshirt // is technically not a regular shirt or a light jacket but can be worn as both. it has regular shirt features such as a collar and pocket, but do also have a zip #overshirt #fieldshirt #amundsensports

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