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f i o n a  A #lancashire mama, living oop’ north where the weather is wild 💨 & the people are friendly ☕️ Blogging the best bits 👇🏻

Yeah today didn’t go so well 😳🤯There was a LOT of whining and cheekiness from this little one 👆🏻and so many times I had to stop and take a very deep breath 😤
But every time I did take a second to check my reactions (harder than it sounds) I reminded myself that she is only two years old and all of those little things that I find easy to do or understand, she is still finding huge and confusing.
I am not the most patient of parents (far from it) but I am really trying hard to see things from her perspective right now and tonight she rewarded me with a very rare and very awesome cuddle and impromptu “I love you Mummy!” 😍
And bloody hell I love her too. They’re trying at this age but also pretty awesome 💛
For now though she’s asleep 🙌🏻 & Im putting my feet up to finish our Suits marathon on Netflix. Hope you guys are having a chilled evening too 🥂

I’ve heard quite a few people say that they feel disillusioned with Instagram recently and that the amount of ‘likes’ on their pictures are at an all time low.
I get that it sucks and I get that it can make you feel bad when you share something you love and nobody appears to give a sh*t, BUT I just want to say one thing that I told someone else earlier:
Each ‘like’ is one whole human being 🙋🏼‍♀️- A real person who chose to engage because they wanted to and who did so because something you shared made them smile or feel something. So if “only” 50 people did that then that’s still pretty awesome 😎
The thing is, Instagram started for us all as a way of sharing a snap we loved from our day & with the backing of consumerism it’s morphed into something else unrecognisable, something that can be horribly narcissistic and something that often brings out the worst in us.
If it’s become like that for you then just take a breath, stop following people you don’t connect with in the hope they’ll follow you back, stop worrying about the time you post or the colours you post - just share a bit of you, a bit of what you love when you feel like it. Social media is supposed to be SOCIAL so laugh, relate, share, enjoy, ditch the pressure to “influence” & move on with your day because your real life value hasn’t got anything to do with the number of double taps you get online.
Annnd I’ll step off my soapbox now 😆💁🏼‍♀️
#thatsallfolks #instagramrant

Hello shiny new week 👋🏻 Its back to nursery routine for littlest so me & my boy are going to seize the opportunity and take a hike up the biggest hill we can find 😊🎒👌🏻
Bloody love the summer holidays 🌤
What are you up to today?
#summerholidays2018 #mondaymornings

Raining all day today ☔️ so I’m reminiscing about the gorgeous day we spent in the sun at @brockholelakedistrict earlier in the week. There’s a full write up of our camping trip on my blog (link in bio) if you fancy grabbing a brew ☕️ & having a nosey on this rainy Sunday.
For us today, it’s 🥞, ☕️ and a slow & cosy day at home 🏡
Have a great day whatever you’re up to☺️😘

I never thought I’d say this but I’m learning so much from Sophie right now. When we took her camping, we took no toys other than her comforter “dou-dou”. None at all and she was never once bored and that amazed me.
The thing about kids is that they find the magic in the little moments - everyone and everything has the potential to be exciting and fascinating but in particular outdoors, in amongst nature, everything is pure magic 💫 Watching her explore and play is like re-learning the magic of my own childhood all over again & it’s pretty special to be a part of 🌟
#naturetots #livelifeoutside #myfamilyadventures #lythamstannes

People kept telling me that I wouldn’t love camping, that I’d be too cold, that I’d hate the wet and muddy reality and that camping with a toddler would be too hard but after four GLORIOUS nights in one of the most beautiful places on earth, I can firmly say they were WRONG 😝
Thirteen people, many many roasted marshmallows 🍡, four nights under canvas ⛺️ & so many belly laughs and I’m hooked.
Now to tackle the enormous laundry pile 🤨 & edit the thousands of pictures I seem to have collected 📷
Thank you to the beautiful #lowwraycampsite and the @nationaltrust for a brilliant family trip 💛
#makingmemoriestogether #mamarazzi

“Love her but leave her wild” - Atticus Finch 📖
#freespiritedchildhood #alwaysinnature

Fancy winning a family trip to Australia? Thought you might 😀
The lovely folk over at @emuaustralia are offering one lucky family of four:
☀️ 5 nights accommodation in Sydney ☀️Rtn airfare for 2 adults & 2 kids
☀️Family pass to SEA LIFE Sydney
☀️Family Pass to WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo
☀️Emu boots for the family

For your chance to win, they are asking you to show them your child’s wild side! - Follow @emuaustralia - Post a photo of your kids/s in anything from EMU Australia’s kids range, telling them all about your child’s wild side. Go crazy with face paint, wings, sound effects, animal print & create your own animal kingdom! 🦁 - Tag @emuaustralia and #emuwildthings in your post.
There’s also 20% discount code using WildThings2018 on all full priced kids shoes.
The competition runs until 30 August!
Good luck! ☀️ 🇦🇺 #winaholiday #competitions

🚨 BREAKING NEWS 🚨 I have finally finished a book 📚🙌🏻😄
Seriously though, I’m terrible for starting but never finishing them but this one had me from start to finish. ‘How to go vegan’ is the handbook for the #veganuary movement & in a few neat pages, this book calmly and precisely laid out the path to becoming vegan that I needed 🌱
I’ve dabbled on & off with veganism for a year or so but fully committing just felt like it was for someone else up until I read this book 👀
This time feels different somehow, probably because I’m so sure of the WHY this time, and if you’re toying with the idea yourself then I highly suggest picking up a copy too.
Walking a path like this isn’t always going to be easy but I already feel better for it.
Any other vegans out there? 🙋🏼‍♀️
#newvegan #livingtheveganlife #plantpoweredpeople

Some days are tough. Today was one of them. Tomorrow will probably still be tough but my god she’s still so freakin’ cute💛
#smallbutmighty #notbiasedatall

Morning you lot 👋🏻
Happy Sunday & all that!
I’m faced with some solo parenting today #golfwidow & it’s looking pretty grey & grim out there 😣
I’m at a loss what to do with the kids so throw your #sundayfunday😎 suggestions this way pls! If they could involve cake 🍰 that would be a bonus - ta very much 😘#midsizestyle

A vlogger I like and had watched on YouTube for several years blocked me on here recently. It was quite out of the blue, we had had no interaction other than the occasional polite “have a nice holiday” or “happy birthday” on the odd post and then suddenly she went from liking my posts to having blocked me 🛑 🤷🏼‍♀️ I spent more time than was necessary feeling a bit bruised about it, mostly because she was one of my faves, it felt like the ultimate snub & it left me wondering what on earth Id done wrong. But then it occurred to me that I was asking myself the wrong questions 🤔

The real question is why did I care?! We had never met, we had virtually no interaction and we certainly weren’t friends IRL. So what did it matter?

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I can get so hung up on “followers” and “likes” that it’s almost like I base my worth on these little digital double taps. Utterly BONKERS when you think about it isn’t it?! 🤷🏼‍♀️ I know I’m not alone & so many of us do the same but it really needs reevaluating.
So, my new mantra is just to post when I feel like I’ve something to say or share, not every day just for the sake of it, interact with people who I would like IRL and completely and utterly ignore the numbers, algorithms and weird games people play.
And thats all folks 💁🏼‍♀️
#weirdinstagrambehavior #youdoyouboo

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