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Brett Rounsaville  Founder of Mission: Pic, a social photography game for iOS. Author of The Provider. Former hobo.

The guy at farmer’s market keeps raising the price on his chai so I’m trying to make my own today. 😬

Sealed for freshness.

This was my photo for today’s mission on the mission:pic app. This kiddo is OBSESSED with trains right now. :)

This moment just made the whole world a better place.

I think I hit the avocado lottery! Look how small this pit is!

Once upon a time...
The beginning of all good fairytales.
Today’s challenge on mission:pic was Beginning.
#fairyland #oakland #missionpic2017

It's Mickey o'clock and I'm buyin'.

Good thing I used tumble dry low.


Lady and the Tramped a fruit snack with the Squish.

#athletesunfiltered (After a hot 5 miles around the lake.)