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AMTC (for Christ)  AMTC is Actors, Models & Talent for Christ (1982 - 2017), a ministry and group of performers who are making good bolder in the entertainment industry.

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Modeling beachwear in Brooklyn during a blizzard!

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So excited to officially be a part of the @ursulawiedmannmodels team! A big thank you to @chriseanrose for these great photos! Can't wait to see what's next! 😄🙏
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“Happy to announce that I’m now signed with One Step Models 🇰🇷 See you soon South Korea!” #AMTCgrad @joellperry
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Do we have any @laurieberknerband fans out there? If so, let’s put our hands together for #AMTCgrad @lilybuchanan_ and sis Charlotte, who appear in this JUST-RELEASED-TODAY new 20th anniversary video by the woman @people magazine calls the Queen of Children’s Music! 💛🎵 #Repost @laurieberknerband
Check out my newest music video! Link in bio! #thegoldfish #laurieberknerband #laurieberkner #keeponsining #youtubespaceny @youtube

This #AMTCgrad is unashamed of Jesus AND high standards... and even though some “warned” her it would hold her back, she is soaring! Way to go @kayleekellermusic ! #AMTCfamily

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"I could leave, but I'll stay in Nowhere America"
🎤 @kayleekellermusic features her hometown and home state in her NEWEST music video! 🎬video link in bio @kayleekellerteam
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Who is your favorite TV doctor of all time? Comment below...and THEN check out who @tvguide says is about to be your NEW favorite... #AMTCgrad Matt Czuchry!!

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Y’all, I have hustled..I have prayed..I have traveled..I have practiced...I have worked so hard all my life; and I’m here as a living testimony. Winning this show, God showed me that if I STAY PERSISTENT in seeking Him, be DILIGENT to His Word, stay GROUNDED & ROOTED in the boundaries HE has set before me, I have absolutely NOTHING AND NO ONE TO WORRY ABOUT; I WILL be protected, He WILL give me all I need to make this new life a good, successful, vigilant one; I WILL SUCCEED, and sometimes, The Lord will turn your life around in TWO WEEKS.....if you want it turned around bad enough.

Many people don’t know me like they do the others for the world has only seen me twice, but I’m just like all of y’all; a young girl that dreamt of more than working a nine to five just to pay off the mortgage, the car note, and the cell phone bill.
NOTHING, NOTHING in this world comes easy and you CAN’T please EVERYONE. So don’t try. Make sure your relationship with God is right because when you really talk about living out your dreams, He’s the One who’s gonna let it happen anyway 😊 If you WAIT for it bad enough He’s bound to give it all to you in TWO WEEKS. (Thank You, Jesus!) I won’t, I can’t, I will never take the credit for this, I just thank The Lord for hearing me, listening to me when I thought He wasn’t there, teaching and guiding me, and most of all, being in my corner when people around me didn’t believe in me while my back was against the wall.
Jesus never stopped listening to me. He was WORKING. He’s always WORKING.
So to my Angels, I love y’all so much! I caint wait to set up Meet-N-Greets with y’all 😻😻😻😻 And I just wanna say this to my #angels and I’m done writing: “WHATEEEEEEVER you’re going through right now, bad or good, small or big, it is an undeniable truth that “worrying”, “complaining”, and “trying to figure stuff out on your own” can lead to a serious, unnecessary emotional wreck😊 So STOP worrying because when you worry, you’re giving satan the credit, and you’re not acknowledging that your God has made you and the whole, entire world AND the people in it.
Give it to Him! ♥️♥️ He’s already overcome the world.

Look who’s making headlines again- @jumanjimovie star and #AMTCgrad @serdariusblain ! Have YOU seen #jumanji? Show him some #AMTCfamily love below! ⭐️

“Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle‘s Ser’Darius Blain is set as a co-lead in the CW’s Charmed “feminist” reboot dramedy pilot, from Jane the Virgin creator/showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman.” (

After 35 years in business, we announce the closure of Actors, Models and Talent for Christ, the 501c3 non-profit ministry. We thank our family and friends for your love, service, partnership and encouragement throughout these decades. AMTC’s mission of Making Good Bolder in the entertainment industry lives on through many thousands of lights who continue to rise. If you have comments or questions, please email

In honor of our #AMTCfamily and all the precious graduates, our official AMTC FB and Instagram pages will remain open to continue their legacy, celebrate their successes, pray with them in their journeys and allow them to continue to maintain the community so many here treasure. We love you all immensely. Words can not adequately express our gratitude to all of you for these past 35 years.

Coming soon! Featuring #AMTCfamily like @jenngotzon , @jimjamec and #AMTCgrad @realtcstallings ! Be sure to check it out! 🎥⭐️

Heyy everyone! Great news, my movie “The Rocket” is coming out January 23rd on iTunes. Starring Brady Tutton from the ABC TV show Boy Band who is now in the new pop boy band In Real Life. Here's a link to pre order my movie on iTunes before it comes out on the 23rd.
Be sure to leave a honest review on the movie enjoy!
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My favorite photo from the AMTC photoshoot! Thank you @glyniscarpenter 😍😘 #dance #jump #dancer #dancephotography #amtc #actionshot

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