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Amitayus  Deranged kid

Gg lab report

P.S. Best lab group evaaaaa

Thanks for coming to watch us!! Wasn't dancing, but it was still so much fun performing alongside y'all! 10/10 would emcee again HAHAHA

Season's over and my what a journey it's been. Don't really know what else to say besides thank you. Thank you to everyone who walked this journey with me.
To @densiezoo ma chopp who started even before the start, from 37 Floaters to 38 Comm. Who's heard my complaints, rants, coos, and who's stood by me through the crap and not-so-crappy. We dreamed together, faced reality together, and finished (almost) the journey together. You da best chopp. πŸ™†

To @z0elo my dear director, for whom I'll eternally be thankful. For being the most understanding, diplomatic, and thoughtful, yet firm, decisive, and composed. For always making time and giving time and for the sacrifices she makes, thinking no one would notice. What we'd be without you I daren't guess. πŸ™†

To @lucas_choy you shit. For providing perspectives from another side. For grounding us in reality so we don't stay in the clouds. For being a voice of pragmatism that keeps us in check. We butted heads and shook our butts and I couldn't have wanted nor needed a better counterpart. πŸ™†

To the comm @teee.darren @htingk_ @edwinpear @lilponylikestosing @kimm713 @coolsalena , for tanking through the million obstacles we faced. For dreaming of what we could create and trying to turn it into reality. For not being afraid to experiment and test new ways and methods. For doing what y'all do best, being awesome. And for sticking together despite it all. πŸ™†

To my seniors who gave me inspiration and continued to inspire me. Without them I'd never have even considered going into this. To @shiting_dabian who taught me so much, and who continued to believe in me even though I'd failed you on multiple occasions. I hope what we've done has made you proud. To @smilelikehababa , who gave us so much, physically and financially. Who constantly reminded us what we were here for. And to all the seniors who came back to see us, encourage us, and help us. 'Priceless' can only describe the surface of how much I value and appreciate all you've done. πŸ™†

To my dance department @k8tqx @yongyonguh @kymchiramen , with whom we worked through tough times together. Having no idea how to choreo and block and come up with formations, we (cont)

There. Was. So. Much. FLOOF. SO FLOOFY.

Another comp and the weekend is over already?? Travelling there was painful on my legs but the competition and the company were amazing!

Special mention to ma chopp @densiezoo for sticking it out with me and always practising

Food was 1/10 but company was 6/8 so I guess it evens out ❀
Also, ordered chrysanthemum tea but the lady gave me ginger tea so that was an experience

And helen forgot to crop faces in as usual

We survived the mountains, we can survive life too
Also discovered a new favourite brand of beer to add to my list

Last lecture with Dr Vasugi and I'm so happy I took this mod (and thanks @raagavee for convincing me to take it) and I appreciate Bollywood cinema so much more now?? And like I learn more about South Asian culture everytime we go through new topics or content and I'm gonna miss this mod a lot. And also free movies YAY

Hey look, I'm studying

Cr: @raagavee


Hey stranger #YOUAREIT @nussciclub

Am I one of the cool kids yet?
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