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Amrita Param Kaur  Co-Founder of Śhūnya's Couch / Tantra & Kundalini Yoga Teacher / Holistic Entrepreneur / Plant Medicine Lover ❤️💚💜💛💙

Meet me
In the place between earth and sky
Dance with me
Curious wind
Teach me how to glide
In the space that time knows not

She danced
For her divine child within
She danced
Her shadows into the light
She danced
Her soverignity into being
She danced
In celebration of her pain
She danced
For all those loved and lost
She danced
For the magic and the beauty
She danced
In honour of the magic
In honour of the beauty
In honour of all that is wild
In honour of all that is free
In honour of all that is
She danced
And her dance was her prayer

And all I could see was you, and the infinite, expansive possibilities of you, and your beauty was majestic and magnetic.

The Universe's current mood

Bali...this is what happens

In that moment, oh, she was wild, and she was free, and she was beautiful and oh, she took my breath away and the tears rolled down my face as I gazed upon her, my heart aflame with love for her, mama ocean, Pachamama, in her majesty...and in that moment, I knew, I felt, I saw, that she was me, and I was her 💙🙏🌊

Yesterday I completed my level 1 KRI Kundalini Teacher Training. Today I rest and reflect. What a wild ride. The intensity of the emotional waves that have rocked me this month, that have crashed over me, brought me to my knees, that I have surfed and played in. The ocean of emotion that has flowed in, around and through me. Washing away blockages, revealing long hidden places and cleaned karma. Sometimes I thought I would drown, but I learned again and again how to swim. It's been wonderful, such a blessing, an opening, a shedding and a deep dive into love. An expanded family, more awareness, relationships forged in truth and rawness, an experience of both holding and being held. Thank you all, my teachers, everyone of you. I am humbled by your grace, your divinity and radiance. I bow, I bow, I bow. Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

Taking our Turbans out for a stroll #turbansonpatrol

Dragonfly is the essence of the winds of change, the messages of wisdom and enlightenment, and the communications from the elemental world. Dragonfly medicine always beckons us to seek out the parts of our habits which we need to change... Giving thanks to this little guru, who flew in to remind me as ever that change is necessary, inevitable and an energy to be embraced. In this month I am calling on Dragonfly to guide me through the mists of illusion to the pathway of transformation.

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KRI Aquarian Teacher Training #shaktipower #goddesses #gettheglow

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