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Abby Pollock | #TFNTEAM  🎥YouTube: Abby Pollock 🔬Mech Engineer BASc, Pn1 Certified 👯‍♀️TFN TEAM: 👇my workout + diet plans

does anyone else find teeth out smiling strangely vulnerable? Like see my teeth see my soul kinda?
ps big announcement + new YouTube vid coming tomorrow at 12pm EST 👀 be excite.

FULL LOWER BODY WORKOUT ✨🔥 (hit save & tag ya frens)
*in the voice of Adele* I set fiiiiiiireeeee to my glutes, feel them burn as I scrunch my face, well they burned now they’re fried cause I did this circuit too many times, too many times. OK OK back to business, here’s the workout.
CIRCUIT #1 (repeat x3 / 30s rest between circuits)
1️⃣ Banded squat w/ pause x 20 reps
2️⃣ Banded glute bridge hold w/ toe taps x 20 reps total
3️⃣ Banded side lying abduction x 20 reps per side
CIRCUIT #2 (repeat x3 / 30s rest between circuits)
4️⃣ Banded glute bridge w/ pause x 20 reps
5️⃣ Banded marching glute bridge x 20 reps total
6️⃣ Banded side lying hip raise x AMRAP per side
FINISHER x2 (see the last workout video I posted)
I’m ALMOST done with the how to shrink your thighs while keeping your butt video (goal is to post tomorrow🙏🙏). There I’ll explain why I train glutes so much, how I’ve adjusted my diet / cardio / weights, and all that good stuff. Be excite. (Note: while I’d normally NOT recommend using bosu balls, it was helpful here - I’ll explain why in my story) (🎧 sex like me - loud luxury)

This is my workout cape. It gives me superpowers such as not having to wash and straighten my hair again 🤷‍♀️

CARDIO FINISHER 👯✨(tag ya girls and hit that save button)
In light of the rain / snow / ice / whatever Canada is doing outside storm, I was NOT feeling this workout. So I figured I’d just do something quick and easy, right? Heh. Quick yes, easy no. This is a fast track to fry your leggos.
CIRCUIT: (repeat x2-3, 30s rest between circuits)
Brace your core and try to keep your upper body as still as possible. Your goal is to make the belt move faster and faster with each push. Do as many reps as possible (AMRAP) until you can’t keep up with the treadmill, then switch legs.
Plant your working foot on the edge of the belt, then move your butt in as close as possible. Your goal is to squeeze your hamstrings to prevent the belt from shifting forward or backward while controlling the bridge up and down.
You may need a support doggo for this one. With your back in the same place as before, move both feet up onto the treadmill belt, then slowly start taking little steps backwards. Your goal is to prevent the belt from speeding up, while also keeping your hips level. Continue taking little steps until the belt speeds up or your hips drop - whichever goes first.
I did this before my steady state cardio, but you could also use it as a workout finisher or on it’s own as a quick HIIT workout 💪 I pray for your leggos.

1 like = 1 pet for doggo 🐶😂
just uploaded a new YouTube video showing you every meal I ate + every workout I did to get photoshoot ready. YouTube: Abby Pollock or click that link in bio yo.

new video showing you EVERY meal and EVERY workout I used to get photoshoot ready for this Cindy cosplay 💗😁 YouTube: Abby Pollock or link in bio.

how does one get motivated when the weather is grey and depresso? 🌧🧐 asking for a friend.

#BodyByBreadsticks 😂🍞
ps I just uploaded a full workout with in-depth form breakdown to my story. These are the types of cues I use for myself as well as for anyone I work with in person, which there may just be some info on that for my Toronto gals in the near future but I’ll shhh on that for now 🙈👯‍♀️

FLAMIN HOT FINISHER 🔥💪 (hit that save & tag ya girls)
My goal with this finisher was to FINISH (*read in a Mortal Combat voice*) my glute medius and minimus side glute muscles. Because these muscle groups are made up of mainly Type I (or slow twitch) muscle fibers, they’ll actually respond better to higher reps and slower tempos as compared to lower reps with more explosive tempos. Very different from your bigger glute muscle, the glute max. This is why with this circuit I’m using a combo of slower movements + higher rep pump style movements.
CIRCUIT #1 (no rest between circuits)
1️⃣ Reverse hyper w/ band abduction x 20
2️⃣ Glute bridge w/ band abduction x 20 (super slow on that lower)
CIRCUIT #2 (no rest between circuits)
3️⃣ Double banded hip thrust x 20
4️⃣ Hip thrust iso hold w/ band abduction x 20 (keep those hips high)
Will be uploading the full in-depth version of this workout to my story later tonight. (PS thank you to my high school homie @andrewfedyk for the 🔥 song that is Body - Loud Luxury)

what’s your favorite carb? 🍞🤭
I’ve spent the past couple days eating my way through NYC and taking a mini break from social. One thing I love about my body is that I know it can handle this. Sure, I’ll be a little bloated but I won’t gain 963936 lbs and undo all my progress overnight. Changes like that don’t come from 2-3 days off track, but rather the weeks you spend guilt eating and yo-yo dieting after the fact. I can’t wait to show you all the treats on YouTube 💗

BAND-ONLY LEG WORKOUT 🍑🔥 (hit save & tag ya girls)
No weights, no problem? Heh think again. My glutes. They burned. Third degree. Might not make it. Plz pray for them.
CIRCUIT #1 (30s rest between circuits)
1️⃣Single leg hip thrust, w/ hip rotation x 10 reps per side
2️⃣Banded back squat x 20 reps
3️⃣Banded kick overs x 20 reps per side
CIRCUIT #2 (30s rest between circuits)
4️⃣Banded split squat x 10 reps per side
5️⃣Banded kneeling squat x 20 reps
6️⃣Lateral band step x 20 reps per side
FINISHER x2 (30s rest between sets)
🔥Banded frog pumps x 40 reps
Thinking of uploading the full workout to my story with more in-depth form cues. Comment below if you think I should! (song: Walmart yodeling kid remix) (edit: I am still humming this song...3 hours after editing...maybe watch this on mute)

why be moody when you can pop that booty 🤷‍♀️
currently a bundle of nerves trying to bring a billion and one things together before leaving for NYC tomorrow, so not much more to say for now except I hope you’re having a fab day and your booty is treating you good 💗🤗

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