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Amplifier  We are an art machine for social change! __________ WE THE FUTURE: Art for the Classroom and Beyond:

All lies matter by @hankwillisthomas. Billboards are being installed in every state across the country. Follow @forfreedoms to watch this giant art exhibition unfold leading up to the midterms.
“Billboards are officially up across the nation as part of the #50StateInitiative. We're spotlighting one billboard a day leading up to Election Day on November 6. Kicking off our spotlight series is @ForFreedoms co-founder, @hankwillisthomas. ‘ALL LIES MATTER’ is located on I-70 near St. Charles, Missouri, not far from Ferguson, where 18-year-old Mike Brown was shot to death by police on August 9, 2014.”

“Dear Survivor: to love yourself is to become free” is a new mural by @jessxsnow and @layqanunayawar honoring @taniikeda for at @opositivefest ⚡️⚡️⚡️
“Sending love to survivors today and everyday. is painting giant love letters to survivors of sexual assault all over the country. Through AR viewers can access hundreds of love letters written by survivors and have the option to write their own. We want the survivors of the world to know not only are they believed, not only are they supported, they are loved. Reach out and help us come to your city. #survivorloveletter” @taniikeda

WE THE INDIVISIBLE by @jessicasabogal.
For #NationalComingOutDay we want to uplift the work of @them, “We tend to think of ‘coming out’ as a one and done moment. As the common narrative goes: #LGBTQ+ people spend our whole lives suffering in quiet anguish, suppressing our true selves, until one day we open the cage and let it loose. From that point on, we are free to live our lives authentically and never again allow cisgender, heterosexual society to tell us who to be.
But life doesn’t necessarily work like that. Self-discovery takes a lifetime.” Coming out is not a one-time event. Being in the closet doesn’t make you less #queer.”
Follow @them and hit the link in their bio for their thoughts on #NationalComingOutDay. #oneofthem

DEMOCRACY STARTS WITH YOU! Seattle friends, visit the @londonplaneseattle today in Pioneer Square and pick yourself up a FREE piece of artwork for your front yard to help encourage folks in our community to vote this November.
Thanks so much to our friends at the @londonplaneseattle for supporting our community in this way, @bombchelle for the beautiful artwork, and @seattlecityclub for collaborating with us to bring this campaign to life. #democracystartswithyou

Meet the gun violence prevention activist working endlessly to serve his community. @paul_s_john is Base Building Lead Organizer at @millionhoodies4justice, an organization building next generation human rights leaders to focus on racial justice and advocate against gun violence in our communities. We're thrilled to feature Paul as one of the young leaders for #WeTheFuture, an education initiative to inspire the next generation of leadership in the United States. #WeTheFutureNow

THE TYRANT FEARS THE POET! Artwork uplifting and honoring the work of @amandascgorman created by @k8deciccio and projected in Oakland by @aemarling. It takes a village! #WeTheFutureNow

This week in Boston we had the opportunity of hearing a talk by @wheelchairdancr at the #changemakerconference during @hubweek. “I’m fueled by the poster art decorating the event space - most notably this poster of @autistichoya designed by @k8deciccio and made possible by @amplifierart . This poster is part of a massive #WeTheFuture campaign which I encourage you to check out. #disabilitypride”. #AliceSheppard

Meet Lydia X. Z. Brown (@autistichoya), disability justice advocate, organizer and writer whose work has largely focused on violence against multiply-marginalized disabled people, especially institutionalization, incarceration and policing. They have worked to advance transformative change through organizing in the streets, writing legislation, conducting anti-ableism workshops, testifying at regulatory and policy hearings, and disrupting institutional complacency everywhere from the academy to state agencies and the nonprofit-industrial complex. At the age of 25, Lydia is a force to be reckoned with. We are honored to work with them and the Bazelon Center to bring disability justice into our schools. #WeTheFutureNow

Thank you so much to the 2,722 people around the world who joined our campaign to bring art and teaching tools lead by young leaders into 20,000 classrooms! Educators can still register for the free artwork at the link in our header. Tag a teacher! #WeTheFutureNow

There’s less than an hour left to contribute to our Kickstarter! With your help our We The Future campaign will deliver free art and accompanying lesson plans build by these powerful young leaders to more than 20,000 classrooms during the 2018/2019 school year. These physical prints and digital toolkits outline clear paths to action that any student can follow. #WeTheFutureNow
Special shout out to @leah.the.activist @paul_s_john @autistichoya @lindzamer @israspeaks #IsmaelNazario @xiuhtezcatl @amandascgorman @winterbreeanne @amandangocnguyen

FOUR HOUR COUNTDOWN to support our Kickstarter! Visit the link in our header.

Special thanks to all the photographers behind the scenes that helped bring We The Future to life. This photograph of Ismael Nazario capture by @kishabari was used as the reference for @munk_one’s artwork.
Meet Ismael Nazario, a young man on the frontline of the fight for criminal justice reform. When Ismael was just shy of eighteen, he was arrested for robbery and sent to Rikers Island, where he spent 300 days in solitary confinement before he was ever convicted of a crime. His story was part of a report by the Center For Investigative Reporting focusing on teens in solitary confinement. Now he works as a case manager for the New York City-based @fortunesociety, where he helps former inmates from New York's Rikers Island jail reintegrate into society after their release. We’re excited to team up with Ismael and @performingstatistics this school year to bring artwork and teaching tools outlining real world action into classrooms.#WeTheFutureNow

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