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alexandria  instagrampersand. an ampersand is an & sign, ya dummy!


when the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces & they all went skipping about.

last night @olliedazzle gave @iamaromancer a tattoo of tiny hot dogs falling into a tiny polka dotted bowl & it's my Favorite Thing Ever.

✌🏻(2!) two groovy babes.

so many hats & only one head >:(

heading to hong kong in a week! have you been? tell me everything!

heaven is a place on earth with you🍜

sushi day date with the great @tandemvintage a la mall of america ✨

met this absolutely beautiful g.i. jane babe at my new favorite place on earth, @thedrifterhotel in new orleans yesterday 🌈✨ /

also, i'm reeeeally hoping 2017 will be the year instagram doesn't make us cover up women's nipples anymore.

*andre 3000 voice*

yeah this one right here goes out to all the baby's mamas, mamas
mamas, mamas, baby mamas, mamas
yeah, go like this:
happy day to all the mamas out there! to all the women who have had a baby, lost a baby, lost a mother, lost themselves. to mother figures, and future mamas & brand new mamas. to dog moms & cat moms. to all the mamas on earth and in the earth. to the mamas that when we look in the mirror, fergie whispers in our ears "i got it from my mama"
to the mother-in-laws and the aunties and sissies and the step-moms that don't suck: thank you.
this is my mama. mama to 4, mimi to 7. she's wonderful & so is yours. i am so/damn/sorry if you are without yours today. my heart breaks for you. it really, really does. but i am so/damn/glad she raised you into the exact human that you are today. even if you only got to spend 10 tiny seconds with her before she put you up for adoption. if she passed away when you were 2 or 12 or 22, or 62. i am so/fucking/sorry. i would truly love to hear all your favorite stories about her and know what she smelled like. (mine smells like Aromatics Elixir and Nestle chocolate milk) if your mama is still around, but you choose to distance yourself from her because she's toxic: that's o k a y. just please never blame yourself. i am with you, but when the father's day posts roll around
i'm extremely lucky to have the mama that i do. i try really hard not to take that for granted. i'm #blessed to have a mama that is creative, giving, understanding & endlessly loving. also it's pretty comforting to know what i'll look like in 30 years 😊

through gritted, smiling teeth:
push that god damn flight attendant call button one/more/time & i'll smother you with this pillow πŸ™‚πŸ˜‡

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