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alexandria  instagrampersand. an ampersand is an & sign, ya dummy!

no shoes
no shirt
no fucks given


ah yes, a wes anderson character emerges from the wild 🐯
dress from: @tandemvintage

👌🏻made it

paint me like one of your french girls

a #wip shot of a lady-filled collage i've been working on. for every woman & woman-identifying sister out there🔥❤ happy #iwd2017 #internationalwomensday 👭

i haven't posted for a few days & i hate the fear i get of becoming ~irrelevant~, so here's a beautiful picture of Brigette Bardot. she also suffer(s) from extreme depression. depression has such an ugly stigma around it. it's confusing, it's lonely, it's scary & it's depressing, damn it!•
•you don't know //w h y// you feel sad, but you do. i've had anxiety for as long as i remember, and i'm finally - s l o w l y - gaining the coping mechanisms to deal with it. i've been on & off anti-depressants since i was 16, and i've just started a new prescription. i'm hoping (praying?) that it's a right fit to balance out the chemicals in my brain. anti-depressants are tough because after a while, they make you feel numb, with NO feelings, and your feelings-fueled brain makes you feel bad for not being able to feel bad. the truth is, you should be able to feel bad when you're supposed to feel bad, but you shouldn't have to feel bad all the time. so here's to all my chemically-imbalanced pals out there; goodnight. i love you.

happy anniversary week to this incredible piece of (vegetarian) meat! 🍎i love you infinity gazillion, @olliedazzle! cheers to THREE years! thank you for being theeee most patient, understanding, loving, kind person in my life. i learn how to love more & how to be a better partner from you every single day. thank you. for us ❤

took some fun photos inside of @thejunkparlor while we were down south this last weekend! HIGHLY recommend checking out this awesome occasional store if you are in southern iowa!

*avril lavigne's hit song ~complicated~ plays gently in the background* •

photo thanks to ever-talented mr. @grahamgardner_
a pleasure to meet you, & feed you Totino's® – (purveyors of Party Pizza®, Pizza Rolls® and epic good times)

asked @bluecutgoodsandsilver to make me a custom turquoise ring & he did not disappoint! look at this thing!!!! i am absolutely obsessed with it!!!!!!!! it's so nice to have a piece that is unique, beautiful & handmade especially for my hand!! you guys! don't buy shitty jewelry. treat yo self & support local! exclamation points!!!! •

cuz I got a really big team
& they need some really big rings
they need some really nice things
better be comin' with no strings

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