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Get you a girl that can rock tf out some Vans 💯
Shot by : @truelandaze

I would say something catchy, but I already got your attention. 🤳🏽
Wig : @shopamourjayda
Installed/cut : @lyndonlynx

19 & bout a check ... HER OWN CHECK 🤑
hair : @shopamourjayda
Installed by : @lyndonlynx
Shirt : @al.willis
Skirt : @houseofcb
Shoes/bag : @chanelofficial

Yung Coco💪🏽 Full lace curly unit : @shopamourjayda
Installed by : @lyndonlynx
Bodysuit : @al.willis

Yeah, I'm lit in real life. 💰

mooooooood 😂
Jacket : @kreativecoaching

I wanna motivate these hoes but I gottem jealous🤷🏽‍♀️

No caption needed.

More footage from #TheOfficialBossBrunch 🌸
Thanks so much for putting together this dope video

My baby is a graduate🎓 I can't believe this😫😍 she looks GORG. I'm so proud of you can't wait to spoil you when you come down @imgorgeous_

Y'all know I got Chanel swag. Make these bitch BIG mad. What they got? I BEEN had‼️
Shirt : @al.willis
Bag/shoes : @chanelofficial

Where the hell do I start?🤦🏽‍♀️ my best friend is FINALLY graduating high school and is about to be in the real world. I'm so proud of this girl because I remember when both of us were in school together struggling doing homework and projects on the week nights because this bitch never used to go home. (My mom used to take her to school and everything😂) time has really flew by and nobody I mean NOBODY has shown me what loyalty was until I met you. We've been down since middle school and we literally couldn't wait until the day you walked across that stage. I know God has many great plans for you because you're so smart, and such a beautiful person. I'm sooooo upset I couldn't make your graduation but YOU KNOW I'll make up for all that once you get here. I love you so much Slim, and I'm so proud of you‼️ NIGGA YOU MADE IT🙌🏽🎓🎀 this world is YOURS SIS🌍 @imgorgeous_

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