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Amos Rendao  Owner / Head Coach :: @ApexMovement HQ | Founder :: @ParkourEDU | Creator :: #ParkourUkemi | Producer/Singer-Songwriter :: SoundCloud.com/AmosRendao


I’ve been falling in love with this little spot, this idea. Un pequeño gimnasio en aire libre, gratis.
Would love to see this idea (of free access to weights using systems to prevent theft and weathering) take off, but I imagine liability laws would never allow it at least in the USA :(
@tysoncecka @lucasdimoveomoves @cm.jumps @streetmovementdk @caitlin_moves ▫️
#parkour #gymnasio #medellin

When your name is pronounced exactly like “eh-mos” or “ah-mos” and you live in a spanish speaking country ... MASS CONFUSION
people always calling to me / never calling to me :(
Trying to avoid distractions and get important work done for USPK.org and I’VE HEARD MY NAME SAID 7 TIMES IN THE OTHER ROOM WHILE WRITING THIS!!! Gahhh

We had to present today for 10 minutes in my Spanish class on any subject of our choosing ... I couldn’t help myself ....
#ethereum #colombia #blockchain #cryptocurrency #basicattentiontoken #omisego #crypto #cryptocurrencies
Tuvimos que presentar hoy por diez minutos en mi clase de español sobre cualquier tema que quisimos ... no pude detenerme a mi mismo ...
#cryptomonedas #cadenadebloques @ethereum #cryptomoneda #medellincolombia

hahaha I don’t think he likes the new song I’ve been piecing together.
This is communikitty, the neighborhood cat. He forces his way into my house sometimes by pushing through the window screens and I’ll walk into my room to find him crashing on my bed. I’ll play him my music from time to time, but he hasn’t been back since this one haha :D
If that phone quality version didn’t make you feel the same way, you can check it out on soundcloud (link in bio).
Cheers :)
#communikitty #catshavebadtasteinmusic #catmusic #musicproducer

Inadvertently made a new holder for my hammer ...

For the 1st time, we are offering a 2 day, 14 hour intensive training weekend, open to all levels, that will prep you with the critical wisdom & skills you need to know about parkour strength training & parkour ukemi (link in bio). Led by @ryanmford_ & myself. Only 13/20 spots are left & the early bird discount ends on Nov. 10!

@apexsandiego grand opening today :)
So impressed with the level of quality of this gym.
Big ups to @argonaut12 for putting this together, @lonnietidale as assistant manager and head coach, and all the coaches that are killing it.
Come join us for workshops tomorrow if you’re in the area (link in bio).
🎥 @ryanmford_ ▫️
#parkour #freerunning #artdudeplacement #apexmovement

@apexlouisville Wilder took a little spill into a complicated falling scenario (a wall in the fall zone) during my Wednesday night class, so we spent some time working on the ukemi variations for this scenario and such. ▫️
Amazing grasp of #ukemi coming from:
@wilder.lhatso ▫️
#parkourukemi #parkour #apexmovement #louisville

My kids are goin next level with their practice of #parkourukemi at our Wednesday night class "The path of the mindful and compassionate warrior" at @apexlouisville ▫️
This is @teebs_parkour , @michaelj.sliger , and @milest_murphy ▫️
#parkour #apexmovement #ukemi

@eugeneminogue on the newest episode of The ParkourEDU Podcast!
Link in bio to hear from @parkouruk and @parkourearth CEO @eugeneminogue!! From parkour's historic induction into the UK sport lexicon, to the FIG encroachment and olympic interests, this episode is a must for understanding parkour politics around the globe.
#parkour #podcast #edu #eugeneminogue #politics #sport #fig #wearenotgymnastics #parkouruk #parkourearth #olympics

Won best nipples two years in a row at prom, deepened important relationships, naked danced into a deep house trance, played my mad scientist organ riff into massive Tesla towers that produced the notes via gigantic lightning bolts, learned how to twerk and I SWEAR I did it for 2 mins, worked with a hell of a crew to build our camp in the inhospitable desert, got my genitals Japanese ink printed, did an air band set as catholic school girls, saw a beautiful sun rise in a 4-story perch of endless pillows, wrote stories for strangers while drinking refreshing iced tea in a hookah tent, had enlightening conversations at our old-rickety-day-drinking-bar #MountainMayhem , laughed my ass off to my hilarious camp mates, rode all sorts of crazy contraptions that could be considered bicycles, found I have dormant rollerblading skills as long as you blast disco, interacted with art to discover deeper meaning and beautiful epiphanies, connected with old friends, listened to a talk about ancient voices carried through the Vedic scriptures, saw some of the most deeply connected contact improv ever, troubleshooted problems that actually matter, love was made without festy launch boxes or crusty pops seeing there were sufficient baby wipes, almost got heatstroke and had to go to the med tent, respectfully bathed strangers and was respectfully bathed by them, heard professional level heckling, witnessed the violent eruption of the rabbit protest and carrot counter-protest as well as the cats who were somehow involved, finally saw daft punk at the trash fence and went in a suit jacket without pants as a politician seeking petition signatures to make shirt cocking great again (I know, super hypocritical), best porta-potty graffiti conversations ever, kindred spirits offered help when I was in need, flips on trampolines, trampolines on flips, coloring within the lines for therapy, colors dancing in lines to classical music, read a french bible to a lost soul, found something I lost, played guitar to no one but the dusty desert, a stranger wrote us a poem we helped him get home, wound a nice fat thread of my faith in humanity to once again cut it when I returned back to society …

Just wrote a couple songs that you can hear and download for free at bandcamp.com (link in bio).
However, FYI they're pretty sad songs, so if you’re in a great mood …. maybe don’t go have a listen haha
Cheers :)
#musiclove #musictherapy #musiclovers

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