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had a really great weekend in visby where i might move for uni after summer✨ its such a pretty city, if you have the chance to go there you should!

for the first time in a long time, i feel my mind is at peace. for years i've felt like shit because of various reasons i won't go into detail about right now, and not believing my feelings were legitimate or important made things worse. i had a shitty start this year but the past couple of weeks i've been amazed at the energy and good mood i've been in. slowly but surely i'm allowing myself to have dreams and aspirations again, something i've deprived myself of for way too long now. things get better. there is help to get, and you don't have to deal with your struggles on your own. im happy and hopeful of the future right now and that's what matters

whats ur favourite ice cream flavour?? 🍦

forehead shining like a million suns

what is quality content

"hey dad take a pic of me"

best gelato ive ever had!! cherry/blackberry sorbet, coconut/cinnamon, browned butter/caramel/rosemary, blood orange

found a cherry blossom (?) tree that was blooming still! not sure if it was cherry though because the flowers were like fluffy balls of petals

also dads candids > moms candids

spring is over, summer is here

brother saw me take this and gave me a judging look, i have no shame

my legs are stubby irl dont b fooled

tennis skirt club✨

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