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Andrew McMahon  I like to write music, travel and take pictures. New album Upside Down Flowers out now!

Looking sharp, all thanks to @r.goeke

Letting the "Paper Rain" pour down - watch the new video on

Can't believe it's finally out! Ladies & gentlemen, Upside Down Flowers is all yours today - link in bio. Bringing these songs to life on tour this winter (some of you already got a taste of the set design this past Sunday at the @dearjackhq Benefit). Tickets are going fast, so if you don't have yours yet, get them soon!

There's a lot to celebrate today, and we're getting all kicked off with the new video for "Paper Rain" - watch on

I am a man with a family who lives in a town by a beach. At a young age, in the midst of some unpleasantness, I moved here, and for the first time felt like I was home. People often come to California because there are some things they would rather not go through in the cold. I suppose that’s how I ended up here too. I refer to this album as my land of Upside Down Flowers. In many way’s it’s a mirror to my world, an uncanny reflection but not quite the real thing. The songs held within it’s borders are about friends and loved ones, both real and imagined. The edges are blurred now it seems, but the sentiment remains. I didn’t write these songs to change the world, but they helped me to understand mine a little better. Of course I didn’t realize it at the time, but I guess that is the beauty of letting go. Self reflection can be painful, it can be blinding and it can be transformative. For me, the creation of this album was a little bit of all three. Enjoy - link in bio to listen.

We're in the home stretch! Tonight not only will you be able to listen to Upside Down Flowers everywhere, but I'm also releasing the new video for "Paper Rain." Everything's going down at 12am ET/9pm PT. Get ready!

What’s my name again?

Boston Boston Boston. Talk about an amazing night. Such love and positivity. So much good being done. I’m honored to be the founder of @dearjackhq. I’m so fortunate to have a staff and a board who has helped me to grow this organization into an engine of hope for young people in need. Thank you to each and everyone of you who believe in me and believe in this cause. For raising over 300k to help support our mission in the coming year. Thanks to the amazing support acts @williamryankey and @stephen_kellogg for delivering beautiful sets. Thanks to @windmillfactory for rigging up these beautiful beta flowers in preparation for our epic winter tour, and thank you to @royachoyboy for this photo. I’m so tired and joyful and proud and look forward to taking the stage with fresh concepts and music in the new year.
With love,

Insightful neon

Here we go, the countdown is on my friends! Only one more week until Upside Down Flowers arrives. Go get those last minute pre-orders in - link in bio.

I’ve always been drawn to a good underdog story. Maybe it’s because at times I’ve seen a piece myself in those stories, or maybe it’s because I’m moved by the image of someone who struggles but does so with grit and the potential to prevail against great odds. Maybe it’s a little bit of both. Either way, Paper Rain is one of those stories. The story of a debt stacking up so high that it seems the only way out is play one last hand. To win it all back and start clean. It might sound foolish but when there’s so little left to lose, would you rather go quietly or go down swinging? Ladies and gentleman, Paper Rain. Stream & download "Paper Rain" on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc. + pre-order Upside Down Flowers (out next Friday, 11/16!) - link in bio.

Here is a still from yesterday’s video shoot for my new jam “paper rain”. The song debuts tonight at midnight and the video will be out in the next couple weeks. Love this song and the team that worked on this video is out of control. Photo credit @thetravelingcameraman

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