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I have made new friends and have many new people that I know. But hey, you will always be a special part of my heart because no one will be able to replace the space you left in it♡

You will always be my sisters. .
[@xiientist_ girls👸]

11042018♡ yang awalnya ga niat ternyata berujung ngabisin waktu 2 jam sendiri 👀💞

and you'll be in my heart forever my xiientist.
with love,

Can I just turn back time for a minute?


Temen sekelas yang cuma 10 tapi kalo udah lagi jamkos kalo berisik ya kaya lagi di pasar
Kekonyolan yang dibuat setiap hari gapernah ga bikin ngakak
Sukanya ngerjain tugas dadakan
Kalo mau jalan bareng suka susah, tapi kalo udah jalan bareng gapernah bikin nyesel
Kalo udah ada yg berantem sampe kaya ngebuat kubu
still, kalian selalu yang terbaik

And there's just so much unforgettable stories

How I miss you.

You both my everything 💕
the very first multiple photos

The loveliest city 🐥

A study trip to Indomie Factory🙇

Wake up each day & be thankful for life.
Good morning!💞

One of many unforgettable memories 💓 (2/2)

One of many unforgettable memories💓

Happy as always 💞
.takde @ilhamrizki25 hiks

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