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Shabbat Shalom

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Happy Birthday @jakehurwitz !
Give him dap, double tap.

Thanks to my family and friends who guided me through this painstaking decision to wear a shorts suit. Stylish NBA players have opened the door for nerdy comedy types like me to be able to walk through. #sunsoutbunsout🍑

Kidnapped a mermaid last night.

College was a blast! #tbt

Couldn’t be happier to be back in LA with my one true love. She’s a literal angel and it pains me to be away from her. There’s no one more beautiful or kind... I trust her with my heart, my soul, my iPhone password. I LOVE HER. -Amir Blumenfeld

Great show in Dublin tonight! Tag yourself! #hurling #coppers #potato

Lisbon is beautiful. It’s a city older than Rome and the, um, ancient architecture combined with. Sorry, I’m just—can you not dab so much?

Great show, London! See you Sunday, Dublin! Tag yourselves.

I have now spent an hour in Vondelpark Holland. The same park Van Gogh, Renoir, or Von Dutch would traipse around with gaiety discussing Proust, Faulkner, or Seuss. I can still hear them discussing the fashion of the day! One arguing for feathers in your cap, the other a poop emoji on your tank, all in Danish of course, and screaming, howling with glee (!) every time a course horse would sidle by and wink, nod, speak in perfect Belgian and say “Aiose!” (‘Fuck Off’ in Flemish) Simply put, today was rotten! Yes, I lived history, but I missed a lot of TV. As always, give me daps, double tap. #sponsored #ad

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