Bachelor Party starting off RIGHT!

Our HeadGum LA family celebrating 2 years of existence, and another awesome summer filled with overqualified interns. (Not pictured, but tagged: Nic Rad and Andrew Pile.)

Spot the Differences.

Preparing for our Montreal shows. Tonight is sold out, but tomorrow's fun Headgum Live still has tickets available! Come hang out with us. (Lincoln Bardo.)

Our best friend @streeterseidell was on today's podcast talking about catfishing and other pranks. (Note: he's not really this short.)

A portrait of two men. One smart enough not to push a sled.

Trapped in a Corona commercial.

Happy Father's Day! Hard to find a photo where only ONE of us is pissing. 😉

Snapped this photo right after somebody yelled, "Has anybody seen the cakes I made out of human feces??"

Stupid post, right? Where are the people! This isn't a selfie! I'm not learning about you! Stop yelling you selfish prick and listen up: these are #four #perfect #bananas. The size, the curvature, the tasteful freckling... it's all 100/100. These exist for only a few minutes and then... gone. They'll be too soft, too brown, too ripe. And so will you. These were found in my kitchen this morning. So this post? That you called dumb? Is actually a whole lot smarter than you. You piece of shit. If you like the photo, or the caption, double tap. Because you may not deserve it, but I sure as hell do. Happy Friday.

#TBT - The Blumenfeld Trio - Cash Us Outside edition.

Simply loving my @article furniture. Sleek, modern, and most of all, COMFORTABLE. Best part, you can get $50 off your order of $100 or more if you go to by May 30.

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