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Justin Chua  • Freelance Brick Artist • Customized Lego models - modern military/architecture/pop culture • Owner of Lioncity Mocs • PM or email to purchase

A very old throwback to my snubnose revolver, back when I was into building guns!

The Super Puma helicopter is used by the @thersaf for both rescue and combat operations. This is the rescue variant, with a red and white look, hope ya like it! #lioncitymocs

Just a short video showing the features of my Leopard 2SG tank, how it’s roughly built. #lioncitymocs

This is one of the few sets from the Lego Movie 2 that caught my eye. I think the design of Ultrakatty as a post-apocalyptic, battle hardened creature is spot on, the color scheme screams Mad Max, lovely new earthy toned elements, complete with armor and spikes, just what we need for a dystopian showdown. Somehow this is reminiscent of He-Man’s Battle Cat, a favorite from my generation, oh the good old days, glad to see it brought back in some fashion. It’s a small build but an absolute must have in my book.

Today’s challenge, I wanted to see how small I could make the Cowboy Bebop vehicles and this is the end result! Aren’t they the cutest?? The trophy man is for scale..

Calling all jet fighter enthusiasts, if you wanna make your own F-16 Fighting Falcon, you can, Instructions on my website! Follow @aminifigurelife for more good stuff! #lioncitymocs

Some superheroes don’t wear capes, they wear hard hats and fight fires. Here’s the pump ladder of the @myscdf reimagined with Lego. Did my best to give it some realness, four seats in the passenger cabin, doors, ladder, the water function/engine thing in the back.

Trying hard to fashion a proper turret for the NGAFV, the next generation armored Fighting Vehicle that is. #lioncitymocs

While dusting off my collection, I found this old peacemaker lying around, original design by @hachiroku92, with a little modification from me. I forgot how cool it looked, played around with it for a while and imagined I was McCree. Best feature - the barrel actually flips out for reloading!

First set review of the year: Tracer vs Widowmaker! Very simple design for the speeder, but the shape works, reminds me of a miniature space shuttle. No real moving features, because this set is all about the minifigs and the splendid prints on it! Also like the cool new weapon mold!

And that’s all my Air Force builds from last year together in one picture.. #lioncitymocs

Absolutely love this mini camera design by @powerpig, had to make one..

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