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A m i n a F a t h i n a  Watercolor & Lettering Artist. 🌧️Be both soft and wild. Just like the moon, or the storm, or the sea.🌊

More treasures of the sea.
Quick sketches before the week begins. ❤️ #recharged!

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I found this weed at the very edge of a field full of those white flowering ones i am so fond of. I hadn't seen this before! The flower is about the size of the nail on my pinky, but it is a perfect little pea flower of some sort! And look, it had the tiniest pea pods too! I was enchanted by these. Absolute perfection. As nature always is.

#naturejournal #wildflowers

Up close.
The texture of this paper makes my heart happy. ❤️ #botanicalillustration #watercolorillustration #wildflowers #aminassketchbook

Majorly uninspired. What do you do when you have artist's block?

#watercolorillustration #botanicalwatercolor #wildflowers #aminassketchbook

Some new bits of wild growth i found today. Absolutely tiny, richly colored and intricately detailed.

From early morning adventures.

A common weed.
But when i pick it up and look closely, i see nothing but uncommon beauty.

After all, a weed is a flower whose virtues have not yet been discovered!

#naturejournal #botanicalwatercolor #spanishneedle #wildflowers #aminassketchbook

I've been a busy bee.
So a little bit overdue, but i wish you all very very big eid Mubarak!
May Allah accept from us our Ramadan.

The Scotch bonnet, (ive also seen it called a Grinning tunn) is a medium-sized to large species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the subfamily Cassinae, the helmet shells and bonnet shells. (I did grin a huge grin when i found my first Scotch Bonnet on the shore shiny in the late afternoon sun, and continued grinning like an idiot for a good 15 minutes afterwards.😅)

As long as as you are performing prayer, you are knocking on the door of Allah and whoever knocks on the door of Allah, Allah will open it for him.
~Ibn Qayyim

A commissioned piece of this beautiful quote. ❤️

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