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A m i n a F a t h i n a  Watercolor & Lettering Artist. 🌧️Be both soft and wild. Just like the moon, or the storm, or the sea.🌊

I usually paint freehand, no sketching underneath. So this took a little more planning and precision that usual. Worth it? Absolutely. I used to think it'd be too tedious and wouldn't hold my interest, but it was surprisingly relaxing. It took more, much more time than usual (there are more elements). I am happy with the results.

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Marbled Cone.
 The Marbled Cone Snail is also known as the Cigarette Snail and just happens to be one of the most poisonous animals on the planet.
One drop of venom from this snail is powerful enough to kill 20 people.
There is currently no anti-venom. .
Its quite a beautiful shell. A favorite!

#marbledconesnail #watercolorshells #naturejournal

Here's a pink peony for anyone who needs it today.

I like peonies. I like painting them. I like their smell. Their colors. Their leaves, petals and well i think they are just wonderful.
When you come to think of it.. what isn't, that which grows from the earth; seed, weed, fruit, flower or you?


You see, everybody is a morning person if they get enough sleep at night when they are supposed to sleep.😓 Good morning!

Loose florals because hey. When's it not a good time for letting loose and going with the flow!

#looseflorals #botanicalwatercolor #paintstagram #watercolorflowers

Yesterday i shared on my instagram stories a few tidbits about a plant i have at home.
Got me thinking, i should perhaps post it here on my feed where it will stay because there maybe someone who may benefit from this.

This is a Sansevieria trifasciata. It is most commonly known as the snake plant, or mother-in-law's tongue.

It is extremely tolerant of low light, needs very little water, (infact it will rot and die if you water it too often,) and it cleans the air, and releases oxygen at night. (whereas most plants converts oxygen into Co² at night.) It's also inexpensive, and easily available.

I got this one from @daroga.mv
The ceramic pot is from @homely.centro

So here is a quick version of my plant love story: i live in the city, a concrete jungle where the very soil of the whole island is completely covered with concrete too, except a five percent scattered here and there. So trees are too few, not even nearly as much as there should be.
So in an effort to get in touch with nature however way i can, i decided to keep some plants indoors. And there lies my next problem, i have zero natural light.
Like so many of you, ive bought and had so many plants die on me. Born and raised here, i had zero experience with soil or anything that grew. So i made my research, and bought the hardiest of all house plants, the snake plant. And ofcourse i killed it. I've gotten better since. I have a some plants around the house now and i am doing an ok job keeping them alive. 😯 And its good for my soul. Probably will be for yours as well. 😅♥️ #zerolightplants #sansevieria #snakeplant #houseplants #urbanjungle #plantstagram #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantgang #botanicalpickmeup #planttherapy

How's your day been?


Literally every other surface in the house was clear. But ofcourse she needed to hang out on the paper i was working on.🙄

Couldn't resist! 🙄 (You guys wanted to see more of this im sure.) 😍

Just saw a real-life protea for the first time.
I cannot get over how absolutely beautiful it is.
Thankyou @botaniqamv . You guys just made my ENTIRE week! 😍
Definitely, without a shred of doubt, my favorite crew in town. 😎

#protea #flowerstagram

You know, I've always wondered why roses are a big deal in a world where peonies exist. 🤔

Easily my favorite flower.
Along with all the rest of them. 🙄

The other day i saw a small lemon tree, (still taller than me), and it had lemons on it! A rare sight indeed in a concrete jungle.
And it started a conversation about what the best thing would be, to use it in.
For me, its always been soup. And ofcourse lemon tea. Its very nice on chicken too. Or my favorite tuna sandwich filling. Oh well lets face it, I'll eat anything if it's got lemon in it. Heck i even squeeze that extra bit of lemon leftover, and it goes on my face before i wash the dishes it came with! (Eh no,i don't know if it does my face any good but it certainly smells good. 😅) What's your favorite thing to make with lemons?

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