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A Million Spices  I work with food I cook when I am stressed, I explore food when I am bored, I feed people when I am happy. For more of me follow @aabhahuddar

Weekends are for beautiful spreads. This Kerala inspired one is my absolute favorite. I still can't believe I made all this. The first time I cooked a whole entire meal.
The chicken ishtu is @cookinacurry s recipe. I followed it with precision and I swear the results were amazing. I swear this will be the most glorious curries or stews you will taste. It's perfectly coconutty for the winter.
Served with rice and appams - that really tested my culinary skills .. cause I don't think I have failed at something as much as I failed at making these appams .. the whole bit about putting some batter into a concave pan and swirling it around was so lost on me πŸ˜’
oh well , at least they tasted decent.
Now to the only things adding colour to this rather white looking frame (it's actually water chestnut white - but Im trying to be less of a colour snob)
Pumpkin erisarry - yaar to be honest .. I never thought veg food could taste this good but it did - shall share the recipe if you want
And nachni papad - picked up from the annual mahalaxmi saras expo, which is sadly no longer in bandra reclamation but at BKC. You must visit if you haven't .. The jhumkis and todus are courtsey of being a bharatnatyam student since the age of 3. This particular set is my favorite and the oldest ( sukra jewellers)
May your weekend be as delicious as this coastal spread.

Is it just me or are grill marks sexy?
There is just something about a toast with grill marks that turns me on πŸ™Š
The Simple Tomato per eedu is my favorite parsi inspired breakfast.
My mom likes tomato Salli per eedu but I like this version better
4 cloves of garlic
2 tomatoes finely chopped
1 onion
1 green chilli
1 spoon cummin powder
Half a spoon red chilli powder
Salt and pepper
Once well cooked add 2 spoons of tomato paste.
Cook well
Making well like holes in the pan, crack open three eggs (more if more people are eating)
Cover the pan with a lid and let the eggs cooked for 4-5 mins. I personally prefer a slightly runny center , but if thats not your style you can let the eggs cook a few minutes longer.
Serve with toast or pav
If you know me , you know that I had this as is without any bread (aaji ate the toast 😊) #breakfast #eggs #homecooked
#bawalovers #bawabawi
@soaringvireo this one is for you 😘

Fantasizing about this green chicken and rice, while I wait for my salad order to come in.
This green chicken recipe isn't mine at all. It's @j.patsss
However I have made this hit recipe a bunch of times , with several variations.
And it never fails to please.
This is how I make it :
Marinate the chicken in -
A paste made of
Green chilli
A spoon of garam masala
Half a spoon of coriander seed powder and half a spoon of kasuri methi crushed !
Salt and pepper
Let the marinade sit for at least 2 hours
Now you can cook in a pot after adding oil and a bay leaf to the kadhai
Or add it to the pressure cooker
I prefer the president cooker
Eat with paratha, chawal , roti or as is !
Served this along with some basic onions and tomatoes.
Trust @avni_murthy to do justice to the food that's cooked .. the colours in the frame are just 😍
#greenchicken #chickencurry #homecooking

I know this is a breakfast post and all .. but I had no time in the morning.
Well .. Korean egg rolls for breakfast so that you don't have stomach rolls.
I beat three eggs,
added a pinch of salt and pepper
and a spoon of soy to the egg mixture.
Put the egg mixture through a seive to make sure there were no lumps
then added really finely chopped carrots and capsicum.
If you have ever seen korean egg roll recipe videos online .. you know that they make this look really easy, and I'm going to tell you that it is !
Put in a fourth of the mixture in a hot , well.oiled pan
let the bottom layer set .. and roll out the omlette and push it to the side .. and more egg mirture and keep the process going till yoy are through.
Also in the image is some chamomile tea, which I'm not going to lie tastes like hay πŸ˜‘ but I'm addicted to tea in general , so I don't mind.
And some oats cinnamon cookies (I think from theobroma) that someone said to make it up to me 😏

I remember making this recipe with @j.patsss
who is a queen when it comes to cooking. I was intimidated but had the best time with her and @avni_murthy
That did a much better job at photographing this amazing food ( I can't find those images 😒) Check her page out btw

I marinated two chicken thighs (the juiciest cut - cut them into 3s )
1/2 cup yogurt
1 spoon Dhania powder
1 spoon jeera powder
2 spoon kitchen king masala (that has khada masala base )
1 spoon salt
1 spoon turmeric powder
Juice of half a lemon
And 2 spoons of a paste made out of
3 cloves of garlic
1 inch piece of ginger
1 green chilli
Leave it for an hour or over night and sear !
Along with the salad (that if you know me ) I live on
Mixed sprouts and onion tomato cucumber
Garnish with coriander and a small squeeze of lemom.
My all time favorite thing to do to chicken !

My mumma makes these really yummy wheat parathas. They taste absolutely delicious as she puts a little ajwain in the dough. Now I know that ajwain in paratha isnt revolutionary. But what seems like a given in any north indian household for my Maharashtrian taste buds it was different.
Traditionally the food cooked at home is simple with predominently south Indian flavours, so this simple north Indian inspired meal was a welcome treat.
made my all time favorite palak paneer .. with carrot raita .. the carrots in the winter are the best .. and of course served with those yummy parathas.. Posting this as my mom's made the very same food today for Sunday lunch.
Happy Sunday.

For almost a month now, I have been declaring that I am going to take a break from cooking. Infact I don't plan on entering the kitchen at all. But somehow I just find my way back.
And I guess thats the drawback of working with food, that you are never uninspired to cook. I constantly study create and consume food related content.
So apart from being always hungry, I am also, always inspired.
In the spirit of that, I thought I'll throw back to some stuff that I made over the last two years.
Yes ! This December (20th to be specific ) this page - my food haven - will be two years old .. so its a good time to look back and drool !
Winter is my favorite season and I made this simple veggie broth soup as an attempt to hold on to winter, sometime during spring last year.
oyster mushrooms,
and spinach
made for a hearty yet delicately flavoured soup.
The recipe is on my page
I dont remember much but I remember the feeling and it felt like winter a warm blanket.

#homemade #homecooked #goodness

Chicken sagoti - cause a Sunday without a chicken curry might as well be considered a weekday.
Palak Saar - cause my mom thinks a meal has no value without a leafy vegetable .. this Saar tasted as good , if not better than a tomatoe saar
Kala Vatana Usaal - cause aaji and maa don't eat chicken and this is there version of Sunday best curry
Dahi koshimbir - cause masale bhaat (not in the picture , was served later ) needs a companion
Poli - cause bread is life
Kanda limbu - cause only savages have chicken curry without kanda.
Heaven opens it's doors to people who value a good Kanda limbu with their chicken curry.
Lasnachi chutney - cause I learnt how to make it recently. My grandmother taught me how to .. and I'm gaining serious mastery
Batata vada - cause something friend and savoury has to be made to do the chutney some justice
And feni - cause something sweet has to balance the spice in the curries. I barely had two spoons but it was good. My aaji on the other hand is currently on her second helping
Not in the frame -
masale bhaat - which is actually tondli bhaat a staple in any Maharashtrian brahmani household
Satori - which is a small rotla made with khava (khoya , mava ) filling. I personally don't really like it.
I truly believe that the humble Maharashtrian thali doesn't get the limelight it deserves. It's a lot more than mutton curry and pandhra rassa. I look forward to Sundays ,only for home cooked asal Marathi food.
Taking a break from cooking (myself) only to enjoy the food my maa, akka aji, atya, Mami, mama , dad ,ninad and vengu aaji make ... #marathi #maharashtriancooking #maharashtrianfood #maharashtra #maharashtrian #thali #chicken #vegetarian #home #homefood #homecooked

Just leaving this here.
For you, to admire.
Vegetarian thali is just quintessentially festive na.. Also, I never thought I would eat Tendli but I did ! This palak Tendli along with the masala masoor and the aloo patta gobi poriyal was beautiful.
Also also , the colours on this plate 😍

Time to enter the festive withdrawal

Diwali Faraal , the only time I will happily carb load for breakfast.

Taking it back to last Saturday when @isaynegroni got me drunk @unomasindia.
And while they have some really good food, this Gambas al Ajillo was everything a prawn lover like me could have dreamt of ...
The prawn oil just enhanced the experience and oh my god I'm still salivating thinking about it.
Ooo and also they have the most beautiful decor inspired by Spanish architecture .. it's so quiant.

Some flat bread to soak all the alcohol you plan to consume this weekend.
I never thought I would knead my own dough and make anykind of bread. But making this dough is like my own science experiment I have fun making it ..
Hope you enjoy it as much
Add a sachet of active dry yeast to a cup of luke warm water and let it sit for half an hour till bubbles form on the surface.
Your yeast is alive and ready to turn the flour into something magical.
Mix 1 spoon each of garlic powder , oregano and salt to 1/4cup olive oil. Mix
Add olive oil to 2 cups of AP flour and mix in the yeast water in slowly. You will have a messy dough.
Now as you mix the dough and make it into a homogeneous smooth soft dough keep adding olive oil as needed.
Cover the dough with cling film and let the dough rest for an hour in a warm spot in your kitchen.
The dough will double.
Now when you touch the dough with your finger the dough will have some recoil.
Make small balls and rest again for 20 minutes to let the dough proof.
Roll them into 7 to 9 inch circles and roast them on the pan. You can bake these ..but I didn't !
Serve this with any dip or top with some fresh toppings.
Oh God this way divine.

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