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Sometimes you come across a recipe that is so easy and healthy that you have to make it . With absolutely no time during the day I decided to bake this one at night. I am a little too ambitious post 11pm. I made this cake with no sugar and used whole wheat flour. This cake, which I am calling brown cake, is perfect for when you want to give in to your sweet cravings but also eat healthy .
The recipe is on my insta story and also on highlights.
P.S don't be a fool and rush to cut the cake like I did. Give it a few to rest.
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Its been a long time since I went to Goa but this Lady Baga cafe and its vibe came to my rescue. If you wish to run away to Goa but can't , go here and have some beer and prawns instead.
Chakna and beer isn't really my vibe but I'm feeling it today. For more details on the food and experience check the link in the bio.

Celebrating with food is the only way we celebrate.
Homemade chole bhatture
This is what the fam is eating today.

I finally did it, you guys. I made that Instagram fitness, health food blogger inspired pretty looking salad bowl. Though it takes a little effort to get all the veggies ready, it actually tastes really good.
What you see is what you get.
This Desi salad bowl has
iceberg lettuce
Baked chickpeas in salt and red chilli powder (I had to really control not having all of these crunchy peas the second they came out of the oven - they are a great snack as is btw )
And saute'ed paneer in tumeric salt and garam masala
I eventually tossed the salad and served it to fam ,but before that I sprinkled salt and pepper and drizzled some regular homemade vinaigrette and some store bought sweet onion (be careful this has alot of sugar so maybe put just half a spoon for the flavour)
This salad can be made in any variation.
If you take away the paneer its completely #vegan and #whole30 compliant
If you take away the chickpea and don't mix in the sweet onion it's #Keto friendly.
And add a little - 1/4 cup of buckwheat groats or pearl barley and it's a complete meal in a bowl.
Yum yum !
Happy Sunday

Constantly working with food and being surrounded by food does take a toll on your appetite. Busy days and busier nights just leaves no room to cook and experiment in the kitchen. However the cooking enthusiast in me just really wanted to make this recipe of udon noodles for a while now. And so I did.
Nothing fancy
threw in a portion of udon noodles (they come packed in portion - enough for one person )
into boiling water - the water has to be boiling and immediately took the noodles of the burner and drained into a colendar.
In a saucepan add
1 spoon of chilli oil 6 spoons of peanut butter (i made mine at home by simply pulsing roasted peanuts till they formed a smooth paste) 1 spoon of soy sauce
1 spoons of chilli paste (i recommend you put 2 spoons )
1 spoon of rice vinegar
an inch piece of ginger grated directly into the sauce
4 crushed cloves of garlic
saute' this sauce on the burner for 5 mins till it comes together and then toss in the noodles
while mixing the noodles
crushed chilli flakes
spring onions
and black seasame seeds.
and you are done
You must try this
#noodles #noodlegoals

Ukadiche modaks are the essence of this festival, as not just ganapati bappa but we all are fans of this humble sweet.
If you think that this recipe is difficult to make let me change your mind. Check the link in the bio for a simple way to make these amazing modaks.
And while you are at it , subscribe to the channel.
#mysubtlewayofpromoting 😊

One for you and one for me.
This one was definitely just for me.
I am not a fan of dry fruits, I don't like to eat them as is or in chocolates, ice creams or any type of sweet really. I do eat almonds or walnuts occasionally but it's just not my scene.
But in Ketosis almonds are a saviour. So I let the humble almond help my cravings and made an ALMOND CROWNIE.
Using two cups of Red Mills almond flour
4 eggs
1 cup butter
1 spoon baking powder
And several drops of stevia (I just kept tasting so can't really tell you fixed unit)
Pinch of salt cinnamon and cardamom powder.
Mixed and pushed into the oven.. Don't worry I didn't have the whole thing at a time , infact I just had half a piece everytime I had a craving to eat sweet post dinner or lunch.
#keto #ketotreats

This fragrant peanut chicken was everything.
This is an absolute must try !
Coat chunks of chicken - I used 200gms of thigh meat, in a spice mix of
1 tbs each of
Coriander powder
Cummin powder
Turmeric powder
Red chilli powder
And salt
Saute' in sauce pan till the chicken chunks have a golden cover.
Take the chicken out and in the same oil saute one onion and one capsicum along with 5 minced garlic cloves
1/2 cup tomato puree - I simply blitzed a tomato and added (cheating but fine)
At this point add four spoons of peanut butter - now you can add the store bought stuff but I made my own
How you ask ?! Well I just put a cup of dry skinless roasted peanuts into the food processor and kept pulsing it till I got a smooth paste ( don't add any oil / butter, the peanut gives out enough oil to make it a smooth paste ; oh and remember to keep pushing down the mixture)
Mix all of this well into the sauce pan
Add 2 spoons of honey (I added 2 spoons of stevia powder - yes yes this is keto compliant )
And finally add the chicken - cover and let it simmer for 10 minutes .. The only thing I feel missing was a generous amount of coriander , but that's me .. I made this curry before using mirepoix veggies - onion carrots and celery and I feel that tasted better .
Serve with beautiful herb / butter parsley rice or as is.
#happyweekend #weekend #amillionspices
#cooking #homecooking #keto #ketosis #ketodiet #ketorecipes #ketogenic

Made a batch of brownies for my cousins to let them know how grateful I am to them for tolerating all my crazy.
Not my recipe
Trusted @buzzfeedtasty s 101 brownie recipe that @iravengurlekar made me watch like 11 times and modified it with @allrecipes instant brownie recipe.
Used the very adorable cooking pot timer by @wmf_sg that @vengurlekarmaya got for me from Germany and served them in a fun polka dot coaster from by @katespadeny (yes she has a beautiful line of dinnerwear available at I think @williamssonoma or @ikeausa )
Don't know how the brownies tasted personally as I didn't have any 🙄 but but everyone took seconds if not thirds so I'm guessing they were perfectly gooey.
To break it down
In one cup of melted butter I added a half a bar of milk chocolate by @schmitten_chocolate 1 and a half cup of powdered sugar and 1/2 cup of cocoa powder. And whisked away .. added a spoon of baking powder and sugar and a spoon of instant coffee , for some depth
To this I gently whisked in one egg at a time and added four eggs in total
After this I finally folded in 2 cups of flour and let it bake in the oven for 25 mins at 200degree c.
After about 20 minutes of baking , when around 2/3rd of the baking time is done .. get the tray out and slam it on the kitchen table .. this will flatten it and help you get that crust that I got (you can see it one the brownie in the coaster.) Run a tooth pick to check if done and let it cool for ten minutes before you cut.
I didn't use a rectangular baking tray .. hence it looks like a slice of cake but 🤷
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That snack that make me forget I was in Ketosis. 😐
Well, these cauliflower cheese tikkis were bomb !
Served with some almond pesto and lemon.
Yum yum

Ravioli ❤️
I have a long way and a lot more attempts to Ace this beautiful pasta dish but I would say this is a good start.
Made a basic butter sauce with garlic and parsley, nothing fancy but tasted really good.

Kheema pav in all it's glory.
I can't say that one particular type of recipe / restaurant serves the best kheema pav .. cause there is just so much debate !
But for what it's worth @kitchen2lyfe your kheema pav was nice. Thanks for feeding me 😊

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