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AMillionSpices  Aabha here, I love to cook, explore food and feed Stories of places, people, cultures, memories with and of food. Join the tribe Only food vibes!

The way to a mom's heart is through breakfast.
I put my mother through hell, I'm seriously a difficult person but I try to make it up to her, one breakfast at a time. It will never be enough, cause I'm a really shit child but the joy on her face when I wake up before her (that's fifty percent battle won) and make her breakfast , it's priceless.. Mother's day in this case for my mom, is every Sunday or holiday or weekday (if I get up ) and she deserves it for raising me well and for giving me some amazing genes.
Mango !
My least favorite fruit, sure I eat it but I'm not obsessed with it like all indians are.
But it's a great ingredient and most importantly it's an insanely healthy fruit. Slap all them idiots who tell you not to eat this fruit cause it is ridiculously healthy. Of course this doesn't mean you have 8 a day.
Pancakes !
The one thing I love to cook but really don't feel like eating.
I make them often but somehow I can't eat them .. not even one sometumes, it's strange.
Which brings me to this unique recipe .. which I made from scratch and actually ate .. and it was crazy good
Anyhow featured here are buckwheat pancakes with mango compote and some more mangoes cause -why not. Buckwheat is not only a great substitute ITS GLUTEN FREE !
Achha ok bye now!
DM for recipe or deets or just to let me know that you read my long ass rants !

Saturdays should end with Batata vada.
Yet another failed attempt at recreating my aaji's version of this master piece... I don't know what to say .. she makes them just right.. I make them well but it always seems to miss the mark.. oh well
My attempts are yummy as well
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@busago_mumbai these dumplings were exceptional to begin with. The chicken and the veggie dumplings were both really on point paired with the Chib's sweet chilli of course. I couldn't get enough of the prawns in the kaffir lime gravy anvery pleasant change from my usual go to food at yours - khawsuey. Some great changes at the bandra outlet but I'm going to say that im particularly impressed with your staff. So warm and helpful. I joined my lovely @themumbaiglutton and I think I had a better time than she did.
#busago #chibs

Wanted to eat some yummy curry but didn't wanna make an effort and the fridge was practically empty. So here is a Kerala style
Tomato coconut curry
In a medium sauce pan
Take two tbsp of oil and let a tsp of mustard seeds crackle then add 5-7 curry leaves, 1 onion finely chopped (and by finely I really mean it ) and crushed garlic and saute till the onion is translucent. And crushed red chilies maybe two
and then one tsp each of
Turmeric powder
Red chilli powder
coriander powder
Now add 3 tomatoes finely chopped.
Fry till everything becomes a mushy paste .. Add lots of coriander and a cup of grated coconut and coconut milk .. salt and pepper and you are done ! Serve with rice
And here are some techa Papad .. Yes folks techa Papad .. techa flavoured papads and trust me they be hella spicy. Like I couldn't really eat more than one.
#amillionspices #onlyfoodvibes
#keralafood #tomatococonutcurry

My aaji's coconut barfis are famous to say the least. But I never really did them justice until she stopped making them. So I decided to make them (didn't really have many .. im not fond of sweet) but they are heavenly.
The ratio is 2:1
2 cups of freshly ground coconut
1 cup sugar
2 tsp ghee
Pinch of nutmeg
Pinch of safron
Pinch of cardamom powder
And 3-4 threads of saffron.
Cashews -optional
To a large sauce pan add the ghee and let it get warm add the saffron and stir (a brilliant amber yellow will appear )
Saute the coconut constantly without moving from the stove for 5-7 minutes. Be patient and wait for the coconut to get a more dense colour.
Add the sugar and saute - this will take 15 minutes and you have to show some commitment.
Add all the spices continue to stir .. (add cashews at this point)
A thick glazy sticky sugary coconut mush is what you will be left with.
Pat that on a lined setting tray and leave for at least 8 hours.
Using a sharp knife cut into rectangles.
And enjoy
Technically this recipe needs just three things but it's all about the technique.

Come home to a mushroom cappuccino.
It's the easiest thing to make, healthy and light for the summer and so yummy !
In a sauce pan
Saute' one onion
4 cloves of garlic
And about 10-15 sliced mushrooms
Salt and pepper.
When the mushroom caramelizes add 1 cup of broth (I used chicken,you can use mushroom) and a bay leaf and a twig of thyme.
And simmer for 15 mins
Fish out the mushroom pieces from the broth leaving some (if you like to chew on some mushroom while having your soup)
And puree' in a mixer.
Add the mushroom paste back to the broth. And let it cook for 2 mins after which you can add 2 tbsps of cream (I didn't ) stir and serve in cups to sip.
I garnished mine with green spring onions for that freshness. It's summer so ... #amillionspices #onlyfoodvibes #weekdayfood
#thursdaysupper #mushroom #mushroomcappuccino #mushroomsoup #creamofmushroom #soupoftheday #soupsupper #soupy #soupforthesoul #🍜

I finally gave in!
Gave in to the ramen bowl obsession. And after trying several bowls I have come to the conclusion that there is no place like home when it comes to ramen! The ultimate DIY food. I made a simple basic one. Promise to make cooler looking ones in the future
Butter in a skillet
Add the onion of one spring onion and leave the greens for garnishing later. Add 6-7 sliced button mushrooms.
Saute with salt and pepper add a spoon of soy a spoon of ACV and a Spoon of oyster or fish sauce (but don't sweat if you don't have a specific ingredient, it's all up to you.
Add a spoon of ginger and garlic paste.
Add a cup of either chicken broth of mushroom broth depending on what you like and bring to a boil.. Your broth is ready - at this point you can let the ramen broth simmer for like an hour more, for more punctuated flavours or if you are too hungry.
Assemble the ramen noodles in a bowl pour a laddle or two of the broth along with the mushrooms
cut open a soft boiled egg and sprinkle salt and pepper .. and finally garnish with spring onions.
How do you make your ramen ?!
@ramenhairedgirl @themumbaiglutton listening to y'all talk about your ramen obsession.
#amillionspices #onlyfoodvibes #ramenbowl #noodles #ramen #southeastasian #mushroomramensoupbowl #mushroomeggramen

Finishing off a busy work day with a simple Gujarati khichdi. Now there are several versions but I like this one the best.
This isn't my recipe .. it's belongs to a diva named Jayashree who lives in surat (a bigger diva than @roohyatri of course)
Cook a cup or daal and rice together and add turmeric powder and salt.
Garnish with fresh chopped tomatoes and lots of coriander and finish with a tadka of curry leaves green chilli mustard seeds jeera.
Mix it all up and serve with dahi and muramba !
The tadka gives is spice and the raw tomatoes gives it a crazy freshness. Let me know if you try it or share your version of this simple comfort food
#amillionspices #onlyfoodvibes
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Breakfast is synonymous to idlis in this country and this looks like a breakfast fit for a South Indian queen (me 😎) @jahnavipatwardhan had this beautiful breakfast served to her on a trip to pondi and this is some serious breakfast goals

That glorious breakfast at @ithinkfitnesscafe
Poached eggs , avacados and salmon you really can't go wrong here ! Washed it down with some yellow smoothie.
@pratiktheofficial watched me kill this as he sipped on the smoothie.

Sitting in the sun
With my bowl of barley and buckwheat groats upma.
Nothing fancy just sauteed
Baby shallots
And dried parsley (didn't have fresh parsley)
Salt and pepper !
And tossed in boiled cooked cup of Buckwheat groats also known as kasha or grechka by our Russian friends (it's like a staple there) and 1/2 cup barley.
Light yet filling this upma is a perfect summer breakfast or even a side dish for brunch.
Washing it down with my disgusting ACV concoction that I make every morning.
#amillionspices #onlyfoodvibes #sundaycooking #sundayfunday #buckwheat #barley #kasha #russian

Thai basil chicken.
In a LARGE wok
Saute crushed garlic and red bird eye chillies in seasame oil for 3 minutes add 200gms of chicken thigh pieces cut into 1 inch pieces.
Saute and add 1 spoon each of ACV, soy sauce , oyster sauce and stir.. add some rehydrated oyster mushrooms (skip this step- I just wanted to finish mine)
Add a 1/2 cup of chicken broth
Let the sauce bubble and turn the heat of completely
Add salt and stir
Now add a cup of holy basil and stir in. Never cook the basil in this recipe .. the basil will turn bitter .. just let it wilt in the steam also a tip - don't ever wash basil .. I don't know why but it just changes the flavour profile. Usually serves with a friend egg and pot rice. But I ditched both
That's all folks!
This is one of those dishes that I wish I could Instagram the fragrance of !
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