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Two dogs but only one lap to lie on

I now have 10 motifs to do #janiecrowpattern #delftblanket

Elsie is happy to reinact the Princess and the Pea except I know she has a dentastick hidden under there not a pea

They've exhausted themselves ❤@bostondottie

Today we received some fabulous gifts from America. I am super delighted with those photo hearts which are also engraved on the back , made by Dale ❤❤❤❤❤. Lulu and Elsie have been cavorting all over the house wearing those outfits from @bostondottie . Elsie has never been a dressy up dog but she took it in good spirts because could smell her pal Peeps had given approval . Lulu was completely blown away with and is still happily wearing her outfit whilst Elsie is almost standing on her head to take it off 😊😊😊🇺🇸🛬🇺🇸thank you so much , we will treasure our gifts and the kind thoughts 🇺🇸🛬🇺🇸💕💕💕xxxx

Flashback to when my hair and my son's beard was short

Lulu's new sleepy place

Zombie dogs 😱😱😱

Wish I had started weeks ago #deadline #janiecrowpattern #delftblanket (alternative colourway)

Mmmm is that the delicious aroma of fatty suet pellets infused with red berries , we must have some of that. This is my birdy gin cabinet but Elsie and Lulu think it should be theirs

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