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Kelsey Smith🌸  Art student | 18 | SCAD ‘22 Tumblr | Twitter | YouTube: amidstsilence I use Photoshop CC✨ Do not repost or use my art without credit Shop link below👇

Dusk (revised- swipe to see older version)🥀🌞
I redrew older room art of my oc, Violet who’s a paranormal investigator. It’s really refreshing to see how much my sense of perfectionism has increased since August 2017. I used to draw a lot more sketchy lines without as much attention to detail but now I try harder to make everything smooth. Unfortunately this only adds to the amount of time it takes to finish a piece:’) Let me know what you think! I’m also on @inprnt now so this piece will be uploaded there! (Link in bio)
#art #artistoninstagram #illustration #cat #plants #oc #amidstsilence

| Golden Hour |
Experimented with some neutral colors and lighting for this piece.🦋🌿It’s available in my shop (link in bio)
Let me know what you think and thank you so so much for almost 100k!✨
Model reference: @_clawdz
Room reference: @francescagurley
#art #illustration #plants #cat #amidstsilence

Pastel Daydreams🌸💫
New room piece with some lighter colors instead of nighttime. Also included some tributes to my favorite shows as well as my two cats, Violet and Pepper💖
Let me know what you think and what other rooms you’d like to see!
This piece is available in my shop (link in bio). Thank you for your support as always!❤️
Cat planter: @ponypeople
#art #ghibli #illustration #pastel #amidstsilence

| Midnight Reflections |
New collab between @neontalk and I! You can find prints of this piece and more at🌴✨
I really enjoyed creating this piece and I was able to experiment with the effects and lighting. This is also the final piece included in my AP portfolio so I’m finally done with my concentration based around solitude. I’ll keep creating of course and I’ll be posting more art in the future! Thank you so much for your support and be sure to check out @neontalk for more retro based posts and art!💖
Model ref: @kathryn.sierra
#art #illustration #amidstsilence #neontalk

| Apparition Alley | (revised- swipe to see older version)
I initially created this piece back during summer 2017- it amazes me how quickly my standards for artwork change.
I’m trying to improve my sense of depth and atmosphere which has resulted in me revising old pieces like this one to put in my portfolio
Reference: @ghostalleyesp
#art #illustration #amidstsilence #cafe

| Night Shift |
Finally finished this piece!🌃🌙
The lineart was more complex than I had anticipated but I’m glad it’s done.
I experimented with warm and cool lighting but I still have a lot to improve on. My portfolio is just about finished- I only have 1-2 pieces left which is a relief.
Thank you for your continued support!❤️✨ #art #illustration #amidstsilence #neon #ps_wanderlust

I had the opportunity to create an album cover for @benbrick and his new release: Eclipse🌙
The music video is posted on YouTube and it’s a timelapse of me working on this piece- so be sure to check it out and leave a like!💖
I finished this cover back in October so I’m really glad to finally share it! I had a lot fun trying to create a “cityscape”🌃
#art #illustration #eclipse #amidstsilence

A little different from what I usually post, but I decided to create a digital portrait of my friend @claire_camak✨🌸
She’s such an amazing and beautiful model so it was fun experimenting with different elements like lighting, flowers and jewelry.
While it took longer than expected, and Instagram can’t fit the full image, I’m still happy with how it came out. Thank you for the inspiration Claire!💫
#illustration #art #portrait

| Early Morning |
Revised and cleaned up version🌙 (swipe to see older one)
This piece has been one of my favorites because I was able to successfully capture the correct warm lighting and mood. I’ve been going back and changing aspects of older pieces so I apologize for the reposts!
I’m working on a special commission right now and my concentration for school. Thank you for supporting my art!
#art #illustration #amidstsilence #morning

| Twilight |
Revised this piece a lot and I’m getting ready to start my next piece. I also updated my redbubble if you guys are interested! Do you have any suggestions for new settings to draw?
#landscape #snow #art #illustration #amidstsilence

| Greenhouse |
I’m pretty sure this piece has the most lineart I’ve ever done and I’m glad to say it’s finished for now🌿🌱
I couldn’t decide between making it cool or warm colored so you can swipe to see the warm colored one if you like.
I had a lot of issues trying to make it symmetric so I think I’m going to avoid that from now on. I now need a break from drawing plants😓
Model: @amanda_macarthur
#art #illustration #artistsoninstagram #amidstsilence #plants

Redrawn Quiet Night, Quiet Stars
The original was drawn in summer 2017 so just over 6 months. (Swipe to see original)
I think I’ve definitely improved my lineart and have become a lot more detail oriented.
I’m looking forward to posting more in 2018 and thank you for all your support!✨❤️
Cat pot reference: @ponypeople
#illustration #art #plants #amidstsilence

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