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Obsessed with the trees right now! #spring #beutahful

Super momming it is surviving the grocery store with two kids, three trips to the bathroom (two for the 4-year-old, one for the baby), loading/bagging all the groceries one-handed while holding a baby, pushing a heavy, full cart + preschooler on the side out to the lot with one hand while still holding the babe, then handing the kid a bag of gummy worms in his car seat so you can nurse the little one in the front. Made it home with a snoozing kid, happy baby, and got the groceries inside in one trip. 💪🏼 But now I just want to go to bed. Ha! Can the weekend last one more day? #cameronfairbanks #daisytheboxerdog

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. #beutahful #spring #utah

Oh my heart. ❤️ As I was looking at this Zachary just walked up and said, "oh , well now THAT is a really cute picture." Yes, my son, I have to agree. #cameronfairbanks #zacharygram #thefairbanksbros

Happy half birthday to this little stud! How on earth has it been 6 months already? 19.5 pounds and this big boy is wearing mostly 12 month clothes. That mama's milk is good stuff! Speaking of, Cameron had his first food today and it's safe to say he loves avocado. 🥑 He can sit unassisted, loves to jump, and we call him Drooly McDroolface as I'm pretty sure he is working on some teeth. He went on his second plane trip this month and was an absolute angel. He just goes with the flow, this one. Zach is his favorite person and the one who gets the most giggles out of him. Now can we just slow down time please?! 💙 #cameronfairbanks #6monthsold #halfbirthday

Daisy comes running with me not only because no one else is nearly as excited to be up before the sun on the weekend (she started wiggling her bum the minute I changed into my shorts), but also because she is a good little guard dog. For instance, today she protected me against a nice duck couple 🦆🐣, a car, and a little dog about 1/4 her size. She also got startled by a truck and ran behind me, wrapping me in the leash. What would I do without my girl? #daisytheboxerdog #boxersofinstagram #running #training #fab5friendsthanksgivinghalf2

These two are always so happy to see each other. Plopped Cameron down next to Zach to wake him up for school this morning and I'm not sure who was more excited about it. After this they snuggled and hugged for a couple minutes. So sweet! #cameronfairbanks #zacharygram #thefairbanksbros

Celebrating my alma mater's Giving Day today with some griffin pride! 💜💛I was a proud recipient of scholarships at @westminsterslc because of donations like this, so it's important to me to invest back into future generations of students so they, too, can earn an incredible education. Some of my greatest memories ever, people I continue to call close friends to this day, and even 10+ years into my career I have positive things to say about most every class and professor. It was certainly more than just a paper on the wall, unlike what I hear about some schools. Also Zach continues to ask me about how griffins and how they live at the college I went to so I'm fairly certain I have him convinced that Westmini is some version of Hogwarts. Hey, whatever keeps him eager to aim for higher education, right?
Donate: #westminsterslc #allinwc

I was only gone four days and come back to spring in full bloom at home. 🌸 #utah #spring #beutahful

With baby bean at the bean. #cameronfairbanks #chicago

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