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Just a little duck looking for some chicks. How could anyone resist? πŸ¦† πŸ₯ Also he had THE BIGGEST open-faced smile and said "duh! duh! duh!" every time he looked at this rubber ducky. #cameronfairbanks #9monthsold

Summer night walks. #sunset #beutahful #nofilter

I know I'm a day late for National 🍦 Day, but Cameron had his first taste of ice cream tonight in time for Emoji Day. πŸ˜‹ #cameronfairbanks #emojiday #nationalicecreamday #moreplease

I was only gone THREE DAYS, but I come back and this kid is crawling so much faster, doing all sorts of acrobatics and climbing alllll the things. Check out those gams! Not to mention his two front teeth are on the verge of breaking through. Can we just agree to PAUSE for a minute, little buddy? #cameronfairbanks #9monthsold

Cam is working on his downward dog, Daisy is showing her mastery of savasana. πŸ™πŸΌ#namaste #babyyoga #downwarddog #savasana

Oh it feels so good to squeeze little thighs and kiss sweet cheeks. ❀️ I missed my boys! #cameronfairbanks #zacharygram #thefairbanksbros

Does this count as the mannequin challenge? #mannequinchallenge #atlmkt

Walked my fins off today. #AtlMkt

First day at @americasmartatl βœ”οΈ Good southern meal of fried chicken, greens, and baked beans with coworkers βœ”οΈ A walk through Centennial Park + pistachio gelato βœ”οΈ Now to rest up so I can walk it all off for a busy day tomorrow! #atlanta #AtlMkt

So fun story, I set 3 alarms to be sure I was up for my 8:25 flight this morning, but my iPhone had other plans and decided to auto-update the software so none of my alarms went off! Since I've been up late every night this week organizing stuff for my kids while I'm gone and packing, I slept in until 7:15 for my flight that was to board at 7:45!!! I woke up and PANICKED, changed, grabbed my bag, got the kids in the car for my husband to drop me off. I was already checked in, but my boarding pass was on my Apple Wallet and after a few stressful minutes trying to remember my iTunes password, I finally got into my phone. I hadn't seen texts or anything from my coworker since the update makes your phone basically useless until you sign in! What the hell?! Anyway I rushed out (without even time to kiss my babies goodbye 😭) to security where there was a line so long it wrapped around, but luckily made it through fairly quick. πŸ™πŸΌ Then I RAN like a crazy woman to my gate with a couple minutes to spare. O. M. G. I've had some crazy travel adventures, but never done waking up to being on a plane in a total of 45 minutes. Anyway, here was my moment of zen after all that. Deeeeep breath. #30000ft #flydelta #momentofzen

Oh 🦌 #cameronfairbanks

I think if left to their own devices they would never stop playing. Their little giggles are infectious! #zacharygram #liamkaldahl #aubreymia #fab5friendskids #threeamigos

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