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torie hockman  the biggest crybaby you've ever met. @clinton_golden & dogs are the only things i care about. collabs/pr: v newest video v

my arm is so swollen hahaha but look at this lovely new tattoo i got yesterday!! a huge thank you to @franciskhuu_tattoos for being great and hella talented!! new tattoo vlog will be coming out very soon!!

very cool things are happening. keep an eye out for some cool makeup tutorials this halloween season. ft. ur fav maid from american horror story

// i'll still be your flower if you'll be my bee, we can sit inside and wait for the spring //

i took like 100 selfies and i fucking hate all of them whyyyyy

i'm so sleepy but i had such a good day

i'd like to formally call myself out on being such a needy and emotionally confusing person

believe it or not i actually do go outside sometimes, granted only for a max of 5 minutes a day. just long enough to take these pictures lol. thank you to my lovely little bean @clinton_golden for taking these sweet pics of me. he's the best

ok but can we please just appreciate how freaking cute this vintage cameo jewelry/music box is? it has a little key inside that plays music when you wind it and it's honestly the most precious thing ever. i love it. i got it at a thrift store for like $5 god bless

you're not on this planet to please or impress anyone. especially people who are irrelevant in your life. you don’t have to cater the way you present yourself to anyone.

went to my step sisters wedding today with my sweetie @clinton_golden and had a lovely time even tho it was an outdoor wedding in july hahaha

i've been to busy/tired to bother with any cute makeup but w/e

love of my life 💕@clinton_golden

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