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victoria mae  the biggest crybaby you’ve ever met. @gothpixi is my main/makeup account.

boomerangs i took that didn’t make the cut on my main IG but that i still thought were cute

i’m honestly so blessed

finished these awesome horns last night thanks to the help of my lovely partner @clinton_golden who basically did all the work and i’m very excited to do this look today

holy mary mother of dog

making progress on these cool horns and im soooo excited for this look i have in mind!!

haters will say it’s photoshop, but this is just the real me

a series of snaps i sent my boyfriend but he hates me & loves me to suffer. (we work next to each other and he got off before me and i wanted him to walk over & smooch me before he left and he...didn’t) long story short i’m now accepting new mans applications

when ur boyfriend actually wants a goth gf lmao
@clinton_golden is the cutest and i will fight anyone that disagrees

2013 vs 2018
truly wild

today’s look was cute

summer goth

champ is a muddy buddy

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