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🌸 πŸ‘½ 🌸  But You're Not Dylan O'Brien πŸ‘» // amyyy_x35

Easy to lose her, hard to find her.

I've been in a "I don't even care anymore" mood a lot lately πŸ˜ͺ😌

Cute o whatevahh 😌

I want to be your favorite place to go when you've had good day or bad day *on someone's demand lol

Special post for these Assholes who always been there for me when no one else was. One universe, nine planets, two hundred and four countries, eight hundred and nine island, seven seas, and I had the privilege to meet y'll. Thanks for making my life so happy in so many ways. Y'll don't know how much i really do appreciate you all for being so damn important part of my life. I cannot even imagine where I would be today it not of hand full of friends who have given me heart full of joys picked me up when I needed it, supported me when I felt I couldn't stand. You know? Family isn't always blood. Its the people in your life who want you in their. The one who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what. Thank you for standing by my side when times get hard, thank you for making me laugh when I didn't even want to smile. I want to keep making memories with y'll. IRREPLACEABLE PEOPLE.
I LOVE Y'LL β€πŸŒŽπŸ˜­πŸ™ˆ @neerenshahh @harshitthakrar @durveshgawade__ @twinkle_athavia @maitriibhatt @kshitijjj_@xoom__girl @___manasvi @avinendra.kumar @deepikaa.__ @laksh_97 @maheshahir_

So many stars used for you to stay.

Bottled up emotions🌹

Can I be that one person? That one that's constantly on your mind. That one person you would always reply fast to. The one of your friend hear about their lives. The one who you check up on now and then just to see how their day is going. The one that makes your day, the one you'd do anything for. The one you smile nonstop about. The one you can be your complete self-around. The person you Love more than anything else.

His smile, his laugh, his eyes, his everything πŸ‘‘πŸ˜­πŸŒŽβ€

You're the stars in my empty night sky 🌚

Take me back to the day we met πŸ™ˆπŸ’•

And if I'm not the one for you,
You've gotta stop holding me the way you do. πŸ’πŸŒš

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