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I try not to post late in the evenings (my time) because it’s bad for the algorithm but lately with the way it’s been, does that really even matter? Maybe it has more to do with time zones and how a bulk of my followers or currently asleep. 😳
This week just hasn’t quite gone in my favor and I’ve had next to no alone time which equates to zero productivity work-wise and yet I still announced the launch of my collab with @thesleepshirt and managed to plan out a furniture project for my bedroom.
If you’ve missed the announcement about #AMMxTheSleepShirt then check out the link in my profile and see the entire capsule collection for yourself! GO!

Leftover from #AMMinIceland with this adorable little Icelandic fur stool.

Funny how a little bit of that strong afternoon light is all you need to shine a bit of happiness on your day.

Also, HUGS to everyone who have already been so supportive of #AMMxTheSleepShirt that launched yesterday with @thesleepshirt.
I’ll be sharing more photos from the capsule later this week. :)

Over the past several months I’ve been working on a secret project with @thesleepshirt. We have collaborated on a limited edition capsule collection for Autumn and today is our launch day!
The collection in its entirety can be viewed if you follow the link in @thesleepshirt’s profile but I’ve also linked to it in my AMM x TSS Stories highlight. You’ll find five of their best selling styles available in exclusive and new fabrics.
Please take a look when you have a moment, I’m very proud to have been a part of this collection!
#AMMxTheSleepShirt #mysleepshirt #thesleepshirt

An almost accidental still life while picking up earlier.

Took the kids to try some fresh pastries (hellooooo pecan buns) and to visit their grandparents. Elin picked some flowers to give to me, saying flowers are her way of speaking, her way of saying, “I love you”.

Next month I’m headed to Venice 🇮🇹 for #LaBiennalediVenezia and could use some recommendations while in the city. What are your must-sees??

Feels like a Monday morning.

Took this while waiting for #babyElinP to wake up from her nap. These days it takes a good 30 mins for her to get up and out of bed. She’s her brother’s opposite, who hardly ever sleeps.
Also, see if you can spot the toy 🍅

Earbuds charged and headed out for a bike ride while the weather is still nice. 🚲

#bangolufsen #e8

My Sunday view at home with the addition of this print from @atelierbymintstudio


Saturday flowers.
#stilleben #ammhome

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