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Candle-light season is here.

If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on one of the sleep shirts from my #AMMxTheSleepShirt collab, now is the time! @thesleepshirt is having a sale until Monday...check out my Stories for the details!

“Sometimes I just don’t want to overthink it, and post a low quality iPhone photo.”

As a girl I remember waking up to my dad making coffee in the kitchen before work and that smell and the sound of percolating coffee was both comforting and signaled the start of a new day. Few things are better to me than the smell of coffee and the simple ritual of making it early in the morning. @Bodum has sent some of their best coffee making essentials including this french press, no bulky percolated coffee makers in this house, to be a part of my usual morning routine. With coffee brewed I'll pour it in a travel mug and get these kids prepped, packed and ready for the day ahead of us. #Bodum #MakeTasteNotWaste #ad

Lots of browns on my shelves right now. #ammhome

After a busy day of work, commuting to and from school, the park, or the store, walking into our home should be like taking a breath of fresh air. But with several people coming and going in different directions, not to mention our little fur ball of a cat doing the same, it’s easy for the air indoors to become not so fresh.

I’ve partnered with @molekuleair to try their air purifier at home and share some of the benefits we’ve seen. Besides having cleaner air I’m also able to see updates and control settings from my phone and it’s probably the most attractive air purifier I’ve ever seen. It’s easy to move around from room to room so if one child needs it in their space more than the other, it’s nearly effortless to take it elsewhere.

On #ammblog I share a bit more of the benefits we’ve seen and how it’s helped my son, in particular!
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A new perspective...or something like that.

Sneakers (you can’t see them but they’re there) and a skirt, an outfit she’s been wearing so often these days. That little moth however is a new thing...

Today is the last day to enter our #AMMxTheSleepShirt worldwide #giveaway for $300 towards the capsule collection.
Enter with the link in my Stories highlight and tag a friend with your favorite piece from the collection below for an extra entry. ☺️🤞🏼

With Autumn here, enjoy it in nature by entering to win this amazing Getaway and $5,000 in prizes from @toddsnyderny @thisisaday @penguinrandomhouse @theinsidehotels for a relaxing reset. Link to enter in my Stories!
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If you saw my Stories camera poll from a few days ago, if forgot to share the results but ended up with the Fujifilm x-T20 and a 23mm lens. I forget that after the excitement of a new toy wears off, I’ve given myself another task of learning how to use it. 😳

She’s been living in this @city_goats skirt for the past couple days.