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Sadly, I’ve spent more of this winter in some degree of sickness. At one point I had pneumonia and at another I could barely breath and had to use a nebulizer every three hours around the clock. There’s nothing like feeling ill to make you spend more time contemplating your own health, right?! This year I’ve made it a goal to pursue health and wellness to a greater degree by finding simple ways throughout the day to take care of myself. While this is not a sponsored post I was sent these pre and probiotics from @thenue_co and it’s like no effort at all to add a spoonful to my morning smoothie or oats. Gut health is one area I want to focus on first so this is an easy and fast way to head in that direction!

Elin and I have been enjoying this sweet new book from @rosaliapark called #aballoonaway and her cute little flat out bear. They’ve been inseparable for the last two days!
Great work Rosalia!
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When you’ve lived in the same space for several years, it becomes necessary at some point to change/rearrange your environment. That’s not to say you have to run out and buy or order something new every time you feel an itch for change, sometimes it’s just seeing the same things in a new spot or adding 1 new item.
That’s just what I did this week in our bedroom, moved everything to a new wall, got rid of a bunch of stuff that didn’t belong here and introduced our new table from @skagerak_denmark bedside.
The room feels more spacious and calm without scrapping all of our existing things.
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If, like me, you weren’t able to attend last week’s @sthlmfurnfair, today on the blog you can get a peek at some of the stalls and upcoming trends for 2018!
@billie_and_i shares some favorites from her visit. #linkinbio #ammblog #stockholmfurniturefair2018

Today is Safer Internet day, which was complete news to me before being introduced to this movement with @unicef. As a mom of two, and my oldest now a whopping 8 yrs old (🙀) we definitely have to think about how to safeguard the kids when online.
My son loves drawing so we let him watch drawing tutorials on YouTube, he’s super into anything Marvel. Anyways, it seemed harmless enough and I let him continue to draw in his room for about an hour. Going to check on him I saw some inappropriate suggested videos next to the one he was watching. A foolish mistake on my part but now we make sure the iPad or laptop are at the dining table where everyone else is, one of the ways we ensure the kids are staying safe online. And mine aren’t even old enough yet to have encountered cyber bullying. 😳
It certainly is a different experience than when I was a child and I would advise kids to set a timer for their online activities and walk away when it goes off. Children need to have time to play with their hands and even be bored. Yes, bored!
How do you keep your kids safe online?
#safeinternetday #endviolence

Yes, this is a digital rendering of my home, crazy right? I’ve partnered with @modsydesign to show my own digital makeover. It was actually quite exciting to see our space, which we’ve lived in with the same perspective for years now, from a whole new point of view. They offered two design mock ups and let me edit pieces and design the space by moving objects around to get a visual of exactly how the space could look.
I also kept a few key pieces already in our home like the chair, coffee table and rug.
And it was just a lot of fun! Like, I must have gone back and moved things around 6 or 7 times because it was just too fun to see the difference renderings with each change.
A very useful program for anyone wanting to make big changes, moving into a new space or just want to see their own residence in a whole new light!
Get 20% off now with code AMERRYMISHAP20 and peek at the other renderings in my Stories!
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I just have to brag about my friend, @jeremiahhagler (also he’s my husband) who cleans the kitchen every night, even when he’s sick. I do too now and then because the kitchen is the most used room in the house and often needs to be cleaned twice a day. 🙄 We have a true partnership so when he cleans it’s not to “help me” because he knows it’s not just my job, also he enjoys a clean kitchen too and knows it just needs to get done. I for one, cannot complain because when the kitchen is clean somehow the whole house just feels cleaner!

Not a perfect photo, obv some highlight issues but I’m posting it anyways because perfect is unattainable and if I only posted photos I loved 100%, I’d probably never post again. Also because, remember the days when we all posted horrible quality iPhone photos and were still perfectly happy with ourselves?
Here’s to embracing imperfection!

#ammblog #perfectionisboring

Spending the day at home, nursing a cold and hoping it’s not the flu.

Hope everyone is enjoys their Friday! #ammhome

My feed is filled with news from the @oslodesignfair but I’m here with this sweetie, pretending to attend a new restaurant belonging to renowned chef, #babyElinP

I’m an avid tea drinker, although I will not refuse a good latte, but I’m doubtful whether or not that rightfully constitutes as coffee. It’s mostly milk, right?
My tea of choice for the past couple years has been cleanse from Pukka, it’s really delicious and a great after dinner drink as it is very gentle. Then the other day my mom sent me this article about how too much black licorice can cause inflammation and high blood pressure and she asked, “isn’t there licorice in that tea you drink?”. Soon I found myself googling reviews on this tea and found that people had complained it raised their blood pressure after drinking it so...maybe it’s time to add a different tea to the rotation.
Now accepting suggestions!

Staying or attempting to stay organized with @notem_studio.

When Elin naps I usually listen to an audio book while I clean or work and could use some good book recommendations to sink my teeth into. Something that takes off right away, my current attention span with books is embarrassingly short. 🙈

Do you ever have so much to do that you don’t know where to begin? Some days I attempt to do everything at once which is usually counterproductive. My best approach is to make a list and break up my time, dedicating a little undivided attention to each item, and since I’ve written a list there’s no worries that something will be forgotten.
What do you all do when you’ve got a little of things to tackle at once? #ammhome

A favorite top with big buttons.

Most favorite hair things right now. @sansceuticals

Our Elin turns 4 on Sunday so I’m ready for the birthday weekend to begin. She requested a mermaid party and as is this the only 4th birthday she’ll ever have, and probably the only time she will ask for a mermaid party, I’m happy to oblige. Last night I made a balloon arch that looks like clusters of pearls, or at least that was the intent. More on my Stories tomorrow. ;) #ammhome #babyElinP #Elinturns4

A clean kitchen always motivates me to cook or bake. What’s your favorite go-to recipe this week? I need some new ideas! .
#ammhome #recipesplease #cleankitchen

Elin’s bed is so cute that I don’t want to get rid of it but now that she’s almost 4, it’s time for something bigger that will last a while. Any suggestions for simple twin size beds/frames?

#babyElinP #fermlivingkids #midnatt #ammhome #kidsbedroom #numero74

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