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Leftovers from #amminportland

Did you know that Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen first designed the Safari daybed in 1962 for his son to use on a camping trip so that he wouldn’t have to sleep on the ground? Today they’re available in two colorways as well as the chair version (see previous post)

I’ve assembled and disassembled these many times and it’s actually quite fun to do, the last time my son wanted to do it by himself! And even though they might have originally been meant to use outdoors they make really great lounge pieces inside.
Which one is your favorite?

Yesterday I cleaned out my closet and found a few things I had forgotten about. Some of those I forgot about for good reason and ended up in the “donate” pile. Others, like these earrings, turned out to be great little rediscoveries.

@norseinteriors gives IKEA Bestås a whole new look with custom doors, sides and chrome knobs.
See more now on the blog including an exclusive 15% discount!

July’s shelves. #ammhome

Just brought home this massive clay pot from a second hand store. It’s in great condition except that it smells like old musk perfume and dust. 🤢


From mom’s tree.
Plus, a poll for what to do with these my Stories.

Combing through photos from last week and found this one.
Elin was so excited to collect seashells and she filled her little pink pale with fragments that caught her eye.
I tried to help her pick out the whole shells whenever I found them but she wasn’t particularly impressed by that, the broken pieces were perfectly fine with her. 🐚

Home after a mini vacation an it’s kind of amazing how much I have to catch up on now.
Also took a short hiatus from the blog but I’m back and will share more in my Stories this week.
And now for some post-vacay laundry...☹️ #ammhome

One last stop for chocolate and tea before heading home.
Also thanks to my girl @janinetollady for the tip. ;) #amminportland

Those two little humans are my people!
Since we don’t live near the ocean being in sand and water is thrilling for them. It gives me this incredible joy to see them so free and so happy. Times like these together are the ones I hope are imprinted on their minds and remembered forever.

I’m always in the mood for Latino food, always. Bring on the frijoles, cotija y esquites any day...although today was a salad. See more in my Stories.


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