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AMERICAN WOMAN  AMERICAN WOMAN is a multimedia portrait & documentary series about Black American women. (artist/photographer: @hunyrocks)


‪grateful 🙏🏽 #theroot100#americanwomanproject

Tarana Burke. New York, NY. Senior Director of Programs for Girls for Gender Equity by day. style blogger, writer, Olivia Pope moves on the side. mother, Christian, Pan-Africanist. lover of Black people, protector of Black girls. founder of the #MeToo movement. hero. American Woman. (work in progress; 📸 by @hunyrocks) #americanwomanproject

New York, NY. city so nice they named it twice. city so thorough I went back for more. the *second* group of my big apple gals are up next...stay tuned. after I post NY it's NOLA and then ATL. more video clips coming soon, too...and then you get to see why every portrait thus far says "work in progress." 👀 🍎 #homesweethome #americanwomanproject

Nakeya. Los Angeles. Cali native. licensed clinical social worker, wellness coach, yoga instructor, entrepreneur. protective & fierce mamabear. health-advocating hustler. knowledge-seeking supreme being. American Woman. (work in progress; 📸 by @hunyrocks) #americanwomanproject

I'm maaaad honored to be amongst The Root's 100 Most Influential African-Americans 2017. I owe it all to: 1. my crew and my family who've been watching me hustle all these years and 2. every single participant in and supporter of AMERICAN WOMAN. it feels damn good to receive accolades for centering and exalting Black American women as works of art. WE deserve. lists like these aren't everything--some of the dopest Black folk alive aren't on here--but if this lil bit of additional prestige takes this project (and, thus, the incredible women in it) to higher heights, so be it. grateful. #theroot100 #americanwomanproject

Janna (a.k.a. Goddess Jaz, a.k.a. Jazabel Jade). L.A. by way of NY. strategic communications expert for non-profits, social justice leaders, and artists by day / performance artist and burlesque dancer by night. biracial. adoptee. Caribbean. Eartha Kitt homage payer. American Woman. (work in progress; 📸 by @hunyrocks) #americanwomanproject

endless thanks to @catt.small for including the AMERICAN WOMAN website (americanwoman.co) on a list of inspiring sites in the sept '17 issue of net magazine. swipe left for a zoomed in view of the write-up. #yaaaaass

"I've been trying to find an excuse to paint my body for a long time. I was going to do it when I was pregnant, but then I looked in the mirror and I was like "uh uh." I wasn't ready. But now that I've had my baby and my body is shaped differently than it was when I had her, it's an acknowledgement -- 'oh *this* is what my body does.' So I was excited to adorn my new body with something that I've always appreciated which is art and painting and visual patterns."

Britni Danielle. Los Angeles, CA. writer, editor, mom, general badass, aspiring screenwriter. "regular schmegular Black girl X." native born Angelino. Christian, "[but] we don't have the monopoly on God." American Woman. (work in progress; 📸 by @hunyrocks) #americanwomanproject

Sarissa. Los Angeles, CA. PR Manager. native Californian, Afrolatina, child of immigrants/first generation (by way of Panama & Jamaica). "my being is political; my presence is an act of resistance." American Woman. (work in progress; 📸 by @hunyrocks) #americanwomanproject

Alli. Los Angeles, CA by way of South Central 124th St. yogi, healer, manifestor, community organizer. queer, femme, "oftentimes non-binary", first generation college graduate. American Woman. (work in progress; 📸 by @hunyrocks) #americanwomanproject

"I like dressing up; if you look good you feel good. It's like Superman coming out the phone booth--every once and awhile I gotta rip my shirt open." --Breeze Youngblood. dapper af. #americanwomanproject

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