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American Red Cross  We’re facing a #BloodEmergency. Make an appointment now:

Indian Red Cross teams are working around the clock to help families impacted by devastating floods in #Kerala—a coastal state in southern #India. All 44 of the state’s rivers have flooded, major roads are blocked by water and landslides, and normal life has been disrupted. The Red Cross is helping to evacuate families, search for and rescue survivors, and provide relief such as food, water, tarps, kitchen supplies, mosquito nets and bedding. In coordination with government authorities, Indian Red Cross staff and volunteers are also providing first aid and comfort to people as they struggle to cope with the crisis.

On #WorldHumanitarianDay (and every day), it’s critical to remember that even wars have rules. When Red Cross and Red Crescent teams are prevented from delivering aid, it’s the people in need who suffer the most. Civilians, medical personnel, and aid workers are #NotATarget.
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All blood types are welcome at #NationalTellAJokeDay

Tragically, a bridge collapsed in #Genoa, #Italy today—killing more than 20 people and plunging vehicles 90 meters downward. Dozens of Italian #RedCross workers joined the search and rescue effort, using sniffer dogs and techniques typically seen in earthquake responses in order to find survivors amidst the rubble. @crocerossaitaliana volunteers are also providing psychological support to survivors, witnesses and others impacted by the disaster. 💔

Back to School #Tip 🔔: Kids should know their phone number, address 🏠, how to get in touch with their parents at work, how to get in touch with another trusted adult and how to dial 9-1-1.📞

Did you know the American #RedCross offers a Cat and Dog #FirstAid online course AND a free #Pet First Aid app? Two great ways to celebrate #InternationalCatDay! Visit or check out your app store for more details.

Meet Muhammad Gempa Rizki—born just hours after yesterday’s massive #earthquake on Lombok, with the help of @palangmerah_indonesia (Indonesian Red Cross) volunteers. His name ‘Gempa’ means earthquake. 💪 His #mom is doing well and recovering at a medical post. 🌏 This is the second large quake on the island within one week. #RedCross teams helped evacuate people and provided first aid and other essentials to those who decided to sleep outdoors for the night. #Indonesia #PalangMerah #cutiepie😍

After the collapse of a hydropower dam in #Laos, Red Cross staff and volunteers traveled through flood waters and mud to search for survivors. The incident released five billion cubic meters of #water (more than two million Olympic-sized swimming pools), causing a flash flood that has affected nearly 7,000 residents. Downstream in #Cambodia, the flood from the collapsed #LaosDam has forced an estimated 25,000 people to evacuate to safer ground. The American Red Cross has contributed $100,000 to help with relief efforts as teams deliver food, water, and other #humanitarian aid ➡️

This month we welcome our newest deployment team that will be providing support to members of our military stationed in Djibouti, Iraq and Kuwait. We appreciate your dedication to helping those who serve our nation.

Last night, more than 730 residents stayed in our shelters due to the #MendocinoComplexFire raging in Mendocino County, #California. If you or someone you know needs safe refuge from the wildfires, please check our current list of shelters ➡️ All are welcome. #RanchFire #RiverFire

We're in a #BloodEmergency and need your help! Those who come to give blood or platelets July 30-Aug. 30 will receive a $5 Gift Card via email, as our way of saying thanks during this urgent time. Tap the link in our bio to make an appointment now.

A moment of true joy as friends reunited with each other last year. When Charlotte Marchetti (left) was forced to evacuate her Ventura home, her friend Carol Daly searched for her for days, to no avail. When they finally found one another, their embrace and relief brought hope and happiness to everyone around. How are you celebrating #InternationalFriendshipDay with your friends?

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