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Manita holds her son, Rajiv, at a health center in #Nepal just before he receives vaccines to fight off diseases such as #measles, tuberculosis, diphtheria, and polio. #RedCross and #RedCrescent volunteers walk rugged terrain in Nepal and around the globe—knocking on doors, answering questions, and ensuring families get to #vaccination clinics on time to keep their kids healthy. This #WorldImmunizationWeek, we celebrate the fact that vaccines save lives. #VaccinesWork 📸 by Jenelle Eli @elijenelle / American Red Cross

Debby MacSwain has worked with the Red Cross in a variety of capacities over the last 51 years. She began her volunteer service as a lifeguard and water safety instructor after she graduated from college. Then Debby went to Vietnam with the Red Cross to work as a Supplemental Recreational Activities Overseas staff member, affectionately known as a Donut Dollie. Since then she has been deployed to Service to the Armed Forces stations around the world. Today, she serves as a volunteer water safety instructor and instructor trainer at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs. There she teaches military children with special needs how to swim as part of the Exceptional Family Military Program. #NationalVolunteerWeek #WaterSafety

Dr. Bill Ramos is a member of the Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council, a volunteer panel of nationally-recognized medical, scientific, and academic experts. He is currently leading a research study about the effectiveness of the water safety content in the Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety Program and the Aquatics Centennial Campaign. The results of this work will help guide us as we update our Learn-to-Swim Program. #NationalVolunteerWeek #RedCross #WaterSafety

After seeing a flyer noting the need for volunteers, Robert signed up to become a #RedCross blood transportation specialist, delivering lifesaving blood products to hospitals. Robert says he loves his role and has seen the importance of #volunteerism firsthand. One of his favorite memories is meeting the son of a man whose life would be saved with help from his delivery. #NationalVolunteerWeek

Meet the future of our humanitarian mission. ❤The #RedCross Youth Club at Royal Air Force Lakenheath in the #UnitedKingdom is making a difference in their community, taking on projects such as implementing a #firstaid campaign for #military families, and securing collections for local orphanages. Great job, team! #NationalVolunteerWeek

Samantha uses skills she learned in college to help turn large amounts of data into #maps, which help determine where smoke alarms are needed in her community. She believes the experience she is gaining as a volunteer coordinator of the Home Fire Campaign will help her grow her #career. “I am learning how to organize and manage a project from start to finish." #NationalVolunteerWeek #RedCross #FireSafety #EndHomeFires

Warren has been volunteering with the Home Fire Campaign since the beginning, and says he’s installed hundreds of smoke alarms. Three of those alarms were installed in a home in Gansevoort, #NewYork in January of 2017. A fire broke out at that same home a few months later, and thanks to the efforts of Warren and his team, seven lives were saved. #Volunteers like Warren help us carry out our mission every day, and we're proud to celebrate them during #NationalVolunteerWeek. #RedCross #FireSafety #EndHomeFires

“I want peace and dignity for my country. I dream of a bright, peaceful future for all Yemenis,” says Ameerah—a #volunteer with the Yemen Red Crescent. Ameerah was studying to be a nurse when the war forced her to put her degree on hold. But she didn’t let that stop her. She volunteers in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, to help her neighbors stay healthy. It’s an especially important role in Yemen, where more than 80% of the population lacks food, fuel, drinking water and access to health care services. #NationalVolunteerWeek #Yemen #RedCrescent #humanitarian

In Paglaum, on the island of #Leyte in the #Philippines, teams are dredging and widening a local canal, which has already decreased flooding. "I’m deeply thankful for the drainage work the #RedCross is doing in our community. Our houses used to flood and they don’t now. I’m crying because it’s a great help not just to me, but to the whole community," says Agnes, a local resident. For families like hers, Red Cross aid provides more than physical improvements. It provides peace of mind.

On the island of #Leyte in the #Philippines, the #RedCross is helping entrepreneurs like Adelina rebuild and grow their businesses. After losing her #farm to a powerful #typhoon, Adelina received seed money to restart her #duck and #pig farm. She uses the income earned from her farm for food and school expenses. Adelina has reinvested some of the earnings to grow her business, which has doubled in the past few years.
Income helps families be more resilient in the face of crises—and more confident, too. They have more time to focus on disaster preparedness. They reinvest in their communities. And they’re better-equipped to help their neighbors. #ducksofinstagram #pigsofinstagram #cute 🐥🐷

Check out our Cat & Dog #FirstAid online course, which can help you be ready for unexpected #pet emergencies. Your four-legged friend will love you for it! #PetFirstAidMonth #RedCross #pets #dogs #dogsofinstagram

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