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Americanadian  ONE GOLDEN RULE: Don't take it seriously

Am maek no sleep
Comic made by u/Nassau18b on r/Polandball

Wow many success ukrainiya
Comic made by u/Cugel111
on r/Polandball

sure, why fucks not
Comic made by u/burritoburkito6 on r/Polandball

North America
Comic made by u/Chasp12 on r/Polandball

Australia and Britain
Comic made by u/GreenPitchforks on r/Polandball

Wait what
Comic made by u/krampent on r/Polandball

but Finland cannot the die, is maek of Nokia
Comic made by u/XxX_datboi69_XxX on r/Polandball

If ye eatin dont search that up
Also I side with Japan on the thot thing
Comic made by u/alsoandanswer on r/Polandbal

Seems like something I'll do
Comic made by u/Mowchine_Gun_Mike on r/Polandball

Wibu lu
Comic by u/Katalpa on r/Polandball

You are like a little baby, watch this
Comic made by @fascist.monaco.ball go give him a follow

Comic made by u/wildeofoscar on r/Polandball

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