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America Ferrera

Impromptu dinner where we first met 12 years ago. #spacetime #wormhole #comforteatingbecauseskinnyrepealisadisgrace

Who run the set?
#allthewomen #Superstore

When you're trying to look like a badass after boxing but your boo ruins the vibe with his all smiles. Thanks @gabejohns for kicking our a$$e$. #thatsweatlife #putemup

Pretty sure our seat neighbors at The Hollywood Bowl last night were so over me and @therealanaortiz screaming "Go Vanessa" really loudly. But that's how our #uglybettyfamily rolls. @vanessawilliamsofficial killed it at Sondheim on Sondheim. And @jessetyler Knocked it out! Seeing my #UglyBettyFamily always makes me so happy! #familiaforever #redeyes

6 months ago today, I marched along side millions of my sisters and brothers to declare that we will not stand down when our rights, safety and dignity are attacked even by those in the highest office. WE are America. And we ain't going nowhere. #democracy #womensmarch #keepmarching

This is Hassan, one of our @nbcsuperstore camera operators. His mom sweetly asked me via my comment section to say "hi' to her son for her. Everyone, say 'hi' to Hassan. 👋🏽 #forhismom

We still got it. Ladies of Superstore are back for #season3 and giving face. #firstdayback

Homecoming Night for our Junior year of Superstore: A VEGAS NIGHT UNDER THE HOLLYWOOD STARS.🍾✨Class President @benmfeldman curated a deliciously sparkly night of booze, food, and magic. Dress code was Black and/or White. @nichole_bloom & @johnny_pemberton were voted homecoming Queen & King. @captdope was voted 'Most likely to be impressed by magic'. I was voted 'best quad stretch poser'. @nicosantoscomic won 'most likely to break the dress code'. @laurenelizabethash took home 'most committed to the theme'. Let's do this Season 3! (@mark_dmckinney you were missed!!)

I don't remember life before hot springs. Was there joy there too? #Iceland #lastday😩

This is our puppy. I don't even understand how a puppy goes about doing this.
#Repost @ryanpierswilliams ・・・
There is no good explanation why she's such a dirt bag, but I ❤️ her all the same. • Present, 06.30.17

Ummm... somehow this got deleted so I'm reposting. Anybody else get those twilight zone feelings when technology does things to you, and you're like, "wtf?!Technology is out to get me!" Anyway, Enjoy, again:
Forever the proud daughter of Honduran Immigrants. I am a proud American who honors the contributions that my family and fellow immigrants make to this land every single day. Yes, the Dreamers, college graduates, doctors, lawyers, artists, and police officers, but also the farm workers, housekeepers, dishwashers, car parkers, child rearers, street vendors... I stand with ALL immigrants, because it's not our educational status that makes us worthy of dignity. The fact that we are human beings is what makes us deserving of being treated with decency and humanity. May our love and protection of our immigrant brothers and sisters extend far beyond the end of #immigrantheritagemonth . #IStandWithImmigrants photo cred: @kishabari

My #Ham4All that @laurenelizabethash challenged me to. I'm challenging @captdope & @unforettable - Donate $10 to support the Immigrants: We Get the Job Done Coalition - an amazing group of nonprofits working to better the lives of immigrants, and then sing your favorite part of Hamilton and post for a chance to win tix to the LA premiere and hangout with Lin Manuel!!! #Ham4All #Ham4waterfall #Iceland

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