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أميره النجدي  Actress,Model,Blogger ⭐️ business inquires Amera.alnajdy@gmail.com LoOpS: 1595625 🎬 الممثل القانوني : المحامية ( انفال الخليفي )

الله لا يحرمني منك يا امي يا أغلى شي عندي ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Some days I'm not sure of how I feel,
From extreme satisfaction to anger and from emotional to cold heartless state.
From confidence to harsh insecurities.
It's like I'm on a rollercoaster of emotions everyday.
And all I need is someone who could tell me it's okay to feel all that.

فريق ايماجن يقدم، عرض #هالووين_شهر٣

عرض خفه يد كوميدي يخرّع شوي 😈😇 الخميس والجمعه ١٥ و ١٦
الساعه ٦:٣٠ تفتح الابواب
رابط الحجز
وفريق ايماجن
ان شاء الله بكون متواجدة يوم الجمعة بالعرض اشوفكم هناك حبايبي 😍

في ذمة الله
الله يرحمه ويغمد روحة الجنة

“الدعاء أمل لا يعرف الإنتهاء” “Prayer is a hope that knows no end “


My new hoodie from @internalvibes
And did my new hair color at @80nailsandmore ❤️

They said we become a total different person every ten years.

But I believe we become different people with They said we become a total different person every ten years.

But I believe we become different people with every situation that is way bigger than our age.
With every person who leaves us in the middle of the road.
We become different creatures with every trouble we passed through it alone.
With every moment we spent thinking it's the end and then something good happens.

As long as we are breathing, we are changing.
The moment you're reading this, something might change too. ✔️

عطور دخون هذي العطور صراحه ومن غير مجامله من احلى العطور الي عجبتني وايييييييد احلى شي بعطوراتهم انها تثبت هيل بالملابس مو مثل العطور العاديه 😍 لزم الي يحب العطور العربيه يطلب من عندهم نصيحه واسعارهم حيل مناسبة @dkhoun_sa @dkhoun_sa @dkhoun_sa

And between what we expect and what happens there is a big gap.
A gap that swallows whatever we should feel at those moments.
And no matter how someone told us to lower our expectations, it never happens.
I won't tell you not to expect because I do.
But let's all believe that it's not always what we want to read.
Some chapters don't end the way we want them to.
But at the end we still read it till the end.


I can't guarantee you a hurt-free life.
You'll get hurt, maybe more than you expected.
Maybe it would come from the closest people to you. And it will hurt.
And you'll wake up one day realising that it's you at the end.

You'll love yourself to a point that you won't let someone hurt you like before.


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