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اميرة النجدي  Actress,Model,Blogger ⭐️ business inquires LoOpS: 1595625 🎬 الممثل القانوني : المحامية ( انفال الخليفي )

I'm tired of struggling to stop my life from falling apart.
I'm sick of making too much effort to keep the people I love.
I have no energy to handle every little thing.

I wish I could lay down and watch the things that are meant to stay.
And say a goodbye to things that end when I stop being the usual me.

Some things weren't told to us when we were young.
How to love ourselves when we fail at doing something. And that not everyone who says they love us, they do love us.
How to stand up strong everytime we fall. How to smile when we get a bad comment from someone who dislikes us.
How to understand that we should look good even if we feel miserable.

Some things we learn through years,
Some things are felt when we grow old.


طبعا مو اول مره اتعامل مع الحناية @henna_ahmar شغلها وايد حلو ومرتب وسريع وتعاملها راقي صراحه @henna_ahmar حبيبتي يعطيكي الف عافيه على الحنة انا اعشق الحنة وهيا تضبطلي الديزين الي ابيه حبيبتي @henna_ahmar 💐❤️❤️

It’s my birthday I’m 24 years nw, I just wish that my life always change to the better full of years with success n my life n have all the ppl I love around me, love you all and thanks for the beautiful wishes it means a lot to me ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💐💐💐#my#birth#day#birthday #birthdaygirl #amera_alnajdy #اميرة_النجدي #kuwait #dubai #uae #love

I have to tell you that, or maybe I have to remind myself of that every now and then. People will always put themselves a priority. No matter how they love you or no matter how important you are.
Don't wait for someone to make you feel better, don't wait for people to leave their lives and give you all the attention.

Love yourself, push yourself beyond your pain.
Have faith that you're made to grow. To grow through pain.
When you do that, everything around you will help you do it. ✔️

I want this hair color back and this days also plz 😏

I miss this days 💔 I use to love this song so much 😏

والعسر مهما قسي فاليسر يتبعه، وعد من الله وهذا الوعد يكفينا ❤️

Keep smiling life is so sort to be always tension ❤️

Some people will hate you for no apparent reason.
They will make you feel like you are not good enough to be loved.

Others will love you no matter how bad you seemed to be.
They just love you even if you never actually talked.
They support you from a distance as if you belong to their world.
They tell you how good you are even if you think it's the opposite.
Those are the ones that matter.
Those are the ones that give you a push to continue. . My jacket from : @db_2010 ❤️

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