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Randomly flung in some quorn turkey slices next to my stir fry. Has anyone tried these? My first time. Basically I'm craving everything. I know there will be that one person who says "quorn is bad for you because..." 😂
Kidding. I do really wanna know because if I like these I'd totally stock up. Has anyone tried any other meat alternatives? (I'm not a vegan - obviously with the prawns here - just eat a low meat diet).

On light and dark: part 2.
Something that happens often is people mistake me for being younger than my age (I'm 33). Today, this happened and my natural reaction was: "phewww no I definitely don't wanna be in my 20s again." When asked why, I had to take a moment and said that ageing gets a bad rep in the media world but is actually one of the most empowering processes. It's true.

One of the things I could only learn with age and experience is that accepting both the light and the dark is what leads to contentment. In earlier years I chased contentment - it's that carrot on a stick that's within reach but not quite attainable. The tough moments had to be erased, otherwise you couldn't be happy. But that's not true.

You can't expect life to be without bumps because then you'll be resisting so much of the natural order of things. The happiest people aren't that way because they've had it easy - often, they've been through trauma and unimaginable sadness - it's because they've accepted that the 'bad' will happen just as the good stuff does.

And in the end, when you feel gratitude towards God (or whatever Higher Power you believe in) for both the highs and the lows... that's when you allow yourself to taste real joy.

How was your Saturday? If you're fasting, hope it's going smoothly. Not gonna lie, going cold turkey off tea has been, uh, hard 😳😂
Scarf: Pearl-Daisy "Sahara Hijab" (sale on the website at the mo).
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The measure of love is when you love without measure ✌🏽

Serenading your husband whilst he's trying to drive will get you the reaction at 0.04 😐 #truelove

Ramadan mubarak 💗 And happy bank holiday weekend 😎

Nudes + Neutrals 💫 Which one's your fave? 😉 New at - we just expanded the Weightless range with these babies. Check them out on the @pearldaisyltd website 💋

Good morning! Sharing some of my current faves. Let me know if you want ‘favourites’ videos in the future (basically so I can natter more about them)…
@rodialskincare Instaglam Bronzer - a cooler toned brown so it doesn’t go orangey on me.
@nyxcosmetics Ombre Blush in Mauve - this stays mauve (other mauve ones go pink on me!) and is SO flattering.
@yslbeauty Primer - still a fave. It’s probably the decadent gold specks inside but this primer is somethin' else. Makes my foundation last ages and keeps oil at bay for longer.
@yslbeauty Lip Tint in 01 - a light pink, glossy lip colour that isn’t sticky at all. It's pigmented enough to give a proper light pink hue without looking harsh on my skin tone. Also. The scent. Mmmmm. 👌🏽
@arderecosmetics 'Natural to Night' Eyeshadow palette - I use peachy almost all the time in my crease as it’s super flattering. The sheen colours are quick to use (I use my finger to apply and don’t need a base under them). I’m on my second one as I use it so often. 🙊
@pixibeauty Rose Oil Blend - I was using this under my foundation during the Winter but now I love applying this as part of my face massage routine.
@thebodyshop Twin Ball Roller - for face massages, this rocks. You can use it with any face oil or cream. It’s cool to the touch and feels lovely rolling along the cheeks and forehead after a long day.
@lorealskin Purity Mask - love the relaxing scent of this and the glow I get after.
@lorealhair Elvive Low Shampoo - this has been amazing at keeping my hair colour in tact and my hair soft. It’s low in chemicals so my hair doesn’t feel dry and ‘stripped’ afterwards. I’ve almost finished this so let me know if you guys have any shampoo recommendations.
@burtsbeesuk Baby Bee Shampoo - I use this before the above shampoo on the days I’ve used oil (coconut/olive/argan) in my hair. Use this first, then the L'Oréal one afterwards.
The Power of Now - This is the main one in rotation at the mo. It’s short but it takes time to process and reread parts (in a good way). This book has both reinforced and taught me a lot about perception of time and life events. It’s a gem.
Macaroons. Need I say more? 🤤

Sunset at the park 🌅 Took my new nude hijab for a run (no, really, you'd think I'd be on the side sipping away on an icy drink... but I was forced to join in the game ⚽️). It's one of 3 new scarves I'm releasing soon 🙌🏽🙆🏽

The world through my baby's eyes. 💚 What catches your eye?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a working woman in possession of a sweet tooth must be in want of a treat. 🍦🤓📚

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