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Hammies and piggies  Griffin the hamster and his family of guinea pigs. We have Californian's, Abyssinian's, Roans,Self's, Rex's and a Peruvian. Copyright rules apply 💓

❤ Meredith wants to wish everyone a very Happy Valentines Day especially her young man, Freddie. He is a very handsome chap and has even written a poem for Meredith as well as sending her a card and a rose on one of his recent posts. She knows he is the one for her and she's also very happy to let him eat all the basil as it's his favourite food. She's looking forward to their first date and hopes perhaps after a trip to the cinema to watch The Little Mermaid , Freddie is a big fan, they could enjoy a veggie meal together. @pansyted.pigs ❤~
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Hi friends! We haven't seen Dominic and Duncan together for a while so here they are. I was quite surprised when I compared the pictures to see how much bigger Dominic is and he's almost as big as Duncan. Dominic is now almost four months old and has grown into a very lovely young boy. He's still just as sweet natured as he was but has even more confidence and delights in attention and cuddles. They are getting on very well together and even though Duncan loves to go around rumbling Dominic takes little notice and soon tells Duncan if he's being too much which soon diffuses the situation. It's really lovely to have a Piggie that Duncan gets on with and little Dominic has has lived with him since he was only three weeks old which was when I had to take him away from Saoirse and Sophia. They live close by and talk to eachother even now. This also pleases Duncan as he's incredibly keen on Saoirse and still wants to win her affection. ❤~
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Happy Thursday Friends! I thought we needed a cheerful post after the sadness of losing dear Skye and who better than three of my most mischievous little piggies. Marissa, Melody and Meredith. These little girls are such good fun and are always up to something. Their favourite hobby is spying on the other piggies, usually Kenneth and Collan as they are apparently very amusing. They like to giggle when they see Kenneth getting his claw trim and watch him pulling grumpy faces back at them. They also like to watch Annabelle and her friends as they always look like they're having a great time. Today these cheeky girls nave been making snuggly nests under the vet bed which has made lots of mess , another habit learned from Kenneth! I also want to thank you all for your messages about Skye, it's helped so much to read them. 💕~
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As all of us with pets know there are happy times and there are sad times. This weekend it was our turn for some sadness. Skye passed away on Saturday. It came as quite a shock as she appeared normal during my morning clean out and feeding routine. When I came home at 4pm I saw her breathing was rather laboured and she squeaked when I touched her. Within half an hour we were at the vets who suspected a URI although her breathing wasn't too noisy,she decided a course of antibiotics would be best and gave her an injection to get the antibiotics into her quickly and another for pain relief. She thought she would pick up in 24 hours with hand feeding and being kept warm and quiet. I felt quite hopeful she would soon be on the road to recovery. When I got home I opened the carrier to get her and Bramble back into their home quickly but found Skye had already passed away. I've never lost a guinea quite like this before and it's been very sad. Whatever the cause it was very fast as the evening before she was running about eating veggies with real enthusiasm. We shall miss you Skye, lots of love from Mummy and Bramble. ❤🌈~
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Candie is here to wish everyone a happy Wheekend. She's had quite a busy day with Meg. They have decided the hay box is best when there is no hay in it and then it can be slept in very comfortably. They also thought the hay would be much nicer if it was spread out over the whole floor. It was quite a task sweeping all of that off the vet bed I can assure you! They are very untidy piggies and Meg has a very fiery temper as she's a Peruvian guinea pig so it doesn't take a lot to set her off in one of her moods. However Meg adores Candie and never gets grumpy with her and will wash her eyes for her if she feels worried for any reason. They are both wonderful girls and I'd choose their fun personalities any day even if they do make a terrible mess 🙈~
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It's #whiskerwednesday and Mallory is here to show hers off! Mallory is still only a young piggie and arrived here with her sister Luna, brother Medwyn and of course their friend Saoirse. She's a confident girl and is very vocal at feed times or in fact any time she thinks should be feed time. This of course means all the other piggies start to squeak too which is quite loud. She gets on well with her sister Luna and now they have worked out who is top piggie between them all is much calmer. Both girls adore Saoirse and know that she is really in charge. 🌸~
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Here's proud mummy Saoirse and her little daughter Sophia to bring a smile to your new wheek! As you can see little Sophia is growing and she's starting to catch her mummy up. These two girls are very sweet and chatted to eachother throughout the photo shoot. I'm trying to get as many pictures as I can while Sophia is still small as these are lovely memories. Both girls are comfortable with handling and Sophia puts her front paws onto my hand when I get close to her now and climbs onto me. This makes health checks and other essentials much easier for us both. They are also very tidy girls and don't like anything out of place. They spend some time during the day chatting to Duncan who has a crush on Saoirse and who can blame him. He sits on his tunnel and gazes at her ❤~
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It's been a very rainy day so I'm posting Little Miss Sunshine to add some cheer. She's just spent a lovely half hour with me having a check over and cuddles. She's such a happy girl and is never worried about being handled. She often comes running to me in the run for a nose rub, she puts her little head out and closes her eyes in bliss. I thought I'd do a photo shoot while she was out and I managed to get a couple of pictures before she tried to eat my flowers. After discovering they weren't real she settled down for a snooze! We hope you're having a lovely wheekend 🙌~
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Hi Friends! We hope your Wednesday has been a lovely one. It's been a very rainy day here but the little piggies didn't even notice. I thought this picture of Marissa was bright and cheerful after such a dull day. I'm pleased to say that she and Melody haven't been sleeping under the vetbed but instead they pulled all the hay out of the box. Meredith wasn't very happy about it and was glad when I came and tidied up. They are still quite young piggies and love to play. Marissa has changed a lot recently and isn't shy any more. She does have a habit of making faces if the other piggies get too close to her or if they start zooming about and bump into her. She's also rather keen on cuddles and enjoys posing for me at photo time but best of all she likes to snooze with her little legs all spread out. 💕~
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Happy new wheek! Little Melody is always bright and cheerful and was zooming around this morning while all the other piggies had that Monday feeling. She was so enthusiastic she even managed to get Meredith and Marissa to join in even if it was only for a short time. It wasn't long before the cheeky behaviour started and both Melody and Marissa started to tunnel under the vetbed. I have a feeling they saw Kenneth doing this and have learnt it from him. Marissa decided it was so comfey that she went to sleep under it. Meredith was most put out and as a piggie who can't stand mess began to get rather agitated. It wasn't until I'd encouraged Marissa out and put all the bedding as it should be that Meredith settled down. Melody wasn't worried either way as nothing seems to phase her. 💕~
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Happy Saturday everyone! Meredith came out to have her health check this evening and I always think it's a great time for a little photo shoot. She's very relaxed now about being handled since she was ill. I often find that happens after a course of hand feeding. I'm happy to say all is well with her and she's looking great. She still does her crazy zooming around the run every evening and I like to see her do that because it means she's feeling good. She's a much friendlier piggie now too and gets on so nicely with the other girls. She's particularly good friends with Marissa but all that changes when Marissa tips the contents of the hay box all over her. Not deliberately of course, it's just that Marissa likes to lean over the edge of the box rather than jump in it. 🙈~
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Hi everyone! Tonight's post is my lovely boys Kenneth and Collan. They really are the most cheeky brothers and it shows in this picture. There is never a dull moment and if it's not one causing the trouble it's the other! There has been a little shift in dominance in their house and Kenneth has begun to climb on Collan's shoulder and each time he does it without getting told off he does a series of little head shakes and popcorns on the spot. Kenneth has also been washing Collan's ears! I think he'd rather I hadn't mentioned that though. Collan has found it most amusing to come out of the hay box wearing hay and spread it to all four corners of the run. This causes much popcorning when I attempt to tidy up. Kenneth's latest fascination is to lift up the vet bed and tunnel underneath it like a mole. It's been quite a week so far with the pair of them. 😃💕~
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Happy Monday! We hope your week has started well but if not and you're in need of a smile perhaps Princess Mia will help. She's such a pro at photo time and as soon as she sees the camera she stays so still for me but changes her expressions. Whenever I spend time with her I feel incredibly lucky that she's still here. We almost lost her last year with a mystery illness but to all of our amazement she pulled through. She's a wonderful girl and is best friends with her half sister Arrietty. Did you know they are also half sisters to Millie and Miranda? She can be very playful and she's also a very social piggie. She's now right up to normal weight for an adult female and she's a very special member of the herd. 💗~
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It's the Wheekend and we're all feeling very happy and chilled out today. I thought you might like to see a different piggie combination for this picture. We're so used to seeing Annabelle with her girls Millie and Miranda but she's a very sociable piggie and has plenty of other friends. Here she is with young lady Mallory. These two are both very sweet girls and are always happy and cheerful. Neither of them like arguments and will do their best to diffuse any troubles between other piggies. It usually works because who could resist such lovely girls. They both have a confidence about them that other piggies seem to find very reassuring. It also means they enjoy being stroked in their runs and handling has never been an issue for either of them. That's good for me too as they are more than happy to be held and made a fuss of. 🙌~
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Hello everyone! As promised here is baby Sophia. I gave her a little health check today and then we took some pictures. She's such a good model now and happily sits on her new giraffe blanket and poses for me. She even began to talk quietly to me which was very sweet. Sophia is a very playful girl and loves to zoom about which encourages her mum to do the same. They are some of my fastest piggies and they really do go at quite a speed. She gets on brilliantly with her mum and their bond is getting stronger by the day. I often see them side by side snoozing in the tunnel or under the hay. Sophia is still my loudest piggie and her whistle, yes it's definitely a whistle and not a wheek, is incredible. She has extra sensitive hearing too and it's finely tuned to the fridge door or plastic bags 🙈~
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Hello everyone. Tonight I really wanted to post this picture of Saoirse. You can see just how much Dominic is taking after her with their pictures next to eachother. As Dominic grows it gets harder to tell them apart although they do of course live in different houses. His little whiskers were black until a few weeks ago but I see they are now white like his mums. Saoirse does have a little more white on her mouth and is still bigger than he is. They do still talk to eachother as their runs are really close. In fact Saoirse has got a bit of a romance going with Duncan and they stop and gaze at eachother for quite some time. However that's as far as I'm allowing that relationship to go as she's already a mum and little Sophia is not impressed as she wants all of her mothers attention. I shall post Sophia next time. 💗~
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Good evening everyone. We haven't seen baby Dominic since before Christmas and a few people have asked me about him so here he is with his new blanket and teddy. He's growing so much now and it's hard to believe how tiny he was. He's got such a lovely personality too and is so calm. He adores cuddles and attention and pushes himself as close as he can get to me when I hold him. He's so like his mother in many ways not just his looks. He had his first claw trim yesterday and was absolutely perfect and didn't move once and he didn't seem at all concerned about it. He's still doing great living with Duncan. They get on so nicely and play very happily. Duncan has changed a lot and is a lot more fun now and has a really cheeky side to his personality. I'm so happy with Saoirse's little babies and they've brought so much to the piggie family. 🐻🍼~
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Happy New Year everyone! Mia wanted to do the first post of the year as she's thoroughly enjoyed all the celebrations. She's a little sad Christmas is over but we're all looking forward to this year and especially spring time. It's been very busy here with the young piggies and they certainly kept my older girls busy and I think even Annabelle said she needs to have a few extra sleeps. We hope the first day of the year has started well for you and also that 2018 will be a great year for you. 🎉~
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Here's Marissa taking it easy after enjoying her first Christmas. Kenneth let her borrow his robins for the picture as they have spent the last few days chirping very cheerfully on his house roof, however they have kept Kenneth from his naps so he was more than happy to send them off with Marissa. We had a very lovely and restful few days and want to thank you all for your Christmas wishes. We hope you all had a wonderful time too. The piggies found Christmas just as exciting as they thought it would be and are now preparing for the New Year celebrations. I will continue to post festive pictures this week as it's still the holiday season and they are fun to do. Happy Holidays! 🎄~
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Kenneth is very excited and is finding it hard to settle down so we did a little photo shoot. You might recognise the little friend he's posing with. He's the Snowdog from the animation. He's actually made of porcelain so Kenneth had to be very careful. He was a gift to me from the piggies last year and Kenneth said he'd love to feature with him especially after watching The Snowman and The Snowdog this evening. We hope you are all enjoying Christmas Eve and all of us here wish all of our friends a very Merry Christmas. 🎄🎅💕~
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It's Christmas Eve! Here is our last piggie, Coffee, number 24 in our theme "24 Piggies Before Christmas ".Coffee is also here to say thank you to some of our friends who sent us these lovely Christmas cards. Thank you @milkapompom , @hammies_love and @haypigs . You are all so kind to us and your friendship means so very much. Coffee is quite a shy piggie and likes to be held nice and close but she was happy to pose for her Christmas picture. She's not a shy piggie in her house though and both she and Marnie are completely ridiculous. Out of nowhere they start zooming about and spinning around and end up nose to nose and then stand staring at eachother before going off again. All the toys get flung about and the sides of the run shake. The other piggies stop and wonder what's going on. It's also a good idea for other piggies to get clear of them or get mown down like bowling pins, especially the babies. They will never grow up and to be honest I'm glad, I love their crazy games 💗 ~
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Beautiful mum Saoirse and her little daughter Sophia are piggies twenty-two and twenty-three in our theme "24 Piggies Before Christmas". They are doing wonderfully well together and really do have a close bond. Saoirse adores her baby and will call for her if she's away for a bit and likewise Sophia will do the same but much louder. In fact at veggie time Sophia is extremely loud but she makes the most unusual sound, it's almost a high pitched "sooooooo". The babies are eight weeks old now and are a good weight and playing happily. I am a very big fan of The Snowman and The Snowdog and Saoirse is going to read the story to Sophia tonight while she cuddles the Snowdog toy. I'm sure she will enjoy it just as much as the others do. 🎄~
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