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From this morning: Ada Potatuh and the man with all the patience.

Ralph cried when Ryan told him we'd have to take apart the swing set before we move, but the disassembled version is like ✨ NEW TOY. ✨

Afternoon snack, and lilacs from our sweet neighbor for Ralphie-- "to make his room smell nice." 💫

House hunting perks: long country drives and other people's cute pets.

Will the lilacs and peonies and poppies bloom before we go? Will we bring the baby home here or not? Will our next house have a dishwasher? Should I pull the fridge out and sweep up all the blueberries that rolled under there that one time so the new homeowner doesn't think I'm disgusting? Burning moving questions. 🏡📦📦📦

"Here mom." Then off again. I love him I love him I love him!

Sunshine on a cloudy day. 🌼

We're all sick and under-slept and kind of stressed out, but they're doing what they can to help. ☀️

Tiny laundry. And tiny pairs of pants for a pair of tiny of sisters.

Slowly but surely packing things up around here. We put our house on the market a few weeks ago, and it sold so much faster than we expected! Like, in one day. Everything is finally blooming and turning green outside, and I'm so happy to see one last spring in this house we have loved so much. It's helping me cope with the fact that we have a baby coming in less than two months and right now...have nowhere to go. 😳Halp.

Fair are the meadows
Fair are the woodlands,
Robed in flow'rs of blooming spring;
Jesus is fairer
Jesus is purer;
He makes our sorr'wing spirit sing.

Has already helped herself to my breakfast, her dad's breakfast, her own breakfast, and a few handfuls of leftover taco salad in the fridge.

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