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Amelia Kathryn Barnes  mom of 2 😇🌈 practice yoga with me @oneoeight.tv!🙏 Eco-clothing designer @pranavidastyle 🇨🇦 #LandonsLegacy 📖 & #LandonsLegacyRetreat 👭


I’ve been thinking about hosting a challenge on here... For a few years now, the same idea has been brewing in my mind. A social media/digital detox of sorts. The irony of hosting this on Instagram is not lost on me 😅.
But hear me out: how often do you reach for your phone, not out of necessity but unconsciously, as a physical reflex? How many minutes or hours a day are you scrolling, not intentionally, and afterwards you just feel yucky? How many opportunities to connect with another human being have you missed because you figured you would be “productive” and answer a few emails while waiting for whatever... How often you do feel “overwhelmed” but really it’s not that you have so much on your plate, it’s just that you are filling in all the little gaps you used to have.
How would a page of a book look with no margins or line spacing? Pretty chaotic, right? And yet that’s the story of many of our lives every day.
It’s not going to be throw-your-phone-in-the-trash detox, but just some powerful and effective ways you (and I) can enhance creativity, productivity and relationships through healthy media boundaries. Anyways stay tuned for the details, it starts November 1!
What do you think? Is this something you struggle with? ❤️
Leggings are @pranavidastyle - pre-sale ends tomorrow (some sizes are selling out already 😲). #pranavidastyle #yogaeverydamnday

Double tap if you woke up like this 💁🏻 #happyhappy #messyhairdontcare #lilyorysia #tbt

So today was a loong no-nap day. I find that after a string of solid nap days (she almost always sleeps for 2 hours if she does nap), she suddenly decides she’s not napping! Anyone else have a toddler who does this?? 😅
On another note... who has grabbed a pair of the new @pranavidastyle leggings?? 4 prints, 3 bamboo fleece-lined are on pre-sale this week! (Toddler and kids sizes too!) Sooo excited for you guys to get them, they are my favourite yet!
Mat by @byoganow ❤️ #lilyorysia #madeincanada #madewithlove #pranavidastyle

Loving the the new @oneoeight.tv trailer!! It took me a full minute to realize that was me ... I was like, “so cool, she must have filmed at the bird sanctuary lookout in Aruba too”.. oh wait 🤦‍♀️. It’s really an honour to be featured alongside such inspirational women as @beebosnak @meghancurrieyoga @ogyogini and @yoga_girl
On another note, I’m feeling like I want to step up my home practice game (I kinda fell off the bandwagon right after the #yogagirlchallenge ). Maybe you do to? Currently setting my alarm for 6am wake up & yoga — meet me on the mat?

Come join the @oneOeight.tv community! Yoga and meditation for wherever you are, whoever you are. If you aren’t already signed up you can start with a 10-day free trail! #oneOeight #yogaeverydamnday

Current mood...anyone? 🙋😆 #lilyorysia #teamnopants

Piggyback yoga ... I think she may be onto something? I did all my sun salutations with her on my back this morning and boy that was a workout! And how darn cute is her little cobra attempt at the end? 😂❤️ ✨
I’m also thinking of jumping on IG live to teach a live class later today or tomorrow? Anyone want to join me? Any suggestions?
#yogawithlilyorysia #pranavidastyle #momandmini

Wow I’m just blown away by all your support — the new @pranavidastyle leggings are selling like craazyy! (Some are almost selling out already eeep 😲). The winner of the third giveaway pair is @margotjaqueline ❤️❤️ (DM me your email!)
I wanted to also share something really cool a follower shared with me from a post @glennondoyle made about looking at Amethyst with her daughter: ・・・
Museum Volunteer: Do you know how amethysts are created?
Tish: How?
MV: Something goes wrong. Some kind of wonky thing happens to the quartz...every time a quartz has a radiant color- it's because something that wasn't supposed to happen to quartz - happened.
Tish: ohmygodmom.
You guys- that thing you think is effing everything up is MAKING YOU BEAUTIFUL.
How awesome is this??? You can read up on all the symbolism behind my new prints on the “Symbolism” page of my website.
G’night! ❤️❤️
#pranavidastyle #madeinCanada #madewithlove #legacyleggings

The way she asks for “upside down now!” just melts my ❤️
So I totally forgot to announce the winners for the @pranavidastyle leggings name suggestions yesterday! Here they are....

Luna Aurora - @Katie_tbull
Amethyst Awakening - @rachylou_82
Marakata - ME! Lol

So obviously I can’t win a pair of my own leggings, I want to gift the third pair to one of YOU!
How to enter?
✨tag someone below who you don’t want to miss the pre-sale (just launched!)
✨follow me @pranavidastyle ❤️
Winner announced tonight!

It’s hard to believe this will be my 4th wave of light, for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness day October 15th.
I find it’s so rare we get a chance speak our babies’ names, especially with the more time that passes.
I’d love if you shared below the name of a baby you are lighting a candle for ✨✨ #landonslegacy

(Sound on! 🙋) Her giggles light up my heart ❤️😂
A little Sunday swing workout for you all! The last one I just tried today for the first time and it’s the best. All these are pregnancy/postpartum friendly too 🤰
Aaaaand guess what?! The new #pranavidastyle Bamboo fleece-lined leggings colours have been finalized! (Swipe right to see!) Black, Everglade and Charcoal - unfortunately I couldn’t get more of the Plum colour I’m wearing or I’d being doing them too. Which do you like best??
**If you’re signed up for my newsletter (link in bio!) I’ll be sending out a special discount code for you VIP folks 🙌🙌

What’s so awesome about these leggings?
✨Made with ultra soft and stretchy Oekto-Tex certified bamboo/cotton fabric: smooth on the outside and cozy fleece on the inside. It’s hard to describe how comfy they feel, but it’s as close to being naked in a fluffy cloud as you’ll ever get ☺️
✨Perfect for regular temperature yoga, cooler days or a base/second layer in cold weather! Also they make amazing PJs (which is great because you’ll never want to take them off!)
✨Same cut as the Legacy Leggings - luxurious seamless high waist that feels like a warm hug, and can but folded down. Like all #pranavidastyle , perfect for maternity and postpartum!
✨Perfect diamond gusset and flatlock stitching that will change your life — absolutely no 🐪 toe ! And no underwear necessary 🙋
I could go on but there’s no space!
Pre-sale will launch TOMORROW at noon CST.
***I only was able to get enough fabric for 50 of each colour so set your clock, you definitely don’t want to miss this! 🕛
#pranavidastyle #bestleggingsever #madeinCanada #madewithlove

🤣🤣🤣 sound on! If only we all got this excited about the first snowfall. Do you have snow where you are? It’s crazy how fast the seasons shift here ☀️☃️🤷‍♀️. See my stories for more shenanigans... #lilyorysia #firstsnow #thislittlelightofmine #lovinglandonslily

Which are your favourite?!? Swipe right! These new @pranavidastyle Legacy Leggings launch Monday (noon CST if you wanna get specific). We could only get enough recycled polyester fabric for 100 of each print so you won’t want to miss the pre-sale (25% off!).

The all new Bamboo Bliss fleece-lined leggings in Everglade, Charcoal Mix and maybe black (yes/no?) will also be launching!! (It’s hard to describe how divine these feel, but it’s like being naked in a fluffy cloud ☁️). I sooo wanted the Plum I was showing you in my stories too but turns out I can’t get that fabric now 😭😭😭.

And guess what?? I’ve added youth sizing! (for the Legacy Leggings). Yup, now in addition to 1-3T you can order 4/5, 6/7, 8/9 and 10/12 !!! Do you have a kiddo you’ll be buying for? (Holidays are coming *hint hint*) Pre-orders will ship late November. ❤️❤️
#pranavidastyle #bestleggingsever #madeinCanada #madewithlove

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