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So today I finally feel like writing about my BREAKOUT JOURNEY for the past 9-10 months. The first video was wayyy back in June 2017 (clean af right) and the second video was around January 2018. Look at the difference! Actually it was much worst than the second video because that vid was taken after i went to see my dermatologist and took some pills for my acne. I’ve tried plenty of products and spent most of my money on skincare. Nothing helps! At one point I just felt like giving up, I stop wearing makeups, I stop putting stuffs on my skin, I cried and my self-esteem hit rockbottom. It all happened when I stop using one local skincare brand (which used to be a holy grail product for me, and most people I know 😉... um not spilling tea on this one 🍵)and switched to a drugstore brand. Sikit2 semakin banyak jerawat naik non-stop! Everyday I woke up with a new pimple. Okok..So to try to make the story short, I just want to alert all of YOU on how important it is to use a dermatology tested product, basically the ones that u can find at the pharmacy. Well for now, my skin is still recovering, I still have few pimples on my forehead. But after all of this, Alhamdulillah it got better. #bedtimestory #acnejourney #acne #skincare #youarenotalone #skin

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Haih susahnya hidup kalau I nak tolak kerusi and minum pun ada paparazzi nak tangkap gambar @pnshakira 😝😝 hahaha

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