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// if NZ does something well - its definitely zoo's and animal sanctuaries. I mean, this duck has the best backyard //

// climbed this rock for a good view, cause we figured autumn would be nice, breezy and not at all HOT....... WRONG! Ended up sweating buckets because the sun is super strong. The minute we made it back to the car all things warm immediately went off // #adventuretaim

// these things are so pretty. cat tails? //

// damn //

// it was a hot autumn day at Piha beach //

// 14°c with light splinters of rain. missing the crisp air //

// missing this serenity //

// Huka Falls - a beauty of a rapid that runs into the ocean.
Its just a quick detour on the road to Rotorua, definitely worth stopping for a bit. Swipe to watch! //

// 1 in a series of many hot pools. This beauty reaches 90°C and will prep you a wicked lunch //

// how I feel lately. explosive, alarms going on, someones always talking and I'm just watching it happen // #onfaiyaaaaah

// the black lake, no you cannot swim here //

// tiny hobbit clothing out to dry //

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